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The 5 Best Things to Wear to a Fall Wedding, Stylists Say

They have a solution for the age-old jacket problem.

Fall is one of the most beautiful times to host a wedding. The weather is crisp and clear, and the foliage is filled with oranges and yellows, giving your photos an extra stunning quality. But when it comes to being a guest at a fall wedding, many questions can arise about what to wear. Instead of throwing on a sleeveless shift dress in a pretty pastel, it's more likely the weather will call for something a bit heavier—and maybe even a jacket. Since we're not all experienced with cool-weather formal wear, we tapped personal stylists to get their take on the best things to wear to a fall wedding. Read on for their tips.

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Opt for a cozy neutral or jewel-tone hue.

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When someone plans a fall wedding, they likely have a particular cozy vision in mind for the event. Help them achieve that by choosing a dress in a color that matches. One great pick is jewel tones.

Megan Nova, author at AwesomeBridal, recommends sage, burgundy, navy, and forest green. "With these colors, you'll reflect the colors popular in the fall, while looking stunning," she notes. Gold jewelry looks great with these hues.

Another option is a cozy neutral, like green, mustard, or gold. "Green captures the deep richness of autumn leaves, while mustard introduces a warm, cozy hue to the cooler season," says personal stylist Stefaniya Veresovaya. "Golden effortlessly adds a touch of glamour, ensuring any dress stands out beautifully during the special occasion."

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Consider a moody floral.

PARIS, FRANCE - SEPTEMBER 30, 2019: Anya Ziourova seen before STELLA McCARTNEY show, during Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2020.

Florals work for fall; just choose one in a bolder color.

"During cooler months, try swapping out springy pastels in exchange for jewel tones alongside moody floral prints," says Nova. "While I find prints fine and ideal for a fall wedding, make sure that you aren't taking over the spotlight."

To do that, keep your florals to a smaller scale. Or, if the print is larger, ensure the contrast between the colors on the dress is lower. That way, your outfit isn't too flashy.

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Keep warm with a blazer or shawl.

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As the temperature dips, one of our biggest conundrums is what type of jacket to wear, especially to formal events. Veresovaya opts for a blazer.

"Not only is a blazer undeniably elegant and stylish, but it also complements any monochrome dress seamlessly," she says. "Given the array of styles available, from oversized fits to more tailored looks, there's a blazer suitable for every individual." You can choose something streamlined or with funky accents that match the look of your dress.

A shawl also does the trick. "They offer the right amount of coverage," says Nova. And you can slip them off easily for photos.

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Or a dress in a thicker material.

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Another way to stay warm is to choose a dress in a thicker material, like satin, jacquard, or velvet.

"Satin is an excellent fabric…for a semi or formal wedding," says Nova. "But remember that a satin dress may sometimes appear a little too sexy, so when shopping for a wedding, I prefer midi length or something that has sleeves to ensure it's appropriate."

Then, there's velvet, one of Nova's favorite fall fabrics. "Not only do I find it warm, but also stunning without outshining the bride," she says.

Finally, jacquard is a great structured material that won't cling to your body should you experience any fall static.

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Add a metallic shoe.

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There's no need to purchase a new shoe for every fall wedding. "If you're looking to buy one shoe for multiple fall wedding outfits, I'd recommend a golden or silver pair, which have emerged as the new fall wedding classics of the year," she says. "They are versatile, matching with a variety of colors, and they add a touch of glamour to any attire."

Wear the same color jewelry as your chosen shoe, and your outfit is ready to go.

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