25 Wholesome Memes That Prove the Internet Isn’t All Bad

Undeniably nice memes for your viewing pleasure.

25 Wholesome Memes That Prove the Internet Isn’t All Bad

Memes get a bad rap for being dirty, insulting, and just kind of ridiculous. But positive ones exist, too—and this year we saw the rise of the #wholesomememe. To restore your faith in the idea that the internet isn’t total trash, we’ve rounded up a few of these wholesome memes for your viewing pleasure. This range of friendly, safe for work content, from wholesome animal memes to sweet relationship memes, are proof that the medium can be used for positivity and kindness, too. Don’t believe us? Read on for some undeniably nice memes, and share them with your friends!

1. This wholesome dog meme

This is almost too cute for words.

2. This wholesome compliment meme

wholesome memes Reddit

Give it right back!

3. This wholesome motivation meme

wholesome memes Reddit

A friendly reminder from an adorable hedgehog.

4. This optimistic meme

wholesome memes Reddit

He knows what’s up!

5. This wholesome relationship meme

wholesome memes Reddit

He was good all along!

6. This wholesome friendship meme

wholesome memes Reddit

So pure.

7. This wholesome parrot meme

wholesome memes Reddit

We can’t handle the wholesomeness.

8. This wholesome parenting meme

wholesome memes Reddit

Who had a dad who would always do this?

9. This wholesome girlfriend meme

wholesome memes Reddit

Make sure she knows!

10. This wholesome grandpa meme

wholesome memes Reddit

Spreading some laughter the old fashioned way.

11. This wholesome romantic meme

parrots in love wholesome memes Reddit

These sweet little lovebirds have the right idea.

12. This wholesome mental health meme

mental health duck wholesome memes Reddit

You’ve got this!

13. This wholesome marriage meme

marriage meme wholesome memes Reddit

Cute couple goals.

14. This wholesome dog meme

dogs wholesome meme

Find something cuter. We dare you.

15. This wholesome cat meme

wholesome memes Reddit

A genius idea, honestly.

16. This wholesome school meme

wholesome memes Reddit

Nothing like getting affirmation of a job well done.

17. This wholesome friendship meme

friendship wholesome memes Reddit

Good friend vibes only.

18. This wholesome meme about memes

wholesome memes Reddit

Premium, wholesome content is the best kind.

19. This wholesome weight loss meme

dwight wholesome memes Reddit

Lift your friends up!

20. This wholesome test score meme

wholesome memes Reddit

It’s all about the way you see it.

21. This wholesome mom meme

wholesome memes Reddit

Can we get a collective, “aww”?

22. This wholesome best friend meme

best friend wholesome memes

You are important!

23. This wholesome Jared Leto meme

wholesome memes Reddit

Celebs can be wholesome, too.

24. This wholesome photo meme

wholesome memes Reddit


25. This wholesome beauty meme

wholesome memes KnowYourMeme

Listen to the facts!

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