Dan Levy Reveals the One Quality of Eugene's He Wishes Every Father Had

The Schitt's Creek stars and co-creators have a super close father/son bond.

In 2020, the series they created together swept all the major awards in the comedy category at the Emmys, and this weekend, it's up for five Golden Globes. But no matter how successful Schitt's Creek is, the relationship between stars Dan and Eugene Levy runs far deeper than a TV show. The father and son share a lasting bond, and it's that intimate family element that helps set the series apart from other comedies. But what exactly makes Eugene Levy such a great dad? Keep reading to to find out what Dan thinks is his best quality as a parent, and for more famous families, check out the 25 Celebrity Kids Who Look Just Like Their Parents.

Dan has never felt pressured by his dad.

Eugene and Dan Levy Entertainment Weekly cover
Entertainment Weekly

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly for this past December's "Entertainers of the Year" issue, Dan opened up about the one quality Eugene has that he wishes every dad had.

"In terms of support of me, you've never questioned…me being who I am," Dan said about his father, with Eugene sitting right next to him. "I've never had to prove myself, I've never had to explain myself."

Dan further explained that that unconditional support is especially important for any child who is LGBTQ+.

"That I feel like, fundamentally, is the support that every father needs to give to his son," he added. "Particularly, fathers and sons where the son is a gay or queer person."

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When Dan came out to his family, they immediately embraced him.

The cast of Schitt's Creek on "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen" in January 2020
Sony Pictures Telvison via Youtube

When Dan, Eugene, and their fellow Schitt's Creek cast members Catherine O'Hara and Annie Murphy appeared on Watch What Happens Live in January of 2020, host Andy Cohen asked Dan when he came out to his father. Dan then shared when he was 18, his mom, screenwriter Deborah Devine, asked him over lunch one day if he was gay and he said yes. "My mom and I have a very close relationship in that sense," Dan continued.

He also made it clear that his dad knew and was there for him too. "No, we knew…for the longest time," Eugene said, as the rest of the cast laughed. "We were waiting, and then mom couldn't wait any longer so…"

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Eugene always encouraged Dan to follow his dreams.

Eugene and Dan Levy on Schitt's Creek
ITV Studios Global Entertainment Debmar-Mercury/Lionsgate Television

As Dan was taking the first steps towards creating his own TV show, his dad was right behind him. And they soon became partners and collaborators, developing the now-beloved comedy about a rich family who loses everything and starts over in a small town together. Though, the American Pie star also made it clear that he would have jumped on board anything Dan had pitched.

"My son came to me with an idea for a television show," Eugene told EW.  "And said, 'do you want to work on it with me?' I said, 'yes, wouldn't matter what the idea was.'"

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It's what makes their professional relationship so solid.

Dan Levy, Annie Murphy, Eugene Levy, Emily Hampshire, and Catherine O'Hara
Shawn Goldberg/Shutterstock

Even though Eugene had decades more experience than his son, it wasn't awkward establishing a working relationship. Once they were in the process of making the show (which would go on to run for six seasons), the father was impressed with his son's professionalism.

"I always felt being the senior member with the most experience, I would have to, you know, mentor a little bit," Eugene said to EW about working with Dan. "Once I realized I did not have to do that, I could step back. And we could kind of go through this as, you know, kind of equal partners."

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