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This Is the Most Popular Cheap Beer in America, According to Data

More states love this cheap beer than any other on the market.

Of all the available alcoholic beverages on the market, from canned cocktails to boxed wine, nothing is more beloved than a good old fashioned brewski. Sure, fancy stouts, lagers, and IPAs from the booming craft brewing industry have given beer lovers more options than ever, but these often expensive brews have also taken a toll on drinkers' wallets—not to mention, sometimes you just want something simple, classic, and familiar. With that in mind, Best Life consulted a recent study conducted by Workshopedia to find out the most popular cheap beer in America.

To gauge the popularity of cheap beers across the country, the team at Workshopedia started with a list of 36 popular beers and tracked Google Trends search interest over the last one-year period for all 50 U.S. states and Washington D.C. to see which beer was searched for the most in each state. At Best Life, we then looked at which bear was named the most popular in the most states to determine the No. 1 cheap beer across the nation. Read on to discover the king of affordable brews!

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Miller Lite

Keith Homan / Shutterstock

Number of states where beer is most popular: 1

Miller Lite was only the most popular cheap beer in one state, Illinois, but it made it into the top 10 given that it is also the most popular in Washington D.C.

And it certainly has its dutiful fans. "Not every beer needs to be a Monet masterpiece or the next wonder of the world," wrote one Miller Lite fan on Beer Advocate. "Do the union 'brew masters' that brew Miller Lite really care about the head of their beer, or the aroma out of a glass? No, they care about having a good time … Why is it that I gave this beer a 5 in every category? Well, I like to have a good time and that is what this beer is meant for."


Stroh's beer can and bottle
Pabst Brewing Company/Stroh's

Number of states where beer is most popular: 2

Given that Stroh's was originally brewed in Detroit, it's no surprise that one of the two states where it is the most popular inexpensive beer is Michigan. (The other is Michigan's neighbor Ohio.)

"Great beer. I'm surprised it's not more popular. [It's] a bit of a shame," one Stroh's fan said in a review on Beer Advocate. "Reminds me of a more hoppy, less corn-syrupy PBR. There is legit hop flavor in this and it's in the same price range as Bud, Miller, etc. I recommend it."

Keystone Light

Keystone Light bottle cap

Number of states where beer is most popular: 2

Keystone Light's slogan is "Always Smooth, Even When You're Not," which appears to resonate most with residents of Idaho and Nebraska, where the affordable brew is the most popular.

"Best beer money can buy," a Keystone Light lover passionately wrote on Beer Advocate. "Absolutely cannot change my mind. Every time I crack a can I feel like I'm sitting on the summit of the tallest mountain in the Rockies."

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yuengling beer bottle near a lake
Buddy Phillips / Shutterstock

Number of states where beer is most popular: 3

Located in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, Yuengling is America's oldest brewery, and the state is darn proud of that, naming it its most popular cheap beer. But Yuengling's home state isn't its only fan. It's also the inexpensive beer of choice in Florida and Kansas.

"Simply the best of the plain, good ol' American lagers. Doesn't have that alcohol aftertaste/harshness, just smooth and wonderful to drink," a Yuengling fan wrote in a review on Beer Advocate. "It's from America's oldest brewery, and clearly in this case oldest is best. They know what they're doing over at Yuengling!"


Keystone Beer Can
Molson Coors

Number of states where beer is most popular: 3

Just like Keystone Light, Keystone's fuller-bodied lager has plenty of fans among cheap beer drinkers. It tops the list in Colorado, Oregon, and Oklahoma.

"I've been looking for this for years. It's basically been the Holy Grail in that sense. Easily the best Keystone," wrote one Beer Advocate reviewer.



Number of states where beer is most popular: 3

The "King of Beers" may not be the king of cheap beers in every state, but it is in North Dakota, New Hampshire, and Wyoming.

"Budweiser has become what defines an American lager," said one Bud enthusiast on Beer Advocate. "It is smooth, no weird bitter aftertaste and I like its rice taste. It really does have a pleasant hint of beechwood. It is a good beer."

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Coors Light

Coors Light Beer
Steve Cukrov / Shutterstock

Number of states where beer is most popular: 4

Coors Light is known for its refreshing flavor so it's no wonder that it is the most popular cheap beer in warm-climate states like Arizona, California, and Nevada. The fact that it is also the top pick in Minnesota is tougher to explain, however.

"Not ashamed at all to say I love Coors Light," a Beer Advocate reviewer wrote. "While I also love and try plenty of craft beers/larger scale beers, Coors Light is nothing like [those]. It's simple, perfectly carbonated, light, refreshing, and tastes great. Love it."

Bud Light

Bud Light
monticello / Shutterstock

Number of states where beer is most popular: 4

Long a staple of college parties, backyard barbecues, and sports arenas, the lighter version of the "King of Beers" maintains peak popularity in a handful of states: Alaska, Iowa, Massachusetts, and West Virginia.

"Bud Light is a 'go to' beer for people who actually like beer," a beer fan explained on Beer Advocate. "I like all kinds of beers, but lean toward pilsners for the crisp flavor. There are times when I would prefer a Bud Light over a Pilsner Urquell, and vice versa."

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Michelob Ultra

cans of michelob ultra beer on ice
Steve Cukrov / Shutterstock

Number of states where beer is most popular: 7

Containing only 2.6 grams of carbohydrates and 95 calories, Michelob Ultra is among the lightest of the light cheap beers on the market. And that seems to be a key selling point for folks in Alabama, Arkansas, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

"I am not sure why people absolutely knock this so badly,"one Beer Advocate reviewer wondered of Michelob Ultra. "This beer has a beautiful color [and a] sweet, hoppy smell. Extremely refreshing and light. Solid beer."

Natural Light

Cans of Natural Light Beer also called Natty Light in a Publix grocery store.
Joni Hanebutt / Shutterstock

Number of states where beer is most popular: 10

Far and away the most popular cheap beer in America, Natural Light, affectionately referred to as "Natty Light," was the most searched for cheap beer in the following 10 states: Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maine, North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia, and Utah.

"Smells like the beer your dad drank in 1975," one Natty Light fan wrote on Beer Advocate. "I felt the taste was a little watery with some grassiness and a dry finish. I was very surprised by this beer. For the price this will be one of my go-to beers from now on."

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