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16 Halloween Party Games for a Spook-tacular Event

The best Halloween games for a hauntingly good time.

Ready for a ghoulishly good time? Whether you're planning a spooky adult Halloween bash or are looking for a few fun ways to entertain the candy-filled kids, we've rounded up a selection of the best Halloween party games that every guest is sure to enjoy. These easy DIY Halloween games are truly a treat, giving an extra-special spooky twist to the classic games you know and love. Add a little extra Hocus Pocus to your Halloween party and cast a spell on your guests by planning a few of these fun Halloween party games.

1. Toilet paper mummy race

It's a race to the finish with this simple mummy game. Split into teams of two and load each pair up with a few rolls of toilet paper. On your mark, get set, go! Whoever fully wraps their partner into a bonafide mummy (only eyes peeking out), wins!

2. Pin the spider on the web

Forget pin the tail on the donkey, this Halloween game lets you try and see how close to the center of the web you can place the spider. Make the web out of construction paper, tape, or rope and have friends take turns to see who can get their creepy-crawly closer.

3. Candy corn guessing game

A classic Halloween tradition, have party-goers try and guess how many candy corn are in a jar and write down their best take on a piece of paper. The guest with the closest guess to the actual number wins the entire jar!

4. Witch's hat ring toss

witch's ring toss halloween game

Re-create your favorite carnival game using black construction paper and cones to create little witch's hats. Then, have guests try and throw a ring on the hat. If the ring lands on the hat, they can flip it over to win a prize underneath.

5. Ghost sack race

Create a fun spin on a classic potato sack race by drawing ghost faces on plain white pillowcases and having kids use them to race to the finish line relay-style.

6. Halloween feel game

Nothing says Halloween quite like feeling around mystery boxes for brains (cooked spaghetti) eyeballs (peeled grapes) and fingers (baby carrots)! Kids will love trying to guess what each nasty object is.

7. Skeleton scavenger hunt

This skeleton needs help being put back together! Create clues that lead your guests to collect all the piece of the skeleton, then see how fast they can put him back together. Try a simple cut-out skeleton you can buy online like this one.

8. Donut eating race

donut eating game halloween games

Fall is the time for delicious apple cider donuts. Stock up on some of the yummy treats and hang them from a string. Everyone must stand in front of one hanging donut with their hands behind their back. On the count of three, everyone steps forward and sees how fast they can consume the donut. Yum!

9. Slime time

If you have little ones, you likely know how obsessed they are with homemade slime. The combination of school glue, liquid soap or detergent, and food coloring creates a fun, slimy texture resembling monster goop. To add a fun Halloween twist, have the kids make their slime into monster goop by adding some fake eyeballs to the mix.

10. Bobbing for apples

There's a reason this one is a Halloweentime classic. Fill a large tub with water, then add apples which will float to the surface because they are less dense. Have players try to catch on with their teeth. Up the ante by putting a sticker on the bottom of one "lucky" apple and giving out an extra prize to whoever is able to catch it!

11. Jack-o-lantern bag toss

jack-o-lantern bean toss halloween games

Create your own jack-o-lantern cutout and have the kids help paint it to look extra festive, or buy a pre-made version here. Then, people can take turns trying to throw bean bags into the pumpkin's mouth!

12. Zombie Tag

Tag, you're it! Play this fun spin on regular tag by choosing one person to be the zombie and chase the humans. Once you've been tagged, you're the new zombie! Zombies get to play in character by doing their best "zombie walk" with their arms stuck straight out.

13. Monster Mash freeze dance

Bust out the moves by playing a classic game of freeze dance to the Halloween classic song, "Monster Mash." Find out who's left as the best dancer.

14. Pumpkin tic-tac-toe

halloween games pumpkin tick tac toe

Here's a sweet idea—tape off the top of a table, or try it outside with chalk, to create a tic-tac-toe-grid. Then use mini painted pumpkins as the game pieces.

15. Costume contest

Pose for the camera! Have your friends vote on who's the best dressed of the party by having everyone take a polaroid picture before they enter. Hang up each of the pictures and have people vote for their favorite by leaving a tally under each Halloween mugshot. You can even add categories like "most creative" and "funniest." Winner gets bragging rights.

16. Group ghost story

Have everyone sit in a circle in the dark, with one person starting with a flashlight. The first person with the flashlight starts the story, then passes it along. By then end of the circle, you'll have completed your very own unique ghost story that's either really funny or really scary.

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