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Channing Tatum Just Shared His First-Ever Photo of His Daughter's Face

The father-daughter duo posed together on the beach after a day of playing in the ocean.

Channing Tatum shares seven-year-old daughter, Everly Tatum, with his ex-wife Jenna Dewan. While Dewan has been known to post photos and videos of Everly, Channing is notoriously private about his daughter, only sharing snaps of her that expertly shield her face—that is, until yesterday. On June 24, Channing posted a picture of the father-daughter duo with their toes in the sand and the ocean behind them. And in the caption, he shared the adorable details of what the two got up to on the beach. To see the first photo Channing has shared of his daughter Everly's face, read on.

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Channing shared a photo of him and his daughter on the beach, covered in sand.


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Channing just shared a sweet photo of Everly posing on the beach as the sun set behind them. While Channing is smiling at the camera, Everly's eyes are fixed upwards. "You were looking at the full moon in this pic and telling me the prophecy of the full moon mermaid," Channing explained in the caption. "Then we ran into the water and looked for her and played with glow sticks in the night water, calling out to the mermaids. You said you touched a bald-headed mermaid and saw a tail."

In the caption, Channing called his daughter his world and his heart, and added that he hopes she will one day read about their mermaid adventure and laugh.

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He used his experience raising Everly to inspire a children's book.


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Channing channeled his experience as the dad of a daughter to write a children's book. The actor published The One and Only Sparkella, "a charming ode to self-esteem and the love between a father and daughter," on May 4.

He's been promoting the book on his Instagram in recent weeks. "Guys, I don't know about you, but things got a little weird for me in quarantine. I ended up accidentally locking myself in my 7-year-old daughter's room. And I ended up finding my inner child," Channing wrote in one Instagram caption last August before the book came out. "So this is what I created for my little girl. From what is, I guess, the little girl in me. Thanks for reading."

Channing has previously shared photos of his daughter, but always obscured her face.


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Although his recent post was the first in which he showed his daughter's face, Channing has shared a handful of photos of Everly in the past, along with heartwarming captions.

In Sept. 2020, below a photo of Everly midair with mountains behind her, he wrote, "My best homie-My daughter-My life! You are the coolest person on the planet." In June 2019, he shared a photo of Everly on a trampoline in a pink princess dress with the caption: "Me and you little tail feather, running through fairytales forever. Let's go."

He also shared a video of Everly boxing in Dec. 2019 while he acted as the punching bag. "This is only 1/16 how long this went for hahaha," Channing wrote. He added that "having a daughter, I always want her to feel safe in her being. And god help the person that ever pokes the beast inside this little angel."

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He's said there's one thing he wanted to learn as soon as he found out he was having a daughter.

Channing Tatum

Channing recently shared one of the struggles of being a father to a little girl—doing his daughter's hair. "I was really nervous to be a girl dad," he said on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in May. "The first thing I did when I figured out I was going to have a girl, I literally went to YouTube and figured out how to braid hair, just because I didn't want to be that dad."

Channing said braiding is "not easy" and "takes a long time." And it sounds like he's quite the perfectionist about it. "The hardest thing is getting the three equal strands. … Then they make it harder with layered hair, and then you get halfway through it and realize one is too short, and you have to start all over," he lamented. "It's silly."

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