60 Secret Messages Your Body Is Trying to Tell You

For the sake of your health: Listen up!

60 Secret Messages Your Body Is Trying to Tell You

When you stop and think about it, it's incredible what our bodies can accomplish without asking for our permission. Metabolism? Check. Temperature control? Check. Healing? Check. Organ function? You betcha. Yep, it's all automated. But that doesn't mean that your body isn't trying to communicate with you all the time.

Just as cars these days all come equipped with vehicle warning indicators, your body comes equipped with plenty of indicators, too—if you just knew how to listen and knew where to look. With that in mind, here you'll find 60 amazing secrets your body is trying to tell you. So read on to learn how to be a better listener.

You Have Cold Hands = You're Stressed Out

hands on coffee mug 50 amazing things your body tells you

If your hands are cold, it may be the result of the temperature. It may also mean you're totally stressing out.

Fact: If you're experiencing heightened stress or anxiety, it can overextend your nervous system, which causes blood vessels to constrict and inhibit your circulation. So instead of reaching for a pair of mittens, you might work on taking a few deep breaths and putting that anxiety on ice.

You Have an Aching Jaw = You Could Have Lyme Disease

man with aching jaw 50 amazing things your body tells you

It's one of the more difficult diseases to diagnose. But if you fear that you have Lyme Disease, take note of your jaw. If you're suffering from chronic pain that comes and goes, the cause may indeed be this tick-borne disease.

Though a medical professional may see this jaw pain as TMJ—or "temporal mandibular joint disorder"—your body may be trying to tell you it's something more serious, so be sure to ask about it, specifically.

You're Blinking a Lot = You Have a Crush

woman blinking 50 amazing things your body tells you

According to body language expert Blake Eastman, our blink rate tends to jump when we're emotionally excited. When you're feeling attracted to a potential partner, your blinking goes crazy, exceeding the average of 10 blinks per minute. So if you can't stop batting your eyes, you may be in love.

Your Index Finger Is Shorter Than Your Ring Finger = You Should Get Your Prostate Checked

male hand with index finger shorter than ring finger, a body secret message

A study published in 2011 by the British Journal of Cancer looked at 1,500 prostate cancer patients and 3,000 healthy control subjects over the course of 15 years, and found that the risk of cancer for guys with index fingers longer than their ring fingers was reduced by 33 percent. So if your index finger is shorter—get to the doctor for that checkup!

You Prefer Your Eyebrows Longer = You're Better at Managing Stress

man combing eyebrows 50 amazing things your body tells you

Jean Haner, a facial reading expert, told Cosmo that those who rock long eyebrows "tend to deal better with stress and typically have a lot of friends that they don't mind listening to and helping out with their problems."

On the flip-side, those who trim their eyebrows short "are typically a sign of someone who doesn't deal with stress very well," and that "these people usually don't like having to deal with their friend's dramas as well."

You Instinctively Turn Your Feet Away from Someone = You Dislike Them

woman turning away from man 50 amazing things your body tells you

According to retired FBI agent and body language expert Joe Navarro, the direction we point our feet—even when we aren't thinking about it—says much about our feelings about the person in front of us.

"If you're in a room with someone you don't like, you won't scowl or make faces because you don't want to come off as insensitive or mean," he tells Prevention. "But your feet will almost immediately turn away from that person."

On the flip side, pointing your toes directly at someone can mean you're very much into them.

You Have A Desire to Chew Ice = You Need Iron

ice maker 50 amazing things your body tells you

If you love nothing more than chugging an iced beverage so you can get to the ice cubes left at the bottom, it might be time to splash out for a bottle of multivitamins.

Research published in the journal Medical Hypothesis has found that these two things are connected. Your body needs iron to help carry oxygen to your brain and your muscles, and people who are lacking in iron have less oxygen in their blood. Researchers believe that the act of chomping down on ice triggers a response in which your body sends more blood to the brain, which may produce feelings of greater alertness.

If this sounds like you and you're iron deficient, the best sources for getting more iron are meat, poultry, and fish. However, according to Eat This, Not That!, other great non-meat iron sources include pumpkin seeds, black beans, broccoli, and more.

You Have Red Hair = You're More Sensitive to Pain

Woman with red hair 50 amazing things your body tells you

Pity the redhead. Those 152,656,386 souls on planet earth who are genetically disposed to having red locks may often be the butt of jokes, but there's another downside to sporting strawberry-tinged hair: according to research, redheads are also more sensitive to pain.

The study, published in the journal Anesthesiology, found that redheads requiring higher levels of anesthesia during surgery than those who don't have red hair.

You Have Type O Blood = You Need More Bug Spray

Blood Bag 50 amazing things your body tells you

If you've got Type O blood, you should be wary of humid nights and summer camping outings, because mosquitos especially love you. According to a study published in the Journal of Medical Entomology, those with O are 83 percent more likely to have a mosquito land on them than those with type A, B, or AB. So stock up on OFF!

Your Bellybutton Is High on Your Tummy = You're a Natural Runner

Woman's stomach 50 amazing things your body tells you

It sounds crazy, but the location of your bellybutton on your body can be useful in helping you decide what sport you'd be better off playing. Specifically, those with a bellybutton higher on their torso—because they have longer legs relative to their height—have been found to be better runners. Those with a lower bellybutton—because they have a longer torso—are generally stronger swimmers. Amazing, right?!

There's a Gray Ring Around Your Cornea = You Need to Watch Your Cholesterol

close up of arcus senilis during ophthalmic examination. - Image

If you have a gray or white arc above your cornea, it's known as arcus senilis. It may also be a sign that you need to cut back on fatty foods.

This is most common in adults, and a result of fatty deposits around the edge of the cornea. In some more severe cases, especially when it occurs in younger people, it can be the result of high cholesterol or high triglyceride levels.

Your Hair Is Thinning = You Need More Iron

woman hair thinning 50 amazing things your body tells you

If you notice your hair is thinning out, there's a decent chance you aren't eating enough meat, eggs, shellfish, or other sources of iron. According to a study published in the Journal of Korean Medical Science, a deficiency in iron, which helps move blood and oxygen to your brain and muscles, may actually cause hair to fall out.

You Have Dark Eyes = You Should Cut Back on Booze

brown eyes 50 amazing things your body tells you

If you've got dark brown eyes, you might want to avoid trying to match your blue- or green-eyed friends drink for drink. Scientists have found that those who have darker eyes tend to be more sensitive to alcohol. Experts say that this may be due to the higher levels of melanin of those with brown eyes, which both colors eyes brown and acts as a connector between brain cells. The more melanin in the brain, the faster it reacts to stimulants such as alcohol.

Your Index Fingers Are Noticeably on the Shorter Side = You're Manly

man hands clapping 50 amazing things your body tells you

Researchers have discovered that those with ring fingers that are much longer than their index fingers have higher levels of testosterone—and are more likely to succeed in endurance activities and math puzzles.

But fair warning: Those higher testosterone levels are also associated with a wandering eye and have been found to lead to a higher likelihood of cheating. So watch out!

Your Face Is Asymmetrical = You're a Great Leader

man touching his face 50 amazing things your body tells you

We may associate beauty with symmetry, but those with more off-kilter features might have a greater destiny than looking good. It's based on research from Astor University that found those with asymmetrical features were more likely to become successful in leadership roles. Among the reasons, according to the lead researcher: "The asymmetrical group has to develop more positive social skills to compensate for these perceived shortcomings."

Your Second Toe Is Longer Than All Others = You Are Creative

woman feet 50 amazing things your body tells you

It's also known as "flame foot," when someone's second toe is longer than the big toe. According to foot experts, this is attributed to "someone who is active, sporty, and creative, and is enthusiastic about new ideas and other people." Go you!

Your Cheeks Appear More Plump Than Usual = You Should Embrace a Healthier Diet and Exercise Routine

the cheek lifter
Subbotina Anna/Shutterstock

Now, it may seem obvious that a chubbier face may indicate that you're gaining weight, but it could be a warning sign about your overall health, too. As the University of Glasgow's Benedict Jones explained to the BBC, "How healthy you are isn't so much about how much fat you have, but where you have that fat."

According to Jones, those who pack on pounds on the hips and bottom ("with slimmer torsos"), for instance, "tend to be healthier" than those who gain a spare tire around the waist. And those who gain weight on their face? It's a more dangerous weight gain, as it "reflects the fatty deposits in more harmful areas." So if that's the case with you, it could be time to make some big lifestyle decisions.

You Have Blue Eyes = You're More Studious

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According to researchers at the University of Louisville, blue-eyed students were found to be more successful in activities that demanded structured attention and focus over a long period of time—such as cross-country running, golf, or studying for tests. So if you've got bright blue eyes, don't give up on that novel just yet!

You Constantly Yawn After Others Yawn = You're an Empathetic Person

man yawning 50 amazing things your body tells you

If you yawn every single time you see someone else yawning—or you yawn even while thinking about other people yawning—researchers at Baylor University say you're great at practicing empathy.

Fun fact: Psychopaths, who by definition lack any empathetic traits, are famously known to be utterly immune to contagious yawning. So, congrats! You're not a psychopath.

You Have Dry Hair = You're Using Too Much Dandruff Shampoo

woman cutting hair 50 amazing things your body tells you

Anti-dandruff shampoo may save you the embarrassment of skin flakes on your shoulder—thanks to its sulfur, antifungal agents, and other ingredients—but it also removes the moisture from the hair itself, leaving your hair dry and damaged. If you find your hair feels like a hay stack, your body is telling you it might be time to buy some regular shampoo!

You Have Diagonal Earlobe Creases = You're at Greater Risk of Heart Disease

Human ear 50 amazing things your body tells you

Take a look at your earlobe. If it has a wrinkle-like line going down it, you'd better put some extra effort into boosting your heart health. Researchers have found that such creases were a sign of an increased risk of coronary heart disease—and that those with creases on both ears were at a greater risk than those with a crease on just one ear.

You Have a Cough That Won't Quit = Your Airway Has Shrunk

Woman Coughing in Bed 50 amazing things your body tells you

That constant hacking may be just a lingering cold, but, according to Mitchell Gaynor, M.D., assistant clinical professor of medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College, it can also be something more serious, called post-bronchitis syndrome. Similar to asthma, it means your airways have temporarily gotten smaller. "People think unless you're wheezing and short of breath it's not asthma, but that's not true," he explained to Men's Journal.

You Have a Wider Face = You're a Bit Aggressive

Teenage boy with acne problem looking in mirror at home - Image

Researchers have found that those with higher levels of testosterone—and who are therefore prone to display the resulting traits of greater aggressiveness—tend to have wider faces with bigger cheekbones.

This is not limited to humans. Researcher Carmen Lefevre at Northumbria University told the BBC that in the case of capuchin monkeys, the wider the face, the higher they sit in the social hierarchy.

You Have Wider Hips = You May Like to Play the Field

woman measuring waist 50 amazing things your body tells you

Research from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom found that women with a greater waist-to-hip ratio were more likely to have one-night stands and have more sexual partners.

According to the researchers, this might be because, historically speaking, "childbirth is more dangerous for smaller women than larger women," so sex and childbirth are seen as "less risky." (Let's be clear: that's just a theory.)

You're a Loud Sneezer = You're Outgoing

man sneezing 50 amazing things your body tells you

Your sneezes say a lot about your personality, according to body language expert Patti A. Wood, creator of an Achoo IQ test for Benadryl.

One group of sneezers she identifies are the "enthusiastic" ones, including "your grandfather whose sneezes perhaps terrify you, or your coworker who always sneezes five times. The enthusiastic sneezers were found to be charismatic and social and have the ability to motivate others."

Your Ears Are Red = You May Have Kidney Problems

woman with inflamed ear 50 amazing things your body tells you

While red ears can be a sign that you're angry or embarrassed, it can also be an indicator that something more serious is happening in your body. More specifically, it can indicate an insufficiency of your adrenal glands, which are located on top of your kidneys and which produce the adrenaline hormone. In more extreme situations, this can lead to low blood pressure, weight loss, and even kidney failure.

You Slouch Your Shoulders = You're Feeling Overwhelmed

woman at desk slouching 50 amazing things your body tells you

If you realize that your posture is crummy and your shoulders slouch, it may be a sign that you've taken on more than you can handle. Body language expert Susan Constantine says that slouched shoulders are a surefire indicator of stress and even defeat.

Your Pupils Are Dilated = You're Totally Infatuated

eye contact couple 50 amazing things your body tells you

Sure, our pupils dilate to allow more light in when our surroundings are dim. But they do the same when we are feeling emotional stimulation, including attraction. Furthermore, research has found that men are more attracted to women with larger pupils, which is a response to the heightened emotional response in the opposite sex.

Your Hair Is Falling Out =  You're Healing Emotionally

man hair loss 50 amazing things your body tells you

If you've experienced a major life change—such as extreme weight loss—once you've return to a place of emotional stability it's not uncommon for you to shed some hair.

As Amy McMichael, M.D., chair of dermatology at Wake Forest University, said to the Huffington Post: "It takes about three months for your hair to go through an entire growth cycle. So the hair isn't reacting to anything new; the shedding is due to the extreme weight loss that happened a few months ago. In fact, not only are you going to get through this, but you've also already started to come out the other side."

You Have Small Feet = You're Going to Live a Longer Life

feet swinging from bed 50 amazing things your body tells you

One Swedish study found that those with shorter shoe sizes tended to live longer on average than those with bigger, longer feet. For example, men with size 7 feet lived an average of between 78 and 84 years, while those with size 11 feet lived to between 66 and 69 years of age.

You Have Lighter Eyes = You're More Likely to Be an Alcoholic

blue eye 50 amazing things your body tells you

Light eyes mean you have less melanin in your brain—the stuff that alerts your mind to stimulants. A Georgia State University survey of 12,000 adults found that those with lighter-colored eyes consumed much more alcohol on average than those with dark eyes—and were more likely to be alcoholics. So if you've got light eyes, be wary of how many drinks you've tossed back.

You're Colder Than Everyone Around You = You Might Have a Thyroid Issue

woman shivering 50 amazing things your body tells you

If you're putting on extra layers when those around you are sweating, your body may be trying to tell you that there's something off about your thyroid functioning. A common symptom of an under-active thyroid is feeling unusually cold—even when the temperature is objectively warm.

You Have a Brightly Colored Tongue = You Need More B12

doctor inspecting woman's tongue 50 amazing things your body tells you

If your tongue looks bright red, it may mean that you need more B12. As the folks at Livestrong put it, "This change in appearance comes from depapillation of the tongue: loss of the little bumps that that normally give the tongue a light pink, velvety appearance… Without these little bumps, called papillae, the tongue looks red and beefy." Medical professionals even call this "beefsteak tongue."

According to Stanford Medicine, this means your body could use more iron, folate, and vitamin B12. Eat This Not That! says you can stock up on B12 by eating more pork, plain low-fat yogurt, salmon, chicken, and eggs.

You're Biting Your Nails = You May Be a Perfectionist

nervous man biting nails 50 amazing things your body tells you

It's an irony that the perfectionists among us also tend to practice unpleasant habits, such as hair-pulling and fingernail biting. But, as Scientific American explains, "Mounting evidence shows that people who compulsively bite their nails, pick their skin, or pull their hair are often perfectionists, and their actions may help soothe boredom, irritation and dissatisfaction."

You Think Your Food is Filling = You've Lost Your Appetite

Woman Eating Salad 50 amazing things your body tells you

Hey, eating isn't the only way to get rid of hunger. Often feeling that fullness is just as powerful. Research published in Health Psychology found that those who think the food they are eating is high in fat and calories are more likely to feel fuller, faster, than those who imagine they are eating healthier food. Mind over matter, people!

You've Got a Foggy Brain = You Need to Cut Back on Carbs

man with headache 50 amazing things your body tells you

If you're walking around in a slight haze after lunch, even after having a good night's sleep and exercising regularly, it may be your body's way of telling you to cut back on the bread and pasta (or, worse, that you have celiac disease).

As Gaynor told Men's Journal: "There's a huge gut-brain connection, and if gluten is causing inflammation in your gut, you're malabsorbing nutrients and you've disturbed your gut's microbiome."

You Have Naturally Thick Eyebrows = You're Active

cara delevingne supermodels actresses

Eyebrow expert Jean Haner believes that women who wear their eyebrows thick and with minimal plucking are more likely to be active. "They're naturally confident, they have a good head on their shoulders, and they can figure things out quickly," she told Cosmo. "Sometimes they can get frustrated easily, though, if others are holding them back from what they want to do, because they are really good at getting things done."

You've Got a Big Smile = You're in a Great Relationship

woman with big smile 50 amazing things your body tells you

A big, easy smile indicates that you might have a long-lasting marriage. A team of psychologists conducted a survey of high-school yearbook photos, and found that those who smiled in their pictures were less likely to divorce. Those who smiled the least were five times more likely to be divorced in their life. (!!)

You Have Small Ears = You're at Risk of Eczema

hand to ear 50 amazing things your body tells you

Small ears are cute, but they have also been found to correlate with a greater probability of developing eczema, a condition that makes your skin all itchy and red. As ear, nose, and throat surgeon George Murty told the Daily Mail, "Your ear canals are lined with skin and, just like skin on the outside of the body, it flakes off."

You Have a Metallic Taste in Your Mouth = You Need to Cut Back on Those Vitamins

man with bad taste in mouth 50 amazing things your body tells you

Vitamins boast plenty of health benefits, but you can definitely overdo it when it comes to your daily dose of zinc, calcium, iron, and more. As Livestrong explains, "Multivitamins, particularly those that contain heavy metals like zinc, copper and chromium, have been known to cause a metallic aftertaste."

Your Fingernails Have Taken on a White Color = You Could Have Kidney Disease

man washing his hands at the sink

If you're nails suddenly turn white, or white lines appear on them, it could be a sign of something serious, like kidney or liver disease. But if you've always had white spots on your nails, you have little to worry about. That's a normal occurrence.

You Make Prolonged Eye Contact = You're Totally Lying

couple staring at each other 50 amazing things your body tells you

We usually think that looking someone in the eye is a sign of trustworthiness and honesty. And while that's certainly true—up to a point—body language expert Blake Eastman tells Medical Daily that holding eye contact for an uncomfortably long amount of time can be a "giveaway" that someone is not telling you the truth.

You've Got a Long Big Toe = You May Bail on Trying to Achieve Major Goals

human foot 50 amazing things your body tells you

Reflexologist (and author of three books on the subject) Jane Sheehan told the Daily Mail that those who have a big toe that's significantly longer than their other toes are "never stumped for an answer, and can see things from different angles. On the downside, you may have problems focusing and sometimes don't see projects through."

You Like to Meditate = You're Reshaping Your Brain

woman meditating 50 amazing things your body tells you

A regular habit of mindful meditation can result in your mind actually reshaping itself, causing a thickening of the hippocampus (the part of your mind that handles learning and memory), the temporo parietal junction (associated with empathy and compassion), and posterior cingulate (involved in mind wandering).

Those were the findings of a team of researchers who studied MRI scans of individuals practicing meditation regularly and comparing them with the scans of those who didn't.

You've Got Light Eyes = You Can Handle More Pain

woman with blue eyes 50 amazing things your body tells you

A study out of the University of Pittsburgh found that women with blue or green eyes were able to handle greater levels of pain (in this case, the subjects were pregnant women going through childbirth). The women with lighter eyes also suffered lower levels of anxiety after birth, as well as lower rates of postpartum depression.

You Have Vertical Ridges on Your Fingernails = You're Getting Old

man grooming nails 50 amazing things your body tells you

You're only as young as you feel, sure, but your fingernails might be telling a different story. If roughness and vertical ridges appear on your nails that you had not noticed before, it's not a scary disease. It's likely a side effect of aging.

Your Hair Follicles Have Drug Residue = You're Totally Busted

man brushing hair back 50 amazing things your body tells you

We all know that urine tests are a common way to test whether someone has been using drugs, but your hair follicles can be just as effective. In fact, your hair continues to hold traces of substances you may have used long after your death. In one extreme example, researchers were able to find traces of morphine in the hair follicles of romantic poet John Keats' locks 165 years after he died.

You Can Wiggle Your Little Toe = You're Impulsive

woman feet sticking out of bath 50 amazing things your body tells you

Reflexologist Jane Sheehan says that "if you can wiggle your little toe separately from your fourth toe, you are an impulsive, adventurous, charming flirt." If you can't? "You value routine, predictability, and loyalty."

You Over-Pluck Your Eyebrows = You Need a Confidence Boost

Girl doing eyebrows 50 amazing things your body tells you

If you find that you're plucking your eyebrows until they are a thin line, you may need to work on your self-confidence. Or at least that's the assessment of Haner, who says, "Plucking your brows too thin can also attract people toward you that will walk all over you, because your self-confidence has been lowered."

Your Eyes Are Tired = You Need to Take a Break

woman eyes tired from work 50 amazing things your body tells you

If you're eyes are hurting from looking at your computer screen, it's time to take a break. Called computer vision syndrome, this strained feeling in your eyes occurs when staring at a screen for more than two hours consecutively.

You're Short = You'll Probably Live Longer

tall and short people 50 Amazing Secrets Your Body Tells You

Those who are on the shorter side may feel that they are at a disadvantage when standing next to their taller peers, but in one way they're way better off: Research from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine found that a gene that's common in the "oldest of old" people is also associated with shorter stature.

You Have Knee Pain = You're Depressed

woman with knee pain

Believe it or not, aching knees can be a surefire sign of poor mental health. In fact, one new study found a link between depression and knee pain, and that chronic mental suffering can manifest itself in other physiological ways, as well.

You Hear Ringing That's Not There = You Might Be Clingy

man hearing ringing in his ear 50 amazing things your body tells you

If you swear you heard a phone ring when nothing actually sounded, you might be suffering from something called "ringxiety." A study found that those with "higher attachment anxiety," such as worrying about whether their partner is faithful, were more likely to experience this "phantom ringing."

Your Face Is Rectangular = You Are Logical

man angular face

According to face reading expert Jane Haner, those with rectangular faces "value logic and are really good thinkers, but they often overthink." Meanwhile, those with rounder faces are typically more giving and kind, "and always put people first."

You're Smelling Things That Aren't There = You Need to Visit the Doctor

Young Asian woman holding her nose because of a bad smell on pink background - Image

Phantosmia is a condition in which your nose catches a whiff of something—rotten eggs, wet dogs, something else similarly unpleasant—that's not actually there.

These "phantom smells" may be your brain subtly letting you know something is off. According to the Mayo Clinic, it could be a sign of something as simple as inflamed sinuses or as concerning as a brain tumor, epilepsy or Parkinson's disease. Either way, your body is giving you a heads up to call your doctor, stat.

You've Got a Bony Nose = You Like to Be Alone

nose hair grooming

According to Jean Haner, a "face reading" expert who wrote the book The Wisdom of Your Face, a bony nose that's much longer than other features "means you're a perfectionist, you like to be in control," and that "you also like to be alone a lot."

You Have Good Posture = You're More Positive

good posture, look younger 10 years younger

Researchers have found that sitting and looking downward will make it easier to recall negative memories, while sitting upright and looking upward makes it easier to recall positive, empowering memories.

You Have Dull Hair = You Should Cut Out the Junk Food

young woman twirling her hair

If your hair is dull in color or thinning, it's usually a sign that you need to get more nutrients into your diet via fruits and vegetables and proteins.

You Have Dark Eyes = You Should Take Up Tennis

Eye of a black woman shot large macro - Image

Dark eyes don't necessarily mean you are smarter, but according to research published in the journal Perceptual and Motor Skills, it may mean you think faster.

Researchers found that dark eye color reflects high levels of melanin, which not only determines eye darkness but also can serve as an insulator for electrical connections between brain cells. Those with dark eyes have been found to be better at throwing a Frisbee at a target and hitting a ball with a racquet due to this tendency.

You've Got Red and White Spots on Your Tongue = Lay Off the Sour Candy

woman sticking out tongue

A tongue with red and white spots isn't anything to freak out about. It's just a sign that your taste buds have worn down, possibly because you have temporarily damaged them with too much sour candy (surprisingly common) or by eating hot food that's lightly scorched them and caused desensitization. Give it some time (and stop damaging the buds) and they'll grow back to full healthy in no time. And for more astonishing truths about your body, don't miss these 50 Science-Backed Health Facts That Will Blow Your Mind.

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