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Viral Costco Storage Containers Are Flying Off Shelves

The retailer is making waves with a 10-piece meal prep container set.

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Costco might be best known for its bulk goods, but the wholesale retailer has also earned attention for more niche buys, from Lululemon dupes to Bonne Maman advent calendars. Now, another Costco product is making waves across social media—and some shoppers say their local store is completely sold out. Read on to learn more about the viral Costco storage containers that are flying off shelves.

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Costco storage containers are going viral right now.

Popular Costco-based Instagram account @costcobuys posted on Nov. 10 about new storage containers being sold by the retailer, and the post has already garnered close to 10,000 likes. This 10-piece meal prep container set from the brand Ello recently rolled out to Costco stores across the U.S.

"This includes 5 glass containers with protective silicone bases and 5 matching color lids," the caption reads. "They're oven and microwave safe without the lids!"

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They're reportedly already sold out at some stores.


These storage containers have become a major hit with shoppers. "Just bought these today!! I've loved this brand," one person commented on the Instagram post.

Another user wrote, "I'm buying those when I see them at my local Costco!"

But it might be too late. Some shoppers say the storage containers are so popular that they're already sold out at their nearest store.

"These went so fast at my Costco," one person responded.

Another noted that they "haven't seen them" at their local Costco store either.

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They're available online, but more expensive.

Costco Ello Meal Prep Glass Food Storage Containers product photo

If you haven't been able to find the Ello Meal Prep Glass Food Storage Containers at your local Costco, you can buy them online. Just be prepared to pay more. According to the @costcobuys post, these storage containers are only $19.99 if you buy them at Costco, while they're priced at $28.99 online.

"Item may be available at your local warehouse for a lower, non-delivered price," Costco confirmed in the product details on its website.

However, shipping and handling for most customers is already included in the higher online price. You may have to pay an additional shipping and handling fee if you want your product shipped express or delivered to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.

The storage containers aren't winning everyone over.

Self checkout lanes in a Costco Wholesale store in Tigard, a southwestern suburb within the Portland metro area. Staff uniform is seen advertising Costco App.

While there's a lot of hype around the viral meal prep storage containers, not everyone thinks they're worth all the buzz. In the comment section of the @costcobuys post, one user explained why they probably won't be buying the product: "They look so small for meal prep."

Another person revealed that they have had problems with other Ello products in the past.

"Worst brand ever! Breaks soooo easily," they replied to the post.

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