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If You Use This to Make Coffee, Stop Immediately, Authorities Say

If this is an essential part of your morning routine, you could be risking your health and safety.

Whether you enjoy an Americano or a latte to kick off your day, coffee is a major part of many people's morning routines. And while too much coffee may give you some jitters—and those additions of heavy cream and heaping portions of sugar may not be doctor-approved—those aren't the only ways your coffee habit could be affecting your wellbeing. Unfortunately, authorities say that the way you're preparing your coffee could be putting your health and safety in imminent danger. Read on to discover if your morning  pick-me-up could be putting you in harm's way.

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Nearly 25,000 espresso machines are being recalled.

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On July 8, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced the recall of approximately 24,900 SOWTECH Espresso Machines with Glass Carafes.

The machines were sold on Amazon and between March 2017 and Oct. 2020 and retail for approximately $60. If you are in possession of one of the machines, the CPSC recommends that you stop using it immediately.

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The machines are being pulled recalled over the risk of injury they present.

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The recalled espresso machines have been pulled from the market due to the potential burn risk associated with their use. At the time the recall was announced, the espresso machines' California-based manufacturer, LoHi Tech Inc., had received 48 reports of the machines' glass carafes breaking, with five users sustaining burns.

You can receive a replacement carafe with appropriate documentation.

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You don't have to completely scrap your espresso machine, even if it's among those being recalled. Instead, LoHi Tech, Inc. will replace the affected glass carafes with metal ones if you submit the appropriate documentation.

"To register online to receive a free replacement, you will be required to submit photos and order number documenting possession of the recalled espresso machines," the company states.

If you have the recalled machine at home, contact the manufacturer to initiate your return.

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If you are in possession of one of the recalled espresso machines, there are multiple ways to begin the return process. The recalled SOWTECH espresso machines can be identified by the words "Model CM6811" printed on a silver label affixed to the bottom of the machine and the word "SOWTECH" printed in large black letters on the machine's front panel.

If you have the affected one of the affected espresso machine at home, you can call LoHi Tech 888-613-3170 on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET, email the company at [email protected], or contact them through the company's product recall page. The company will also be reaching out to customers directly to start the return process.

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