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Mechanic Shares Why He'd "Never Own a Nissan" in New Video: "Worse Than Anything"

The car expert claims Nissans aren't built to last like they once were.

Car shopping can be an exhilarating yet stressful experience. You may have a checklist of non-negotiables like advanced safety features, built-in navigation, or leather seats. While it's easy to get caught up in the bells and whistles of a shiny new vehicle, it's also important to factor in how a specific car will age over time—because, as one mechanic cautions, not all cars are built to withstand high mileage.

In a now-viral TikTok video, mechanic Victor Shack animatedly told followers he "would never own or recommend anybody to buy a Nissan product" because they're a "pile of junk." The lively clip, in which Shack is seen tinkering with a 2019 Nissan Rogue 2.5, has racked up over 160,000 views.

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Shack said the car's hidden alternator prompted him to make the video to let others know what they're getting when they purchase a Nissan vehicle.

"Wanna see something cool?" Shack teased in the clip. "You can't get anything down there to turn [the bolts] without disassembling a ton of other [expletive]." He added that parts can't be "unscrewed or even serviced" due to the layout of the car's cramped engine.

"You can see them, but they decided to put the [expletive] AC suction discharge lines right on [expletive] top. Right in your [expletive] way!" he continued.

In order to service the broken part, Shack explained he went in from below by removing the left front tire and plastic protection covers. But even then, Shack had difficulty accessing the alternator.

"That's a [expletive] joke," he said. "These [expletive] cars are the worst, worst!"

Shack joked that he would rather operate a wagon than a Nissan because they're "worse than anything."

"This car is a joke. It's a pile of [expletive]. I don't believe it. 74,000 miles and it's chewing oil. What else is [expletive] new?" he continued.

From Shack's perspective, Nissan is downgrading to push buyers towards electric vehicles instead.

"These cars are built to push electric cars on the market, just to blow up," he theorized. "And good luck servicing it…it's gonna [expletive] break as soon as you roll out of the dealer."

Shack doubled-down saying, "I would never own this." Instead, he suggests drivers invest in a Toyota vehicle since he says they "don't fail."

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More than 800 users flocked to Shack's comments to share their own Nissan horror stories, including a Nissan dealership employee.

"I work at a Nissan dealer and we change CVT transmissions like most people change their underwear daily," the worker revealed.

"Its all done on purpose so you go to the dealer and drop a bag of cash instead of going to your neighborhood mechanic," someone else claimed.

Meanwhile, another asked: "Please explain to me why the routing of the engine components always seems to be an after thought by manufacturers?!" Shack responded, "Who knows but it's a joke to them."

One user wrote, "Toyota and Honda is the number one priority," with another adding, "Old cars sure are looking more appealing to own."

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