This Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet May Be Actual Witchcraft

The Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet promises rest and relaxation—and that's just what I got.

I don't consider myself a gullible person. I've slept in supposedly haunted hotels without encountering so much as an apparition, I've never met a crystal that did anything of note, and, not to get into too many details, but a very famous magician once called me "a real buzzkill."

So, when I was sent Philip Stein's Sleep Bracelet, I was obviously skeptical. After all, if five grams of melatonin and an audiobook about the history of quilting can't put me to sleep, how would a bracelet do it?

Despite my initial skepticism, however, I decided to give it a try. After all, I have two children, meaning I get approximately 15 minutes of sleep a night, and I figured it couldn't hurt, at least. The good news? The bracelet itself is genuinely something even the most appearance-conscious individuals can get behind, with a simple suede-like strap (blue, in my case) and a small stainless steel case in the middle.

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Made using "Natural Frequency Technology," the bracelet is supposed to make its wearer less stressed out and help them achieve better sleep with consistent use.

Now, I don't know if these bracelets are magic, if I've lost my mind, or some combination of the two, but within just two weeks of wearing the bracelet regularly, I was sleeping better. Instead of getting in bed around 11, reading on my phone for an hour, and waking up a handful of times before my alarm—or, more often, my infant—got me up around 6, I was sleeping through until 7 every morning and feeling fresh as a daisy upon getting out of bed.

The only physical side effect of the bracelet (other than not feeling like a bag of garbage all day long)? Every time I wear it, I suddenly feel a warming sensation in my chest. Not a rush-to-the-doctor warming sensation, but a mild, pleasant warmth that stops immediately after taking the bracelet off. I can't explain it!

But I'm sleeping well, and someone way more fashionable than me complimented my "arm party" while I was wearing the bracelet, so, I'm probably never going to take it off again. If you want to get yours—or check out the company's other offerings—like bracelets that promise to boost your energy, as well as splurge-worthy watches for both men and women—head over to Philip Stein.

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