Almost Half of Americans Won't Date Someone Who Does This

You probably should have discussed this on your first date.

There are countless topics to discuss on a first date, but temperature preference isn't usually at the top of that list. However, for many people, thermostat etiquette can make or break a relationship—according to a recent study, at least. In a survey conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Trane Residential, 48 percent of respondents said that they wouldn't date somebody if they didn't share the same "thermostat etiquette" as them.

Having a tendency to turn the dial dramatically up or down may not sound like a dealbreaker to you in the grand scheme of things, but a large portion of respondents have actually found themselves in a stalemate over temperature in the past. In fact, 44 percent recalled getting into an argument over the thermostat at some point.

So if you're friends or in a relationship with someone who runs a lot warmer or cooler than you, you may want to think twice before adjusting the thermostat dramatically in your shared space. The study also found that 25 percent of Americans surveyed have actually ended a friendship over a thermostat argument. With summer beginning and temperatures climbing higher, couples and roommates may end up battling it out over the air conditioning.

Woman adjusting temperature on thermostat

Temperature seems to be oddly linked to human pride, which may account for the frequency of arguments surrounding thermostats. The poll determined that 67 percent of people are confident that they can beat the heat without an air conditioner, and they are rarely correct: The average American will let themselves suffer through five sleepless nights in the heat before turning on the AC.

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High temperatures and tensions exacerbated from working at home could compound and make those sharing a space even more prone to thermostat disagreements over the next few months. Eager to find middle ground and avoid conflicts? The study found that the perfect indoor temperature for most Americans is 69 degrees Fahrenheit. You may want to set your thermostat there and just leave it. And for more on staying comfortable this summer, here are 13 Genius Ways to Cool Down Your House Without A/C.

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