These Photos of Puppies Playing With Other Animals Will Melt Your Heart

A good dog can be pals with anyone—even a cat!

manni the wild boar piglet and candy the jack russel terrier

All you have to do is read this story about a dog that adopted nine ducklings or look at these viral photos of puppies playing with lion and tiger cubs at Beijing Wildlife Park to know that dogs can bridge the friendship gap with virtually any species. It doesn't matter if you're a human, a lion, a tiger, a bear, or—yes—even a cat. If you're pure of heart, dogs will want to play with you. So if you're in need of a reminder that dogs can love just about anybody, check out the following photos of puppies playing with other animals. And for more on why we do not deserve dogs, check out the 15 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Your Dog.

This Dog And His Jaguar

bullet the dog and jaguar

When a jaguar affectionally known as "Jag" was first brought to a sanctuary in South Africa called Akwaaba Lodge, he immediately bonded with the property's Jack Russell Trainer, Bullet. They became such close friends that when Jag was moved to a larger enclosure, both animals became so upset that they ultimately had to be brought back together. And for more adorable pets, check out the 50 Dogs So Ugly They're Actually Cute.

This Special-Needs Chihuahua and His Chicken

penny and roo
Facebook/Roo and Penny Chicken

In 2017, a two-legged chihuahua named Roo and a rescue chicken named Penny stole everyone's hearts by becoming best friends. Their friendship became so popular on the internet that they were featured on National Geographic Wild's Unlikely Animal Friends show, among other TV spots, and began visiting schools and churches to teach people about what it means to be different. Sadly, Penny has since passed away, but we'll always be glad they found one another.

This Fox and Hound

Tinni and Sniffer
Torgeir Berge/Facebook

Back in 2013, Tinni the German Shepherd and Sniffer the wild fox went viral for striking up an unlikely friendship in the forests of Norway. Their owner, Torgeir Berge, was so inspired by their bond that he even wrote a children's book about them. And make sure you also flip through the 15 Fluffiest Dog Breeds You Need to Look at Right Now.

This Dachsund and His Lion

lion and dachsund friendship
Barcroft TV/YouTube

Talk about opposites attracting. Bonedigger, a 500-pound, disabled lion, met Milo many years ago at the G.W. Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, and the two have been inseparable ever since. And for more on your favorite animals, here are 20 Ways Cats Are Better Than Dogs.

This Little Pup and His Wild Boar

manni the wild boar piglet and candy the jack russel terrier

Wild boar piglet Manni was all alone and starving in a field in southwest Germany when he was found and adopted by a kind family. He and their Jack Russell Terrier, Candy, became such fast friends that the little piglet probably thinks he's a dog. To learn more about how animal friendships work, check out the 25 Amazing Ways Animals Communicate That You Never Knew About.

This Orangutan and His Dog

The world famous duo Suryia and Roscoe the blue tick coonhound and Orangutan

In 2006, Suryia the orangutan and Roscoe the Blue Tick dog met at a reserve for endangered animals in Myrtle Beach, Florida, and soon became world-famous for doing virtually everything together.

This Great Dane and His Baby Deer

fawn and great dane friendship
Kate and Pippin/Facebook

Pippin was abandoned by her mother when she was just a fawn. Luckily, she was quickly adopted by Isobel Springett's Great Dane, Kate, who cared for her until Pippin was old enough to return to the forest and raise a family of her own. And these are the 30 Funny Photos of Animals That Will Brighten Your Day.

This Dog and Iguana Pair

dog and iguana

This was posted on Twitter last November in response to a mega-viral photo of the pure connection between a cat and a tortoise. Who said iguanas were cold-blooded? This friendship looks warm as can be.

This Pit Bull and Her Guinea Piglets

pit bull adopts guinea pigs

When Kris Gamayo first adopted her pit bull, Moki, she never thought the pup would immediately adopt her guinea pigs, Pandora and Frida, as her own. Now they're the stars of their very own Instagram account! For more adoption stories, read the 19 Pet Adoption Stories That Will Make You Cry.

This Little Pup and His Pony

dog and pony friendship

Talk about a dog and pony show! Francesca Carsen adopted Spanky the miniature pony when he was just two years old, and now the stallion and her Jack Russell Terrier, Dally, are regulars at prestigious jumping shows. A movie about their unlikely friendship is even due to be released this summer.

This Dog and His Pig

luna the piglet and cloud the golden retriever love playing together.

Cloud the Golden Retriever and Luna the pig love to snuggle up against the fire and play in the backyard of their Atlanta, Georgia, home. Luna has even learned how to walk on a leash and is learning some doggie tricks!

This Dad and His Ducklings

Fred the labrador retriever smiling while protecting the nine ducklings he adopted.

Last year, Fred, the resident golden retriever at Mountfitchet Castle in England went viral after adopting nine orphaned ducklings who were found on the grounds.

This Corgi and His Bunny

ripley the corgi and wild bunny play together.
Lareina Tan/Facebook

Ripley the Corgi first met this tiny wild bunny while walking with her owner, Lareina Tan, and they quickly became best friends. And for more incredible corgis, check out the 50 Corgi Facts That Will Make You Want a Corgi.

This Dog and His Owl

Ingo the Malinois shepherd dog and Poldi, the cute owl, nuzzle together at home.
Tanja Brandt/Facebook

Germany-based animal photographer and collage artist Tanja Brandt takes incredible photos of Ingo, her Malinois shepherd dog, and Poldi, his owl best friend, which you can check out on her professional website.

This Golden Retriever and His Parrots and Hamster

Bob the Golden Retriever snuggles with his many pet birds.

Bob the Golden Retriever went viral back in 2015, after dozens of photos of him playing and snuggling with several pet birds swept across the Internet. And her are 30 Aw-Worthy Pictures of Pets in Costume.

This Dog and His Duck

duck Rudy and golden retriever Barclay form an unlikely animal friendship

Florida-based Pam Ishiguro has a flock of seven ducks, but Rudy and her Golden Retriever Barclay have formed the strongest bond.

This Dog and His Bird

whippet and magpie friendship

Magpies are not known for being the friendliest of birds. But when Boo Radley the whippet found Mike the Magpie struggling behind a telephone box, they became fast friends, and now they do everything together. And for more cuteness, check out the 15 Super-Cute Hybrid Animals You Have to See to Believe.

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