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Mechanic Shares How Hyundai and Kia Engines Always Fail in New Video

Former owners are weighing in with their own horror engine stories.

There's a lot of time and research that goes into the car-buying process, from weighing a vehicle's pros and cons to setting a financial game plan. For instance, if you want to go the eco-friendly route, you may be debating between a Tesla or a Toyota Prius. Those who enjoy off-roading may consider a Jeep Wrangler, whereas snow owls may be interested in a Subaru. However, it's also vital to take a motor brand's longevity into account. For instance, a mechanic who goes by @motorcarnut on TikTok went viral after he revealed the parts that are known to fail in Hyundai and Kia engines.

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According to Statista, Hyundai and Kia were the leading car brands in the U.S. in 2023 based on vehicle sales. But within a few years, those owners may experience something called "oil starvation," claims @motorcarnut.

While routine maintenance and oil changes can help keep your car in tip-top shape, some part repairs are inevitable. However, in the case of Hyundai and Kia vehicles, @motorcarnut says it isn't unusual for their engines to experience a "lack of oil" due to faulty manufacturing techniques.

"Oil starvation has nothing to do with the owner this time," he stated in the clip, which has since racked up more than 452,000 views. "It's the manufacturing of the crank at the factory when they drill the holes for the oil passages."

According to AutoZone, oil passages are "drilled or cast into the cylinder heads, engine block, and crankshaft to receive pressurized oil from the oil pump for distribution throughout the engine." They play an important role in keeping a car cruising along, so when they develop a rod or knocking sound, that's a key indicator that something isn't right with the engine.

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"Over here…you have a nice oil passage," @motorcarnut demonstrated before panning the camera to a failed oil passage. "This one has a rod. This one has a knock," he explained of the clinking noise.

He then tries to run an air compressor through both oil passages. In the working passage, viewers can hear air swirling inside because it isn't clogged. When he proceeds with the failed passage, the air shoots right back out because it's blocked.

"You put air in here, nothing. That's because when they machine it, all the filings, they don't clean them out enough. They build up usually to one area," he explained.

He continued, "Now, this has no oil circulating through it. And what happens? It blows out, and that's why it just totally destroyed the bearing in here."


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The post has received hundreds of comments, including an anecdote from a former Hyundai owner who switched to Toyota after previously experiencing many oil problems.

"Had a Hyundai that oil was changed every 3000 miles like clockwork, locked up at 56,000 miles. Done with both brands! Toyota only now!" they shared.

Another TikTok user said, "This happened to my engine, my Hyundai just died or seized."

"Ours failed at 40K miles. Sat in the dealer shop for several weeks while we drove a rental. Finally got it back and it never ran right after. They told us that exact same problem," wrote one person.

"This shows how little these companies care about quality or providing their customers with value for our money," reads yet another comment.

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