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Age Old Adage

The Best Aging Tips From Celebrities Over 60

These stars say it's all about owning who you are.
Crash Course

This U.S. City Has the Most Car Accidents

And the most accident-prone drivers.
Travel & Tribulations

This Is the Airport With the Worst Delays

Flights to these U.S. airports are often delayed.
Fear Facts

This Is What Scares People Most in the U.S.

These are the most common phobias in the country.
Divorce Dollars

The 15 Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces Ever

These breakups came with jaw-dropping price tags.
Word Play

20 Words Just Got Added to the Dictionary

These modern terms are now official.

The Most Popular Halloween Costume in Your State

Here's who you're most likely to see on Oct. 31.
Pump Prices

This Is the State Where You Pay the Most for Gas

This state's drivers are paying the most at the pump.
Pest Patrol

This City Has the Worst Rat Problem in the U.S.

This is where rats run the most amok, data shows.
Star Survivors

Celebrities Who Battled Cancer and Won

From Jeff Bridges to Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Fear Factors

What Scares People Most in Every State

These are the top phobias in the U.S.
High-End Homes

The Most Expensive Neighborhood in Your State

These are the priciest places to buy a home.
Jammed Up

This State Has the Worst Traffic in the U.S.

You're likely to end up bumper to bumper on highways here.
Valued Vehicles

This Is the Most Popular Car Brand of 2021

Drivers say they made the best vehicles of the year.
Capable Computers

This Is the Most Trusted Computer Brand of 2021

Consumers count on this company's computers the most.
Bad Bugs

This Is the Most Hated Bug in the U.S.

New survey says this is the bug Americans like the least.
Beer Bucks

This Is the Best Selling Beer in America

The classic brew still brings in big bucks, data shows.
Flaky Pharmacy

This Is the Least Reliable U.S. Drug Store in 2021

Don't rely on this chain for your personal care products.
Abhorred Stores

This Is the Most Unpopular Clothing Store in the U.S.

Consumers are most underwhelmed by this retailer.
Reckless Roads

This State Has the Deadliest Drivers in the U.S.

Stay on high alert when hitting the road in this state.