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6 Fall Accessories to Elevate Your Wardrobe as You Get Older

You don't want to skip any of these items as temperatures cool, stylists say.

Fall is the best season for accessories. In the spring and summer, it can be too hot for extras like jewelry and scarves, and in the winter, those accouterments seem to get gobbled up by oversized outerwear.

But as we get older, our vision of accessorizing changes—and, in many ways, becomes more elevated. Gone are the days when we'd throw on whatever was closest to the door and go. Now, we take our time, carefully selecting the pieces from our wardrobe that best suit our outfits.

If you feel like you're missing some key pieces from your collection, look no further. Here, personal stylists share the essential items you need come fall to instantly elevate your look. Add them to your wardrobe, and you'll wear them forever.

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Statement sunglasses

Smiling Woman Outdoor Portrait. Short blonde hair fashion model wears stylish clothes, double-breasted jacket, leather handbag, ochre knitted scarf and glasses. Fashion trend of autumn or spring

As you get older, you might want to consider owning a pair of sunglasses that matches your needs for each season.

"In fall, swap out your summer sunnies for something more substantial and sophisticated, like oversized tortoiseshell frames, cat eye Havanas, or mirrored aviators," says Elizabeth Kosich, certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling. "Look for thick, heavyweight materials like acetate, and quality high-polish metals, and consider a fun lens for a fresh, new look—blue, yellow, green, or ombré."

The heavier frames will be more fitting as you swap out light frocks for thick knits.

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A sparkly clutch

Golden purse and pearl necklace on pink background
Studio Light and Shade / iStock

Cooler weather means it's time to shine—both literally and figuratively.

"I love a chic, sparkly clutch for the evening, and there are extra points if it has a shoulder strap," says personal stylist Alisa Neely. "It's very versatile and can be worn with an evening gown or with jeans for a night out, and it makes every outfit feel a little festive without taking over the whole look."

Make sure it's big enough to fit all your essentials; that way, it's both stylish and practical.

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Arm bangles

woman neck with hand with many bracelets

Ensure your jewelry box is stocked now that the sweaty days of summer are over.

"Fall's mild temperatures allow for cropped styles everywhere—pant legs, hems, and sleeves—so enjoy them before it gets too cold," says Kosich. "Bracelet sleeve jackets were built for fall, so use them to showcase a stack of arm cuffs, a cluster of bangles, or a mashup of chains and charm bracelets in your best metal—gold for warm undertones, silver for cool ones."

If your style is minimalist, you might want to inject some color with gemstones—Kosich loves turquoise and tiger's eye.

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A Chelsea boot

Stylish senior woman wearing blue dress and plaid wool flannel jacket with boots
Anna Zhuk / Shutterstock

A polished shoe completes any fall outfit—and many stylists favor a Chelsea boot.

"From a wide-leg to a flared ankle crop to a bootleg cut, there's no pant leg it doesn't look great with," says Kosich. "Same goes for dresses and skirts, thanks to the hosiery opportunity Chelsea boots present."

What's more, these shoes are totally comfortable, meaning you can run around town for hours without achy feet. Get a pair in black and tan, and you'll never be without a pair of footwear that complements your outfit.

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Statement tights

Stylish senior woman in a jean jacket and pink tights
Roman Samborskyi / Shutterstock

Speaking of hosiery, this is an accessory that can take your outfit to the next level.

"Shop opaque statement tights in bold solids, fun prints, or geometric patterns to add texture, color, or both," says Kosich. "Statement tights count as an accessory, so don't go overboard with the jewelry."

They're accessible and easy to style but make your outfit ten times more interesting.

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A snake-effect shoe

Snake skin or crocodile skin women shoes and purse on the wood background

If you can only buy one "going out shoe," Neely suggests a snake-effect leather heel or boot. "They just add interest to any outfit and are very sexy without the appearance of trying too hard," she says.

The texture feels totally fall, but they can also be worn year-round, depending on how you style them. Throw on a pair of slingbacks with trousers or a knee-high boot with a midi dress or skirt.

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