Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's Son Shares Rare Glimpse Into His New Life

The celebrity offspring's life is about as far from the bright lights of Hollywood as it gets.

With A-listers Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman for parents, Connor Cruise grew up rubbing elbows with some of the world's most famous celebrities. And while both Tom's youngest daughter, Suri Cruise, and Nicole's daughters with Keith UrbanSunday and Faith Kidman Urban—have been tabloid fodder for years, the couple's older children, Connor and Bella Cruise, have largely shied away from the spotlight.

However, now in his mid-20s, Connor has decided to let the world in on his new life far from the glitz and glamor of Los Angeles—and he's documenting the whole thing on social media. Read on to find out what Connor's up to now, and for more on your favorite stars' offspring, This Is Why Tom Hanks' Son Is Getting So Much Backlash Right Now.

He's started his own business as a chef.

connor cruise in red and white hat grilling meat

Instead of  joining the entertainment world like his parents, Connor has opted to become a chef and influencer in Florida, where he now resides. On March 24, Connor announced his latest endeavor, Connor's Meat Shack, on Instagram, posting a series of photos from his new account over the course of the week.

So, what's on the menu at the Meat Shack? "Wagyu, brisket, burgers, chicken, and ribs on chars, flats and smokers," the account's description reads. And for the latest celebrity and entertainment news delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

He's been a major foodie for years.

connor cruise on a boat holding a huge fish

While Connor's new business may seem a bit out of left field, he's been documenting his love of food for years. The 26 year old has posted photos of everything from homemade chocolate chip cookies to dim sum to stone crab to his Instagram, gushing over his favorite meals along the way.

He's also documented his love of fishing, regularly showing off his impressive catches on social media, including massive tuna and Warsaw grouper. And for more on what some of the biggest stars' kids are up to now, See What Michael Jackson's Three Kids Look Like All Grown Up.

Connor briefly dabbled in acting.

connor cruise and josh hutcherson in film still

Prior to becoming the meat maestro he is today, Connor briefly followed in his famous parents' footsteps with a few acting gigs. In 2008, he made his big screen debut in the Will Smith drama Seven Pounds, and a few years later, he landed a lead role in 2012's Red Dawn opposite Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck, and Josh Hutcherson.

And for more on Smith's kids, check out Jada Pinkett Smith Regrets Doing This One Thing With Her Kids.

Nicole Kidman has expressed support for Connor's life outside of Hollywood.

nicole kidman and connor cruise looking at yellow flier
Matthew Simmons/Getty Images

While Connor's parents rarely feature on his social media, save for a few throwback photos from his early years, Kidman has said that she's proud of him, no matter what path his life takes.

"It's our job as a parent to always offer unconditional love," she told The Sun in 2019. "Parenting is about learning who they are, not making them what you want them to be—letting them find their way then supporting them." And for more celebrity kids who've grown up away from the spotlight, See Celine Dion's Son All Grown Up at 20.

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