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This MOBOT Foam Roller/Water Bottle Hybrid Is a Genius Addition to Any Gym Bag

This foam roller slash water bottle is a life-changing addition to any gym routine.

Twenty or so years ago, when I first heard that cell phones were going to be equipped with cameras, I proudly declared, "Nobody will ever buy that!" before returning to the game of Snake I'd been playing on my Motorola Razr. Today, if you told me a phone didn't come with a camera, I'd leave you a Yelp review so scathing you'd find yourself gasping for air.

A similar thing happened when I first heard about the MOBOT water bottle/foam roller hybrid. "Why would you possibly need to combine those two things?" I thought to myself, continuing to bat a thousand for the Being Completely Wrong About Stuff team.

green, black, and white MOBOT water bottle

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When I received my two MOBOTs—the 18-ounce Firecracker and the 27-ounce Grace—my tune changed significantly. So, what could have possibly shaken me from my steadfast position of unquestionable wrongness? First of all, the bottles are extremely light—even lighter than many plastic bottles I've owned in the past. Secondly, they're sturdy. The foam on their exterior is not some pool noodle plastic that squishes every time you go to grab it. Instead, it's made of solid, non-toxic EVA foam that, despite the bottle's girth, makes it surprisingly easy to carry. They're even rated to support up to 350 pounds of weight!

Even better, the bottle is killer when it comes to foam rolling. Having recently had a baby, basically every part of my body now has something wrong with it, and more so than any foam roller I've used in the past, the MOBOT feels like it could actually fix my problems. For folks who like to foam roll after their workout, this bottle is the perfect two-in-one addition to a gym bag, saving a ton of space for anyone who typically carries a separate bottle and roller with them. And for those who find themselves embarrassed when their water bottle squeals like some kind of barnyard animal in the middle of a workout class, don't worry: MOBOT's claim about their spout and straw being silent is, thankfully, completely true.

black water bottle spout top on silver water bottle

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Of course, there are always a few downsides to even the most ingenious products. The MOBOT isn't one of those bottles that'll keep your drinks cool forever—my water was still cool six hours later, but my ice cubes had met their maker—trying to fit one in a cup holder is a hilarious exercise in futility, and it drips condensation a bit more on the bottom than many double-walled bottles. All in all, though, it's a pretty genius product. Add in the fact that it's made from 100 percent recycled stainless steel and is BPA-free, and it's a pretty terrific gift for everyone from avid yogis to eco warriors. The company's website has an entire section on how to foam roll using it, so even novices can easily get in on the action.

For more information or to buy your own, visit the MOBOT website. And for more great gifting ideas, check out these 20 Amazing Amazon Gifts for Everyone on Your List!

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