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Never Go on a Cruise Excursion Without Doing This, Experts Say 

Experts reveal what you need to do before heading out for an activity.

When you decide to go on a cruise, one of the first things you'll want to do is choose which excursions should be on your itinerary. Depending on the destinations in your sea adventures, the excursions can range from hiking the coast of the Netherlands to snorkeling in the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef in Honduras—or even exploring a cocoa pod farm in Belize. Regardless of which excursions you choose, there are some guidelines you should keep in mind before pursuing any ship-related activities. Read on to discover what you shouldn't forget to do before going on a cruise excursion.

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Make sure you're keeping track of time.

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If you're a seasoned traveler, you've probably already learned your lesson here. But for newbies, it's extremely important to keep track of the time before the excursion is set to leave. According to, you should be diligent about the time changes as you're cruising through different countries. While ships are generally pretty good about reminding guests of these time changes, it can be easy to forget to check that the clocks are correct after a couple of banana daiquiris by the pool. But it's extremely important. For example, if a cruise ship leaves from Miami and sails through the Caribbean, guests will most likely go through two time zones when heading through Central America. Even though smartphones generally adjust the time automatically, in open water they can sometimes glitch. A good rule of thumb is to manually switch it just in case.

Schedule a wake-up call.

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Wake-up calls are never a bad idea. This advise is often given on cruise travel boards and recommended by cruise lines. If you're concerned about missing the time change or your phone glitching, there's always the option of calling the reception desk and setting up a wake-up call the night before an excursion takes off. That can put your mind at ease, and regardless of any time changes, the front desk will be aware of that and adjust accordingly.

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Prepare for your excursion ahead of time, so you can have fun.

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Organizing everything ahead of time can ensure a relaxing day and allow the guests to enjoy themselves during these cruise adventures. Be sure to charge all electronics and have plenty of sunscreen, a change of clothes, and a towel from the boat before heading out for the day. The night before, ask reception or the destination service desk if the boat will be docked right at the port or if you will have to take a smaller boat to where you're headed.

Make extra copies of your travel documents.

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It's less than fun to think about, but travelers often lose things while they're on excursions. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be an essential item like a passport or a license. That's why Tim White, founder of travel website MilePro, says it's good practice to make copies of your driver's license and passport. "Leave a copy with your neighbors (or whoever is house-sitting for you) and keep a copy on you as well," he suggests. "Unfortunately, people lose their passports and ID a lot on cruise excursions." Having copies of these documents can avoid a big headache later on if it's misplaced or lost. Don't forget to keep your boat card on hand, too.

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