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6 Best Festive Looks to Wear to a Holiday Party That Are Already in Your Closet

This is your time to shine—without spending money.

From your office's shindig to a friend's gathering, holiday parties are one of the only occasions where it's possible, if not recommended, to get glitzy and glamorous. You're likely to come across fellow guests in fun outfits that showcase sequins, crystals, and metallics—and maybe even feathers! But you don't need to head to your local department store to find a new outfit to measure up. You probably have a ton of terrific options right in your closet; it just comes down to how you style them. Here, style pros share their favorite holiday party outfits you already own.

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Red sweater and blazer

older woman red sweater
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Sometimes, all it takes to create a festive outfit is adhering to a certain color scheme.

"Red is the official color of the holidays, making anything red in your closet instant seasonal attire," says Elizabeth Kosich, certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling. She suggests a red sweater with black or white cigarette pants and a boyfriend blazer in a matching color.

Then, accessorize! "Belt the waist with a festive scarf, silk obi, or patent leather belt, then style with sparkly statement earrings," she says. "Pair with a bold red lip and matching manicure to polish the look." Patent leather black pumps complete this outfit.

Winter white monochrome

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An all-white ensemble oozes winter sophistication, reminding fellow partygoers of snow and eggnog.

"My favorite holiday party move is white jean pants and an ivory sweater," says Shana Draugelis, founder of the style destination The Mom Edit. "I'll add festive accessories—metallic shoes, a statement bag—and finish with big, sparkly earrings."

The formula is totally chic, and you probably own each of the elements.

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Silk pajamas

Woman hands fastening button of silk blouse at home

Don't overlook your pajama drawer when it comes to putting together party outfits.

"Silk pajama sets are super high-style and surprisingly versatile—every woman should have one in her wardrobe for an unexpected yet stylish one-and-done statement look," says Kosich. For a festive evening when you also want to be comfy, throw one on; the high sheen easily skews holiday.

"Pair with shoulder-dusting chandelier earrings, metallic strappy stilettos, and a sparkly cocktail ring," adds Kosich. "To add a sexy vibe, fasten the first two buttons only to expose the midriff for a subtle, peek-a-boo effect."

Little red dress

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A little red dress is an essential piece of any wardrobe, whether you choose one in a sheath, A-line, or something else. Pull yours out around the holiday season for any type of party.

"The simple yet elegant monochromatic color column creates a blank canvas for festive accessories like rhinestone drop earrings, a beaded choker necklace, or holiday brooch," says Kosich. "For an extra splash of festive, pair with silver or gold tights that add a touch of glimmer."

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Slip dress

Elegant woman wearing a blue silk dress and fine jewelry for a night out

Your closet probably has a handful of slip dresses inside, and they're easy to style for the holidays.

"Not only can you throw a wrap or a sweater over top of them—I especially like boxy, cropped sweaters over slipdresses—but you can layer them over a simple white tee, a long-sleeve lace bodysuit, or even a black turtleneck," says Draugelis. "And slipdresses can be paired with lots of different footwear, too, from fancy heels to sneakers, tall boots to Doc Martens."

Build your look based on the weather and formality of the event.

Festive fabrics

Mature woman fashion style. Portrait female model in fashionable clothes and accessories standing in public place

With certain fabrics in the mix—namely, plaid, metallics, lace, and velvet—nearly any outfit can read as festive. Look for them on hats, scarves, shoes, bags, and headbands or even on separates like skirts, jackets, trousers, or blazers. A simple splash of one could be all you need to make your outfit feel holiday-party-ready.

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