17 Funny Monday Memes to Jump-Start Your Week

If the Internet can do one thing, it's cure the Monday Blues.

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Mondays are tough. Whether you're headed back to work, back to school, or simply saying goodbye to the weekend, there's something about the first day of the week that can hit you like a ton of bricks. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be like this. There are a few things that are guaranteed to make Mondays better, and one of them is finding humor in the situation. For that, we've got you covered. Ahead, find the best funny Monday memes that will have you laughing all the way to Friday.

Funny Monday memes everyone can laugh at 

early worm, monday memes
via Awesomely Cute

Someone lied to us about this.


horror film, monday memes
We Know MEmes

Mondays are legitimately scary!


pie chart, monday memes

Probably not.


when monday calls, monday memes

Way to rub it in!


monday lisa painting, monday memes

Mondays are never good hair days.


Happy Monday memes to start your week right

goodbye weekend cat, monday memes

See ya next week!


gorilla with danelion, monday memes

How is anyone getting anything done?!


midday, monday meme

Just 4.5 days left!


beer, monday memes

Pretty much.


mercury, monday memes

We know exactly how this feels.


jumper cables, monday memes
via BaxterBoo.com

Is there anything stronger than caffeine?!


kermit, monday memes
via Pinterest

You don't just wake up ready to go.


simpsons, monday memes

Or just bring another coffee, please.


work on monday, monday meme

It was bound to catch up with you.


monroe monday meme

Mondays happen to the best of us!


puppy, monday memes



friday monday meme

Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

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