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Mechanic Shares Popular Cars That Are the "Biggest Failures in Automotive History"

Once again, Hyundai and Kia are getting slammed for faulty parts.

As your car surpasses certain mileage benchmarks, it may need minor part repairs and engine tune-ups. And as long as you stay on top of routine maintenance, you can usually help protect your vehicle from catastrophic failure. But according to a mechanic who goes by @fordbossme on TikTok, that isn't always the case with Hyundai and Kia vehicles, which he called out as being the "biggest failures in automotive history."

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In the video, @fordbossme explains how Hyundai and Kia engines are known for being high maintenance due to their poor craftsmanship, which can ultimately end in financial distress for car owners.

His video begins with a stitched clip from car repair expert Jason Carr, who also went viral for sharing how a head gasket on a Kia Sorento blew after being connected to a faulty head bolt that wasn't securely in place due to insufficient threading.

According to both motor gurus, the gasket failure chould have been avoided if Kia had installed the parts correctly.

"Some people use a different type of bolt. Some people use a different way of putting—not a heli-coil in the block—a time-sert in the block. There's also other methods of what they do. But the engine has to be pulled apart," said @fordbossme.

"It has to go to a machine shop. It has to be cleaned out if it doesn't have engine failure," he continued.

Once the mechanic has located the "right head studs," @fordbossme said the engine can be put back together with new head gaskets so it "basically runs like brand new."

The labor itself isn't difficult, but it will cost you a pretty penny.

"You're going to put a ton of money into it to fix the problem. That Kia should have [been] fixed from the beginning. Hyundai should have fixed, but instead, they stick it to the consumer and make them deal with it," he said. "It's normal."


Kia And Hyundai one of the biggest failures in automotive History @Olde Carr Guy

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Other mechanics on TikTok have also been calling out Kia and Hyundai for faulty craftsmanship. TikToker @motorcarnut noted that it isn't uncommon for Kias and Hyundais to experience something called "oil starvation," in which vehicle engines are deprived of oil circulation due to careless manufacturing techniques. If your engine develops a knocking sound, it's time to see a mechanic as soon as possible, he warned.

As for @fordbossme's TikTok clip, several Kia and Hyundai owners chimed in with similar stories of their own.

"Yeah, i owned a Hyundia elantra 4 years ago, [expletive] motor went out," one person shared.

A second owner said, "I had to replace the ignition coils on my Kia Rio 3 times. pretty sure one is starting to go out again."

"Totally bad engineering," wrote another. "Unfortunately it is purposely targeting to sell more and more vehicles that are literally a disposable vehicles."

"Unbelievable kia/hyundai are still in business making all their junk," explained someone else.

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