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7 Tips for Putting Together the Perfect New Year's Eve Outfit If You're Over 60

Style experts offer advice on finding the ideal fun, festive, and flattering NYE ensemble.

It's hard to believe that 2023 is nearly here already. By now, you probably have an idea what you're wearing to ring in the new year, but you want an outfit that really makes a statement and speaks to your style. Finding the perfect New Year's Eve outfit over 60, however, can be challenging. You need a look that's trendy but age-appropriate, fun but not frumpy, and something that's both flattering and functional—especially if you're hosting.

"New Year's Eve is the biggest party night of the year [but] for most, putting together a festive look takes pre-planning and creativity," Elizabeth Kosich, certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling, tells Best Life. "It happens to come at the tail end of the holiday season when most are partied-out, making comfort and confidence top priorities when building an outfit strategy."

Kosich confirms that there are "clever shortcuts" to finding the right look without breaking the bank, which will ensure that you look and feel your best before and after the clock strikes 12. Read on to find out what style experts recommend for your NYE outfit this year.

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Don't be afraid to be festive.

women looking at sparkly outfits
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There are no age restrictions on sparkles any time of year, but you certainly shouldn't be afraid to don them on New Year's Eve!

"'Tis the season of embellishments, which is the ideal look for New Year's Eve," Kosich says. "No need for a sequined gown, though. Instead, go for a toned-down version of dressed-up."

Kosich recommends a bejeweled sweater paired with something more subtle like tuxedo trousers, silk pajama-style pants, or a velvet skirt. "You'll look and feel cozy, comfy, and festive," she says.

If sparkles are a bit too bold for your liking, something with just a little bit of shine will suffice.

"I love metallic fabrics for a festive flare during the holidays," Tara Westfashion stylist and lifestyle blogger, tells Best Life. "Opt for one shiny blouse or camisole and pair it with a simple piece like a black pant or skirt; leather would also look stylish." Gold and silver are good choices, too, as they "tend to complement your natural skin tones and hair color, especially with coordinating jewelry," West explains.

Add statement pieces.

older woman statement jewelry
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Speaking of jewelry, NYE is a great time to reach for your favorite statement gems.

"Wear chandelier earrings or pillow clips to command eye contact, or cocktail rings that steal the show as you gesticulate," Kosich recommends. "Try a choker necklace or cluster of brooches high on the torso to draw attention up and toward your face." These pieces will also help distract from your waistline, she explains—if that's something you're looking to conceal.

Petite style coach Angela Foster recommends jewelry as well, noting that this can be your source of sparkle if you so choose. "A pair of statement earrings, a cluster of bangles, or a jewel-encrusted cuff is the perfect festive accessory," she says.

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Try a jumpsuit or structured suit.

women's velvet and velour suit jackets
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A luxe jumpsuit is a great option for those over 60, West says, especially if you can find one made from crepe, silk, or stretch cady fabric, all of which drape well.

"Go with a material used in evening wear—that will signal it's a quality piece. The better made the jumpsuit is, the better it will fit and thus hug the body," West explains. "I love a jumpsuit with a wide leg and asymmetric shoulder or a bustier style top."

Black, cream, and navy are some flattering color choices, but you certainly shouldn't feel limited. "Don't be afraid to have fun with color; it's about what makes you feel confident," West says.

If a jumpsuit isn't your jam, a two-piece structured suit is another chic look.

"There are so many fabulous variations available right now, like women's tuxedos, velvet suits, and double-breasted blazers," West notes. "These details add elegance and drama while showing a classy side. If you're looking for a slightly more casual evening look, pair a classic blazer with vegan leather pants to elevate the look and accentuate your legs."

Reach for red.

older woman red sweater
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Color is definitely something to consider on New Year's Eve, and you might be tempted to reach for neutral like black or grey. But similar to West, Kosich recommends experimenting with color, particularly red.

"If you're tuckered out from all the holiday-ing by the time New Year's Eve rolls around, wear red," she says. "Its psychological benefits are both real and powerful, which include confidence-boosting and spirit-lifting. Wear matching red lipstick to really feel your mood transform!"

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Consider your shape.

older women dressed for nye

Not only do you want to look good in your New Year's Eve outfit, but you also want to feel good. That's why fit is so crucial, as is finding pieces that really compliment your shape.

When choosing a dress, Kosich says you can't really go wrong with a shift style. "Every woman over 60 should have a wardrobe of shift dresses," she explains. "The shapeless, straight cut is forgiving, camouflaging, and comes in handy if you've over-indulged on eggnog and holiday sweets. Even better if you have one in red!"

Still, Foster says that separates can also be a "savvy choice" to ring in the new year. "They allow you to accentuate the areas of your figure you love, while cleverly camouflaging areas you love less," she explains.

Foster recommends accentuating your figure with a more formal pair of palazzo pants paired with a moto jacket, or a sequined skirt with a chambray button-down. You can also select something with feathers—a trendy and tactful move.

"If a woman prefers to camouflage a pesky middle (stomach, hip, or thigh) section, a top with feather trip along the hemline is a brilliant choice," she says.

Choose the right footwear.

pink kitten heels
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If you do opt for heels, remember that they don't need to be sky-high. "Don't feel obligated to choose a strappy pair of heels," Foster says. "Anything fun, bright, and different will add a festive feel to your ensemble."

If you want to "dance all night," she recommends selecting a lower pair of kitten heels, which combine comfort and style.

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sparkly handbag
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If Dec. 31 has crept up on you and you're suddenly at a loss for something to wear, don't panic. "If you have an LBD (or red or white dress) that you love and feel amazing in, wear it!" Foster says.

She recommends completing the look with a fun pair of heels, jewelry, and perhaps a "perfect party handbag"—AKA one that keeps your hands free but still says, "I'm here to celebrate."

For those who have time to make it to the store, or if you're willing to spring for overnight delivery, consider a small but fun accessory to elevate your outfit. "Shop for sparkly socks, knee-highs, or tights for a pop of festive," Kosich recommends. "It's an easy and inexpensive online purchase in a pinch, and chances are you won't have to exchange for a different size."

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