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Shakira Just Shared a Rare Photo of Her Lookalike Son

The singer and her six-year-old son share a strong resemblance.

Although Shakira is very active on social media, she rarely gives followers a glimpse into her family life. However, the mother of two recently posted a rare picture of her youngest son, Sasha Piqué Mebarak, after his first surf lesson. Even at only six years old, the singer's son bears a close resemblance to his famous mom. Read on to see the adorable little surfer who looks just like Shakira.

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Shakira's six-year-old son bears a striking resemblance to her.


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This week, Shakira shared a photo of her son Sasha with two of his friends and surf instructors after his first lesson. All three of the boys held up shaka signs while smiling for the camera. As Sasha gets older, his resemblance to his mom continues to become more apparent. Shakira has two sons—Sasha and eight-year-old Milan Piqué Mebarak—with her longtime partner, soccer player Gerard Piqué.

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The singer said motherhood shifted her world.

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Shakira, who had her first son at the age of 35, said becoming a mother changed her life. "It's shifted the axis of my universe. Everything is centered around them now. It's a new dimension of love, at least for me, that's indescribable," Shakira told PopSugar in 2016. She added that the changes her sons have brought into her life have helped her in various areas. It's "helped me be more disciplined overall about sticking to a schedule now because you're forced to prioritize," she explained. "Before, I was my own boss, but I have two tiny bosses to answer to now."

Shakira said parenting is one of the hardest things she's done.

Shakira wears a gold top and leather pants while performing at the Rock in Rio Music Festival in 2019

During Fisher Price's Happy Factor Panel in Dec. 2020, Shakira discussed the challenges of motherhood. "It's one of the most difficult things I've done in my life. I've been on the most challenging stages performing in front of really demanding audiences, and I've been meeting with world leaders who sometimes make you a little bit apprehensive, but nothing has made me so self-conscious as being a mom," she said at the event, per People. "Every day, I wonder if I'm doing the right thing. I just want to improve in the job, the hardest job on earth."

And to continue bettering on her parenting techniques, she does a lot of research. Shakira said she's always "looking for help and information online and researching and reading. It's not easy to be a mother."

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Even at their young ages, Shakira's sons care about the environment.


In Oct. 2020, Shakira had a live discussion with Prince William about how damaging the environment can hurt their children in the long run. Shakira said her sons are both passionate about being eco-friendly. According to the singer, Milan "began asking questions about the environment when he was about five. Now, whenever I brush his teeth, and I leave the water tap running for too long, he's the one reminding me [to turn it off]." As for Sasha, "He's already so concerned about plastic pollution. When he sees garbage in the street, on the beach, he's the one who wants to pick it up," Shakira said. "That sends me a signal. It made me see how worried they are about the environment."

The family even did a trash pick-up around their neighborhood together, Shakira revealed. "It was such a beautiful family activity," she said.

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