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Dollar Tree Customer Slams Retailer for "Terrible" Shopping Experience

A TikTok video showcases blocked aisles, which seem to be a widespread issue.

Even as inflation slows down, shoppers continue to battle rising prices across the board. It's no surprise, then, that consumers are turning to discount chains to pinch pennies where they can. But at these popular stores, there may be other obstacles in the way. One Dollar Tree customer is now slamming the discount retailer for a "terrible" shopping experience, and it's not the first time the retailer has been accused of concerning conditions in stores. Read on to learn why Dollar Tree is now under fire.

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More shoppers are visiting Dollar Tree these days.

Dollar Tree Aisle

While many retailers are struggling with sales amid high inflation, discount chains are reaping the benefits. Foot traffic-tracking data company found that weekly visits to these retailers were up by double-digits this year, PYMNTS reported. According to's data, Dollar Tree has seen a 15.3 percent increase in foot traffic.

Meanwhile, the chain is working to remodel and refresh its stores, including upgrades to meet a growing demand for cheaper food and drink products.

"We are developing an assortment to meet our shoppers' family needs as they are looking to save money by dining at home," Dollar Tree CEO Mike Witynski said during a quarterly earnings call in Nov. 2022, per PYMNTS.

But while Dollar Tree may be increasing its offerings, it still has work to do when it comes to the shopping experience, some customers say.

One customer complained about a "terrible" shopping experience.

@stargirlmb @dollartree ????? You kidding me ??? Is this a prank ???? This not crazy ??? & no im not gonna snitch on what location this is, but yall gotta figure it out smh. This made my shopping experience TERRIBLE !!! #dollartree #dollartreefinds #fyp ♬ original sound – stargirlMB

On Jan. 20, TikTok user @stargirlmb posted a video from an unknown Dollar Tree location showcasing piles of products strewn across aisles and boxes blocking shelves. "What the [expletive] Dollar Tree," she said in the video. "What is happening? Nah, this is ridiculous."

As the TikTok user panned across the store showing inventory in her way at every turn, she questioned if she was in an actual Dollar Tree store meant for shoppers. "Are we in the warehouse? This gotta be a warehouse. This can't be a store looking like this," she said. "You can't even really walk."

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Others say they've dealt with the same problem at Dollar Tree.

TikTok video still showing boxes blocking store shelves in Dollar Tree

TikTok user @stargirlmb tagged Dollar Tree's TikTok account in the caption of her video, saying "You kidding me??? Is this a prank????"

She added that the condition of the store ruined her trip to the discount chain. "This made my shopping experience TERRIBLE," she wrote in the caption. "Y'all gotta figure it out."

But it appears that this isn't an isolated issue. In the comment section of the video, other shoppers shared their own problems with the retailer's stores. "Lol there is one in our area, same thing," user @najmayousif replied. Another user responded, "That's all of Dollar Tree all over the earth."

When Best Life reached out to Dollar Tree about the complaints, the company did not comment on the specific store in the TikTok video. Instead, a Dollar Tree spokesperson gave a general response on the company's commitment to safety.

"We are focused on maintaining a safe environment for our associates and customers and ensuring our stores comply with all health and safety regulations," the spokesperson said.

The company has previously been cited for safety concerns in stores.

dollar tree store
JJava Designs / Shutterstock

Besides being a "terrible" shopping experience for customers, some commenters pointed out the others concerns with the Dollar Tree store's conditions. "How are they still open? Like so many safety issues," TikTok user @sweetsadiesballoons commented on the video.

Another user added, "Nah this isn't even safe, imagine them boxes tip over." A separate commenter said, "That's a whole fire hazard."

As it turns out, this is not the first time Dollar Tree has faced heat for blocked aisles and other potential hazards. The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently revealed that it currently has 70 inspections open at 70 Dollar Tree locations nationwide, as of Jan. 2023.

One inspection at a Dollar Tree store in Columbus, Ohio, has racked up nearly $300,000 in penalties for the company over "safety hazards," according to a Feb. 1 press release.

"The violations found in Columbus in August 2022 continue the company's lengthy history of workplace safety failures. Since 2017, federal and state OSHA programs have identified more than 300 violations in more than 500 inspections at the company's Dollar Tree and Family Dollar locations," the release stated.

Some of the repeat violations Dollar Tree is being cited for include large boxes and merchandise blocking aisles and other parts of its stores.

Larry Johnson, OSHA director for the Columbus area, said Dollar Tree needs to "stop putting safety on the back shelf," as its workers could get seriously hurt by these violations. "Repeatedly our inspectors find similar hazards at Dollar Tree stores exposing workers to risk of injury from stacked merchandise and blocked aisles and exit ways," Johnson warned.

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