Here Is the Most Powerful Passport in the World

It offers virtually visa-free travel to 162 countries.

The Changi airport in Singapore was recently named the best aiport in the world, no doubt thanks to its insane amenities, which include an indoor water slide, 24-hour movie theater, and even a rooftop pool. But it looks like having an amazing travel hub isn't the only way Singaporeans have won the lottery. Passport Index recently released their annual ranking of the most powerful passports in the world, and the top slot went to Singapore.

Singaporean passport travelers can access a whopping 162 countries without a visa or with visa-upon-arrival status. But getting a coveted Singapore passport isn't easy. A foreign citizen needs to be a permanent resident (aka a work permit holder, investor/entrepeneur, or spouse of a Singaporean citizen) for two years in order to register for citizenship and get their hands on this free-pass through border control.

In what may come as a surprise to some, Singapore actually tied with South Korea for first place. South Korean passport holders enjoy visa-free or visa-upon-entry travel to 160 countries, including the USA, Canada, virtually all of Europe, Australia, New Zealand and every country in Latin America except Belize. Getting a South Korean passport requires five years of official residency in the country, or only one if you have a Korean spouse.

Germany, Japan, Italy, France, Spain, Sweden and Finland (which was recently crowned the happiest country on Earth) followed the lead in the world rankings. The United States ranked fifth in line, tied with Canada, Ireland, and Switzerland.

If, for now, you're stuck with only a U.S. passport, you can still skip the long line at customs by applying for Global Entry, though it won't save you from having to obtain visas for countries Singaporeans can enter hassle-free. And for more tips on how to be a super savvy traveler, check out the Two Secret Words That Will Get You an Instant Airline Upgrade.

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