This Japanese Artist's Insane "Balloon Sculptures" Will Astonish You

This is one way to take your kid's birthday party to the next level.

Japanese artist Masayoshi Matsumoto (@isopresso) creates complex balloon animals and other objects, and even shares some technique videos.

Anyone who's ever attended a child's birthday party has seen a clown contort a balloon sausage into a giraffe or elephant. But the "balloon sculptures" of Japanese artist Mayoshi Matsumoto are no carnival attraction.

The artist creates incredible intricate animals using nothing but balloons, and they're nothing short of astonishing.

Here's his rendition of a diving beetle.

A siamang, which is an endangered ape native to the forests of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

A deer.

A goat.

And a horned puffin.

He's also got videos revealing the techniques he uses to make these unique pieces of art.

You can find more of his incredible work on his FacebookTumblr, and Instagram. And for more artwork that you need to see to believe, Check Out the Mind-Boggling Optical Illusions Driving Everyone Crazy.

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Diana Bruk
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