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40 Things No Man Should Ever Wear To Work

Your complete closet no-go zone—from Monday to Friday.

Everyone knows that the rules of office style are constantly in flux. If you're working in finance, you probably shouldn't wear a t-shirt and a hoodie to your quarterly review. If you work in tech, you'll probably come off too stuffy wearing a suit around the foosball table or napping pods. That said, we firmly believe that there are at least 40 rules of office style that apply to all men—no matter your income or your line of work.

Avoid these major no-no's and you'll find yourself climbing that corporate ladder faster than you ever imagined. Who knows? Soon you'll have your own business and then, my friend, you can go full Zuckerberg and wear whatever you darn well please. So click on, and good luck. And if you're a woman? Don't worry, we've got you covered, too. Here are the 40 Things No Woman Should Ever Wear to Work.

A Belt and Suspender Combo

suspenders and belt is not a good work look

Pick one or the other guys—never both. After all, they serve the very same function. And if you need better business wear, This Stylish Gray Suit Will Carry You Through Fall.

Novelty Ties

Novelty Ties are something no man should wear to work

If you're the cooky uncle on Christmas Eve, maybe this flies. Our advice for making a statement: Find a great pocket square and a cool, edgier pair of glasses.

Jeweled and Embroidered Clothing

Ditch the ed hardy, sparkly embroidered clothing is not work clothing

You know what I'm talking about: tricked out t-shirts and embroidered back pockets on jeans. Simply put: there is no place for that in any boardroom. Oh, and if you're considering designer fashion, be sure to reference the 50 Designer Brand Names You're Probably Mispronouncing before you hit the shops.


Beanie hats at work make you look sleazy

Great for the commute, bad for the office. All you have to do it slide it in your back pocket when you arrive.

Offensive Tees

offensive t-shirts are never cool to wear at work

Hey, do what you want on your own time, but respect everyone you work with and keep that stuff out of the office. And for more great style advice outside the office, consult the 38 Things No Man Over 40 Should Wear—Period.


Never wear any kind of sandals in the work place

Only if you're a lifeguard, my friend.

Stained Clothing

sweat stained clothing is not something to wear to work

If your shirt has yellow underarms, coffee stains, or pasta sauce, it's time to swap it out for a new one.

You Going Out Shirt

going shirts are fine for the club but not for work

You know the one I'm talking about: That shirt with a little extra stretch and a little extra sheen, which are usually more poly-blend than cotton. Save that baby for a Friday night.

Leather Dusters

leave leather dusters for the matrix, don't wear them to work

Sorry, Neo. You are not The One.

Bad Jeans

you shouldn't wear bad jeans to work ever

Too skinny? Big and baggy? Ripped up? None of these ever work at the office. They should be dark and they should fit your legs like a great pair of slacks. If you want to get some new denim without breaking the bank, check out the 8 Tips for Shopping a Thrift Store Like a Fashion Stylish.

Too Much Cologne

No man should ever wear too much cologne to work

You will reek of unprofessionalism.

White Socks with Dress Shoes

white socks and dress pants are something no man should wear to work

You may think this is a no-brainer, but more guys do it than you would think.


Bowties are not something a man should wear to work

Sure, they have their time and place, but the office is never the place.

Popped Collars

no man should wear a popped collar at work

A popped collar launched a career for Tom Cruise in Risky Business. These days, it's just too risky to wear a popped collar in any place of business.

Baja Hoodies

baja sweatshirt, something you should never wear to work.

It's a good rule of thumb: if your dad wore it to a Grateful Dead show, you shouldn't wear it to the office.

Track Suits

no man should ever wear track suits to work

Biff from Back To The Future? Nailed it. Chas Tenenbaum? Ditto. You? We beg you: don't try!

Blinged-Out Jewelry

too much jewelry is never a good work look

Never wear anything that will completely distract your colleagues.

Sports Jerseys

never wear a sports jersey to work

This is taking the whole office "team" concept way too far.

Chain Wallets

a chain wallet is never a good work look

A gentleman should pocket his wallet with the confidence that he will not lose it.

Ill-Fitting Suits

no man should wear an ill fitting suit to work

These days, you can find good fits and fabrics for cheap across the whole of the menswear world. Add a trip to the tailor to the bill and consider yourself dapper.

The Outfit You Wore Last Night

never wear last nights clothes to work

You got lucky? Good for you! Trust us: keep it to yourself.

Greek or College Stuff

don't wear your frat letters to work

This goes for shirts, rings, belts, hats, socks, even underwear.

Political Hats

MAGA hat, not okay to wear to work.

Whatever your political beliefs, leave them at the door. Nothing ruins a work relationship like finding out your cubicle mate voted for the other team. And if you're looking for great headwear, try one of these 10 Options That Are Way Better Than a Ball-cap.

Square-Toed Shoes

squared toe shoes are ugly to wear to work

There was a very brief span of time when these made sense. It was called the late 90s.

Camo Anything

no man should wear camo pants to work

Unless you're talking about a stylish bag.

Heavily Distressed Clothing

ripped jeans are not appropriate work wear

When was the last time you saw a CEO dressed like a skater?


no man should wear shorts to work

Listen, you may think it's fine, but it looks sloppy and unprofessional. Period.


no man should wear a fur coat to work

Pimp your ride, not your outfit.

Cell Phone Belt Clips

no man should wear a cell phone clip at work

Two notable exceptions: you work at a construction site or a cellphone store. Otherwise, you'll just look like you work at a construction site or a cellphone store.

Overstuffed Pockets

overstuffed pockets is not a good work look

Are you happy to see me—or is literally everything in your pocket?

Tie Dye

no man should wear to tie dye to work

Save it for the concert parking lot.

Non-functional Scarves

no man should wear a dumb scarf to work

Wear a real scarf or don't wear a scarf. Anything in between is a superfluous, Italian-inspired affectation.

Unruly Chest Hair

no man should show their chest hair at work

Two buttons? Fine. But when you hit three buttons, you're deep into Burt Reynolds territory.

Ironic Facial Hair

no man should have ironic mustache at work

Unless you are slinging artisinal cocktails in mason jars for $27 a pop, your Salvador Dali 'stache is probably doing more harm than good.


no man should wear a fedora to work

You. Are. Not. Britney.

Workout Wear

no man should wear workout gear to work

You can occasionally pull off "athleisure." But full blown "athletic?" You better jog or cycle home to change.

Cowboy Boots

no man should wear cowboy boots to work

If you're a boot-scootin' fella, try a more stylish Chelsea boot.

Contrast Cuff Shirts

no man should wear contrast cuff shirts to work

Unless you want to be called "Gordon Gekko" all day long.

Biker Wear

don't wear your biker gear to work

Contrary to what you think, this will not be intimidating.


ditch the lanyard at work if you can

Pop your ID card in your wallet, fell. It's your office, after all—not a trade show.

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