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4 Tips For Wearing Sweatpants Over 60, According to Style Experts

Leave the gym behind with this stylist-approved advice for stepping out in sweatpants.

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Everyone's fitness-focused these days, and work-from-home time has given us an excuse to stay cozy in sweats even if we're not working up a sweat. If you're over 60, you deserve the comfort of sweatpants, but there's no reason to put style on mute. For advice on how to strike this balance, we consulted fashion experts to get their top tips on wearing sweatpants in your seventh decade. Read on for their advice on looking sporty and sleek in sweats.

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Shop like you would for jeans.

Older woman in teal sweatsuit

It's easy to assume that sweatpants are a one-size-fits-all kind of clothing item, but shop for them like you would a pair of jeans. Sit, stand, and move around when you're trying them on, and don't forget to look in the mirror from all sides.

"Baggy sweatpants can make you look sloppy, while tight sweatpants may be too constricting," says Deniz Efe, founder of FitnessEquipped. "Opt for a style that is comfortable and flattering. Pay attention to the details. Make sure the waistband is not too tight or too loose, and that the pants are not too short or too long."

Luke Lee, designer and CEO of fashion brand PalaLeather, says structured sweatpants with a slim or tapered fit  "create the illusion of an elongated leg line."

Balance out proportions.

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If you're donning sweats for a casual look rather than a workout, an eye toward proportion goes a long way toward pulling the outfit together.

"Sweatpants are usually quite loose and baggy, so balance them out with a more fitted top such as a sweater or blouse. This will create a nice silhouette that won't look too overwhelming," advises Lee.

Joggers, sweatpants that have a tighter fit around the ankle, are also a great way to mitigate some of that baggy appearance. This style tends to read a bit more refined, so it's a perfect option for a dressier top. "Tuck the shirt in for an even more polished look," suggests Caitlyn Parish, founder and CEO of bridesmaid brand Cicinia.

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Stick with simplicity and solid colors.

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The world of sweatpants has greatly expanded in recent years to include every color and pattern imaginable. But for a neater and more flattering look, experts say to stick with the simpler options.

Lee suggests neutrals and pastels. "Neutral colors like black, beige, navy blue, olive green, and cream are great choices as they are timelessly stylish and easy to mix and match with other items in your wardrobe. Also, try incorporating softer hues, such as blues and pinks, into your outfit to give it more depth."

If you do want to go a little funkier, "choose a sweatpant with a solid color or a single pattern, such as stripes or plaid," says Parish. "This will help keep the look minimal and classic. Avoid bold graphic prints, which can be too loud for your age group."

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Pair and accessorize.

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If you want your sweatpants to make the leap from gym gear to streetwear, focus on the rest of your outfit. A dressier shirt, a funky jacket, and cool boots add fashion points to the athletic angle.

"If you want to wear your sweatpants while out for a walk or while running errands, pair them with a cropped bomber jacket or leather jacket," suggests Melissa Fiorentino, stylist and trends forecaster at Cake Style. "This will cinch in your waist and give you a casual athleisure look that looks great with your favorite boots or sneakers."

Parish recommends adding accessories such as a scarf, belt, or necklace. "You could pair your sweatpants with a pair of loafers or boots during winter months while opting for sandals or sneakers in warmer weather," she adds. "Finish off your outfit by adding layers like a cardigan, jacket, or coat, depending on the temperature outside. This will help create contrast between the casual bottom and dressy top."

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