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The Best Colors to Wear If You Have Red Hair, According to Stylists

Whether you're a natural redhead or you dye your locks, you'll want to pay attention.

Whether it's your natural hair color or you achieve it with dye, a pop of red commands your look. Red hair is an envious hue for a lot of reasons—it's unique, bold, and luxurious—but it can also be difficult to match with clothing colors, especially if you're new to the hue. That's probably why every redhead has the experience of trying on countless department store items only for everything to feel slightly, well, off. If that sounds like you, we've got your back. We asked personal stylists for their favorite colors to pair with red hair. These complementary shades will make your shopping trips much more efficient—and help your strands shine to their fullest potential.

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The Best Colors to Wear With Red Hair

1. Green

Amazing bright happy young ginger chubby overweight woman 20s years old wears green shirt looking camera smiling isolated on plain yellow background studio portrait. People emotions lifestyle concept

Green is a classic color to pair with red hair. "There are so many shades to choose from, and it's so inclusive of all skin tones that it is easy to find one that works, be it army, forest, kelly, olive, or emerald green," says Dawn Thibodeaux, stylist and author of The Power of Clothing & Personal Packaging.

Try wearing the color in the form of a jacket or blazer, Thibodeaux suggests. You can style them with everything from jeans to office attire to shorts.

2. Purple

Portrait of happy freckled female with ginger hair, has broad smile, glad to meet with someone, dressed in oversized purple t shirt, isolated over white background. Red haired teenager indoor

This is another color where redheads can pick any shade and look instantly incredible.

"The contrasting hues create an eye-catching combination, and shades like plum, lavender, and royal purple can beautifully complement red hair," says Ingrid Leonaviciute, fashion blogger and stylist at Style With Ingrid.

"Consider wearing a purple statement piece, such as a dress or blazer, or incorporate purple accents through accessories like scarves or handbags for a touch of sophistication," she suggests.

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3. Navy Blue

Closeup portrait of beautiful woman with red hair and blue eyes posing outdoors

Look no further than navy blue for a neutral color option that works perfectly for professional attire and everyday wear.

"The combination of deep blue and red locks creates an elegant and harmonious aesthetic," says Leonaviciute. "Opt for a navy blue blazer, trousers, or a tailored dress for a polished and timeless ensemble."

For a more statement-making blue, choose cobalt—it's another bright with a similar boldness to green.

4. Mustard Yellow

Pretty redhead woman savoring her mug of hot coffee as she sits on a window sill with eyes closed in contentment

Mustard yellow is an unexpected color for redheads.

"This warm hue beautifully complements the fiery tones of red hair, creating a harmonious and unique combination," says Louise Huber, professional stylist, makeup artist, and writer at Elemental Spot. "I enjoy styling mustard yellow through a cozy cable-knit sweater paired with high-waisted jeans, exuding a trendy and confident vibe."

You can also find a vibrant sundress in the color to wear during the warmer months.

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5. Stark White

A young pretty woman with red hair smiling at the camera, wearing a white blouse
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A bright white looks good on many redheads. "A favorite pairing with white is brown in either one of the clothing pieces or accessories for an overall neutral look," says Ashlyn Greer, co-founder and owner of the virtual personal styling service Fashivly. "White also looks really great with pops of color in accessories—this can be a great way to experiment with incorporating reds and pinks in small doses."

Try a crisp white button-down, T-shirt, or cool linen frock for summer.

6. Tobacco

Laughing young redhead woman wearing a brown sweater with a vivacious smile posing over a grey studio background with copy space
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A deep brown can bring out the warmth in your hair color.

"Also referred to as British tan and cinnamon, tobacco is a powerful neutral that deepens and darkens red hair in a way that grounds it," says Elizabeth Kosich, certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling. "Try tobacco suede pants, a British tan handbag or a cinnamon gauze maxi dress for the dog days of summer."

Bonus points if you have brown or hazel eyes, too.

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