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The 20 Best Monday Memes to Jump-Start Your Week

Still mourning your weekend? These memes are more effective than an extra large latte.

Mondays are tough. Whether you're headed back to work, back to school, or simply saying goodbye to the weekend, there's something about the first day of the week that can hit you like a ton of bricks. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be like this. (Well, not completely like this—Mondays have no cure!) There are a few things that are guaranteed to make Mondays better, and right on the list after coffee are memes. Not only will they give you a rare Monday smile, they also let you know that you're not alone in letting the beginning of the week get you down. And for that, we've got you covered. Ahead, find the best funny Monday memes that will have you laughing all the way to Friday.

1. This dog, who's doing the math

It's important to know exactly what you're getting into before you get out of bed.

2. This clock, which is always right

No matter what time you have to get up on Monday, this is how it feels when the alarm goes off.

3. These not-so-punctual superheroes

You know what makes Monday morning less offensive? A last-minute Starbucks run, even if it makes you late.

4. This sign, which describes the Mondays of people

There isn't anything to do about Mondays but tolerate them until they leave, just like an unwanted party guest.

5. This meme about what it's like to be a parent on Mondays

When "just five more minutes!" turns into kicking and screaming when it's time to wake up and get out the door for school.

6. This Alexa command we all wish actually worked

Unfortunately, annihilating Mondays is the one thing Amazon can't do.

7. This pup, who's suspicious of the whole thing

Mondays are pretty suspect, to be perfectly honest.

8. This before-and-after Yoda

A co-worker coming to your desk unannounced = a wannabe Jedi disturbing you on your swamp planet.

9. This Monday-sized coffee

Nothing requires a quad-shot latte than the first morning of the work week.

10. This bird, who's realized early mornings aren't all they're cracked up to be.

"I woke up early. There was no worm." Bird meme
Awesomely Cute

We see no value in becoming a "morning person."

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11. This poster, which captures the horror of the Sunday Scaries.

The Return of Monday poster
We Know Memes


12. This useful pie chart

Am I ready for Monday? pie chart meme
A Little Bit Funny

When you spend half of your weekend dreading Monday.

13. This Scream tribute

Monday Scream meme
Clubbing TV/Facebook

Way to rub it in!

14. This relatable work of art

Mona Lisa with bedhead, "Monday Lisa"

Don't expect us at our best on Mondays. You get what you get.

15. This shellshocked gorilla, who wishes it were still the weekend

Baby gorilla holding a dandelion meme

We need an hour just to accept that it's not the weekend anymore.

16. This weekly internal monologue

midday, monday meme

Just 4.5 days left!

17. This beer, which doesn't look very refreshing

Pint of beer that's all foam meme

It's not all bad. It's just mostly bad.

18. This scientific fact

mercury, monday memes

Thank you, NASA.

19. This stuffed Kermit, who just can't handle it this week

Sad Kermit Monday meme

Mondays are extra tough for introverts who got to spend the weekend in blissful solitude.

20. This melted duck, who looks how we feel

friday monday meme

Ever feel like you can't head home until someone scrapes you off your desk?

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