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People With This Zodiac Sign Are the Most Awkward, Astrologers Say

They might stick out in social settings—here's why.

We all have that friend who can float through a party, balance their champagne and passed appetizer like a retired ballerina, and find something in common with every guest in attendance. And, of course, we all know people who are the opposite. They're always pushing the pull door, standing in the back of big groups, and tripping on both their words and their shoelaces. In other words, they're awkward. If you fall into that camp, fear not. It might not be you, per se—it could have something to do with your horoscope. Read on to discover the six most awkward zodiac signs, from slightly cringeworthy to permanently perplexing.

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According to Raquel Rodriguez, an astrologer at Nomadrs, Capricorn lands on this list not because of a lack of social skills, but due to their one-track mind. As the career-oriented workhorse of the zodiac, it's difficult for them to let loose.

"They're less practiced in the art of small talk," Rodriguez notes. "Their serious attitude might make them appear cold or unfriendly at first, but it's really just their focused nature."


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This secretive sign is aware of social norms; they're just too guarded and untrusting to follow them. "Scorpios have an intense energy that can intimidate those around them," says Rodriguez.

"Their preference for meaningful conversation over small talk can make for some uncomfortable pauses," she explains. "Plus, they're not the ones to reveal much about themselves, which adds a little bit more mystery that can be perceived as awkwardness by others."

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Once you get to know a Virgo, you'll find they're a caring friend and a fabulous conversationalist who will take the time to analyze any topic you bring to the table. But until then, their perfectionism and over-thinking get in their way.

"At work, Virgo is the colleague who avoids talking around the water cooler in order to get extra projects completed," says relationship astrologer Anna Kovach. And at a party, Rodriguez adds that they'll be "adjusting the crooked picture frame on the wall instead of socializing and having fun."


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As a water sign, Cancer is highly emotional and sensitive. These homebodies enjoy getting cozy on the couch and cooking comfort food for loved ones. "Take that crab out of the shell, however, and they will be awkward in the extreme," shares celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman.

"For them, socializing can be perceived as a great challenge," concurs Rodriguez. "They're the people who might bring up a sad story at a festive event in order to deeply feel all emotions."

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Fellow water sign Pisces has the distinction of being the most empathetic member of the zodiac. They're the ones to call when you need a shoulder to cry on but should probably be skipped if you need a plus one for an important event.

Rodriguez notes that they can be "overly concerned with how others are feeling," which leaves them overwhelmed. That can cause them to either overshare or shut down completely—two reactions that can read as awkward in social situations. "They may also drift off into their own world, making social cues a bit challenging to navigate," she adds.


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Aquarius is the most intellectual, innovative, and forward-thinking zodiac sign, and because of that, they can sometimes be misunderstood. "They are the nonconformist of the zodiac and can appear awkward when they are around more conservative types of people," shares author and astrologer Lisa Barretta.

Since this sign is always thinking, they may appear (or actually be!) checked out of conversations. And when they have that aha moment, all bets are off. "They are susceptible to epiphanies and insights that may seem to make them react instinctively and go to extremes," adds Kovach.

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