The Worst Christmas Trends of 2017

Beard baubles refuse to die.

There's no doubt that Christmas is a magical holiday filled with wonderful traditions. But some of the trends we picked up in 2017 might not be worth taking into the new year. Here we look at some of the trends we're excited to leave behind. And for more holiday dos and don'ts, check out the biggest holiday party no-no's.

Beard Baubles

Beard baubles, bad Christmas trend

Created in 2014 in London and launched in partnership with an Australian organization that encourages men to get skin cancer screenings, these hirsute ornaments were originally eye-rollingly quirky and for a good cause. But three years in, they are still all the rage, to the point where the company that makes them is already sold out.

Upside Down Christmas Trees

Upside down Christmas tree

They're flying off the shelves at Walmart and other big retail stories, despite the fact that some of them cost as much as $1,000.

Families Wearing Matching Christmas Pajamas

Matching pajamas, bad Christmas trend

It was cute while it lasted, but it's got to go.

Trees That Appear to Be Shooting Through the Roof

Christmas tree shooting through roof

Last year, one family an Oregon decided to play a prank on everyone by making it seem like they bought a 20 ft tree and let it just burst through the roof of their house. In reality, of course, they just cut it in half to create the optical illusion. They put the photos on Twitter, where they went viral, and soon everyone was doing it.

Snowman Christmas Trees


Why do we do this to trees?

Ugly Christmas Suits

ugly christmas suit

Ugly Christmas Sweaters are bad enough, just wear pajamas.

Dressing Up Pineapples

pineapple christmas tree

#PineappleChristmasTree is the newest trend of 2017. They don't belong in pizza, and the don't belong in Christmas decorations and oversized sunglasses.

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