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Teresa Giudice Calls Sofía Vergara the "Rudest Woman She's Ever Met"

The Real Housewives star recounted an awkward encounter they had at a talk show.

Six years after they first made headlines together, Teresa Giudice is talking about Sofía Vergara once again. On a new episode of her podcast, Namaste [Expletives], the Real Housewives of New Jersey star called the Modern Family actor the "rudest woman [she's] ever met." Giudice's beef with Vergara stems from an encounter they had while appearing on a talk show together years ago. According to the reality TV personality, Vergara snubbed her when their publicity teams asked the two women to take a photo together.

Read on to find out more about Giudice and Vergara's run-in and why the Real Housewives star is talking about it again.

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Giudice and Vergara were guests on the same talk show.

Teresa Giudice at An Evening with NBC Universal in 2010
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On her podcast, Giudice told her co-host, Melissa Pfeister, about meeting Vergara when they were both about to be interviewed by Mario Lopez. She explained that the encounter happened around the time that she "first started doing the show," which is also when Vergara's sitcom began airing. The Real Housewives of New Jersey premiered in 2009, as did Modern Family.

Giudice claimed that that her PR person and Vergara's PR person decided that the two women should take a photo together and stressed that it was not her idea. "I didn't want a picture with her. I've never asked to take a picture with anybody, unless it just happens," the reality star explained.

Giudice overheard Vergara objecting to the photo.

Sofía Vergara at the 2009 American Music Awards
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The failed attempt at a PR photo was enough for Giudice to decide she wasn't a fan of the America's Got Talent judge.

"When we went to go take a picture she was like, standing in front of me. Like, OK, that's not how you take a picture," the 51-year-old said. "She was, like, the most rudest woman I've ever met."

Giudice continued, trying to mimic Vergara's Colombian accent, "I saw her whole demeanor, and then I heard her say to her PR person, 'Why are you making me take a picture with that lady?' I was just like, 'Excuse me? I did not want to take a picture with you.' I said, 'I would never ask to take a picture with you.'"

According to the Real Housewife, the two women never took the photo and went their separate ways instead.

"I was like, how rude," she continued. "You're so not a humble person. You forgot where you came from. It's not like she started out, like, being on the top … She forgot where she came from. She was so not a down-to-earth person. I'm so not a fan of hers."

They ran into each other again years later.

Teresa Giudice at the 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards: Unscripted
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Giudice said that she saw Vergara at a restaurant last year. While they ignored each other, the reality star claimed that Vergara's friends asked to take a photo with her before Vergara arrived.

"I never say no to anybody, because I don't forget when I come from," Giudice said. She added that she has to like Modern Family because her stepson loves it.

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Giudice said she was surprised at Vergara's behavior because "she's an immigrant."

Sofía Vergara at the Carol Burnett 90 Years of Laughter and Love Special in 2023
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The new podcast episode wasn't the first time that Giudice shared her story about Vergara, which she noted on the show. "It's so crazy," she said. "If you google 'Teresa Giudice and Sofía Vergara' it comes up."

While appearing on a Real Housewives panel in 2017, Giudice called Vergara an [expletive] and said that she should have been nicer because "she's an immigrant."

"Ugh, I can't stand her," the RHONJ star continued, as reported by Us Weekly. "Sorry, I hate to say that because I'm Italian, she's Colombian, she has an accent. She has more of an accent than me! You would think she would be nice. Like, she's an immigrant—no, I'm just saying—she should be nice!"

She explained of the snub (via Entertainment Tonight), "I was just like, 'I didn't even do anything.' And I was so mad at myself because I was like, '[Expletive], I don't even want to take a picture with you!'"

Giudice tried to clarify her "immigrant" comment in an interview with Us Weekly. "I figured that because we both shared very humble upbringings with families that emigrated to this country, she would have had more humility," she said.

Vergara has never spoken publicly about Giudice.

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She's been called out for being rude, too.

Teresa Giudice posing with her book "Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again" in 2016
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In December 2022, Boston radio host Billy Costa called the Bravolebrity "easily, hands down the rudest person I've ever interviewed."

When she was a guest on his show, Costa asked Giudice a question about the time she spent in prison for fraud in 2015, which she opens up about in her book. She responded that she didn't want to talk about that but instead focus on the event she was promoting.

"I don't know if you know this, but I'm a four-time New York Times bestselling author … I wrote four cookbooks and two memoirs," she said. Costa tried to move on, but Giudice continued to scold him.

"It's all about being positive, right? And not negative?" she told him. "You should learn some of that. Yes, you should."

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