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The 5 Best Swimsuit Styles If You're Over 50, According to Stylists

These options are universally flattering—because you deserve to look and feel your best at any age.

If there's one motto you should live by this summer, it's this: Every body is a beach body. Style experts agree that just because you hit a certain age doesn't necessarily mean you have to avoid certain types of swimsuits—and ultimately, you should wear what makes you feel confident. That said, if you're over 50, there are some special considerations you may want to make when picking out your pool or beach attire.

"Age does not determine your sense of style, but it might influence the comfort, fit, and functionality you seek in a swimsuit," Sunica Du, a fashion designer and style blogger, tells Best Life. "The right swimsuit for your 50s or 60s could differ from the one you'd pick in your 20s or 30s, not because of some unwritten rules, but because your preferences may have simply changed. You might seek more support, coverage, or a style that emphasizes your favorite features."

According to Michelle Barrett, stylist and founder of Capsule Closet Stylist, the key is to find bathing suits that draw attention to the parts of your body that you feel best about, while gently pulling the focus away from those areas you aren't as happy with.

When in doubt, you can't go wrong with any of the following timeless swimsuit styles. Read on for experts' top picks.

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The 5 Best Swimsuit Styles If You're Over 50

1. V-neck one-piece

Older senior woman by swimming pool in one-piece red bathing suit
Kudla / Shutterstock

This ultra-flattering cut works for all ages and body types, according to experts.

"Plunging V-necks accentuate the waist by pointing the eye to it," explains Elizabeth Kosich, an FIT-certified image stylist and founder of The EveryBody Wrap. "To accentuate and minimize the waistline, look for swimsuits with a wide plunging V—and remember that the wider apart the straps, the smaller the waist will appear."

Cami Raymond, senior design director of Ruby Ribbon, suggests looking for V-neck one-pieces made "with compression panels at the midsection for a streamlined effect," double layers of fabric for added shaping, and adjustable straps for a customized fit.

2. Tankini

A mature woman sitting on the edge of a pool, wearing a blue tankini.
Galina-Photo / Shutterstock

If you'd like to show off a little bit more skin than a one-piece allows, but still want a little extra coverage in your mid-section than a two-piece offers, a tankini strikes the perfect compromise.

"The tankini is ideal for those with a longer torso or pear body type, as it helps create a more balanced silhouette," explains Du.

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3. High-waisted bikini

Woman in high waisted bikini
Olesya Kuprina / Shutterstock

With a fun nod to retro '50s fashion, the high-waisted bikini never goes out of style for good reason. It provides a little more coverage around your midsection while still allowing you to bare the smallest part of your waist.

"This style is especially flattering for apple and hourglass body types," says Du. "But honestly, any shape can rock this style with confidence."

Dianne Harper Boyer, a style expert and co-founder of The Harper Girls blog, advises opting for a swimsuit top that features an underwire, which will lend some flattering support and lift.

4. Ruched halter one-piece

A smiling woman on a float in a pool, wearing a polka dot bathing suit
Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock

Ruching is your best friend after 50, says personal stylist Robin Saperstein—because it hides any unwanted lumps and bumps. She recommends opting for a ruched one-piece with a halter neck, which will give you some subtle lift.

"With its clever gathers and tucks, this design helps camouflage any areas you might feel self-conscious about," adds Du. "It also accentuates curves and enhances the bust area."

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5. One-shouldered swimsuit with statement ruffles

A woman standing at the edge of the ocean wearing a red one-shoulder bathing suit
kravik93 / Shutterstock

"Diagonal lines have a slimming and elongating effect, so look for prints, patterns, seaming, and color blocking on the diagonal," says Kosich.  "Anything asymmetrical works—including one-shoulder styles."

Whether you go for a one- or two-piece swimsuit, Kosich suggests looking for one with strategically placed ruffles. "A flirty flounce is just as charming as it is camouflaging, so look for ruffle details that distract from 'problem' areas while adding style and drama."

If you consider your upper body to be an asset, a one-shoulder style is also a great way to show off those sculpted arms and shoulders.

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