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15 Ways Kate Will Bounce Back to Attend Harry and Meghan's Wedding

The Duchess of Cambridge is nothing if not disciplined.

Just because Kate Middleton makes everything look effortless doesn't mean she doesn't work at it. With Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding just weeks away, the mother of three very young children—who always looks downright perfect—has next to no time to bounce back into shape for the big day. But the woman who faced the world's cameras in heels and a fresh blow-out just seven hours after giving birth to baby Prince Louis Arthur Charles is nothing if not disciplined and focused when it comes to putting her best face (and body) forward.

Here's a look at the 15 ways she's restoring body and soul before she joins her husband (and best man!) Prince William at the wedding of the year. And for more amazing royals coverage, don't miss these 10 Ways Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle Are Nothing Alike.

She'll Turn to Mom

Carole and Kate Middleton

Kate is from a super close family and relies on her family—especially her mother, Carole Middleton—to lighten the load of royal life. The residents of Bucklebury, where Catherine's parents live, have gotten used to the familiar sight of "Granny Carole" with her royal grandkids around the village.

Now that Kate and William's brood has grown and the royal wedding is just around the corner, Carole has been a constant presence at Kensington Palace, giving her daughter the support and downtime she needs. And for more on our favorite duchess, check out these 36 Reasons to Celebrate Kate Middleton on Her 36th Birthday.

She's Breastfeeding

Kate Middleton

Kate is reportedly breastfeeding, which, in addition to being good for Prince Louis' overall health, can speed weight loss.

Breastfeeding mothers burn 300-500 more calories a day because the body requires energy (read: calories) to create breast milk. The Duchess has managed to stay relatively slim during her three pregnancies, so the jump-start weight loss breastfeeding affords her will help her look glowing and glamorous at the royal wedding next month. For more on the new royal baby, check out these 14 Fascinating Facts about William and Kate's New Baby.

She's Doing Some Serious Cardio

Kate Middleton Fitness

The Duchess is a big fan of cardio and has made running and swimming part of her fitness routine every single day for years. To speed up her return to fighting shape, she's stepping up her program gradually with her personal trainer who she has been working with her ever since her first pregnancy with Prince George. Pilates and yoga are also favorite body-mind soother and are helping to ease her back into her workout. And if there's one health fad we know she's not doing, it's definitely the new "Snake Diet"—the new weight loss trend everyone should definitely ignore.

She's Eating a Naturally Healthy Diet

Kate Middleton Healthy Eating
Ricky Wilson / CC BY 2.0

When she was getting ready for her own wedding, Kate was reported to have used the Dukan Diet that calls for an increased protein intake and ditching unhealthy carbs. Nutritionists give the 4-step program high marks for using lean proteins, veggies, fruit, and whole wheat to promote weight loss without counting carbohydrates.

Not surprisingly, Kate is very conscious about what she eats and always stays away from processed food. She stuck to a plant-forward diet of avocados, berries, and oatmeal to help soothe her morning sickness and now the healthy staples have since become part daily routine. And for more first-rate royals coverage, check out the 20 Commoners Who Married Royals.

She's Ditching the Booze

Kate Middleton

Kate's never been a big drinker and, according to a friend from her days at St. Andrews, rarely touched the stuff even as a student at university. "She would never ever let herself get out of control," said the insider.

As she's gotten older, she'll have a glass of champagne when the occasion calls for it but isn't touching a drop of alcohol now. It's a no-no while breastfeeding, so it's going to be mineral water at the wedding reception. And for more on the royal wedding, check out the 18 Biggest Royal Wedding Guest Etiquette Dos and Don'ts.

She's Got a Great Glam Squad

Kate Middleton Glam Squad

The duchess relied on the hardworking glam squad that kept her looking gorgeous all throughout her pregnancy—and were at St. Mary's Hospital's Lindo Wing one hour after Prince Louis arrived. Her longtime personal stylist Natasha Archer, who is always at Kate's side for special occasions, is scouring lookbooks and calling in clothes for the Duchess to choose from right now and has plenty of attractive and appropriate options on their way to Kensington Palace.

Don't look for something dramatic for the wedding. Clever Kate, who is happy to cede the spotlight to Meghan, with likely go with something monochromatic and elegant like the blush-colored Alexander McQueen day dress she wore to sister Pippa's wedding.

She's Paying Special Attention to Her Hair

kate middleton hair

Kate's luxe locks have always been her crowning glory, but some women experience changes with their hair during pregnancy. No doubt, her hairstylist, Amanda Cook Tucker, is working overtime to get the duchess' signature chestnut mane back to looking perfect for the big day.

Last year, Cook Tucker revealed the secret of the Duchess' gorgeous hair in a now-deleted Instagram post. Curious? It's Kiehl's Crème with Silk Groom, her favorite product.

She'll Get a Bee Venom Facial

Bee Animal Jokes

Before her own wedding, Kate got the famous "Bee Venom" facial, which produces similar effects to Botox but is all-natural, from skincare specialist Deborah Mitchell. The Duchess also reportedly loves the black bee venom mask from Mitchell's line which costs $300. The busy mom might opt for the at-home treatment over a spa visit now to save time. And for more next-level beauty secrets, don't miss these amazing tips from eternal goddess Jane Seymour.

She'll Use Sleep Elixir

kate middleton

No doubt a bit sleep-deprived these days (poor Prince William nodded off at the annual Anzac Day Service of Commemoration and Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey while the camera were rolling), Kate relies on Beauti Skincare Sleep Elixir, a special serum which claims to work while you sleep to make up for the hours spent up with new baby Louis. The serum works so well that Kate reportedly has three bottles by her bedside table.

She'll Use Rosehip Oil

kate middleton skincare

The Duchess is a big fan of Trilogy's organic rosehip oil which helps fade dark spots, known as melasma, which can occur during pregnancy. A favorite of yummy mummys everywhere, a bottle of the popular potion is reportedly sold once every 20 seconds. Kate reportedly began using it on her face while she was pregnant with Princess Charlotte to keep her skin even-toned and has kept up the routine after being happy with the results.

She'll Make Time for at-Home Date Nights

Kate Middleton

William and Kate have always been big fans of curling up at home after one of Kate's roast chicken dinners and watching their favorite shows. (They're reportedly huge Game of Thrones' fans.) Now that Prince Louis is here and Harry's wedding is coming up, the couple are trying to spend as much time as they can at home together to recharge and relax in anticipation of a busy summer.

She's Taking Her Best Shot

kate middleton prince william

The duchess is an avid amateur photographer whose charming shots of George and Charlotte have served as the "official" photographs of the royal children. Kate is surely loving spending time on one of her favorite hobbies capturing these early days with Louis and enjoying the quiet time she has with him during her maternity leave.

"Catherine really gets into her photography and finds it a great way to express herself and bond with the children," said a source. We can't wait to see the pictures!

She'll Get Encouragement from the Queen

Kate Middleton Queen Elizabeth

Her Majesty may have bent the rules of Meghan in welcoming into "The Firm" before she had officially married Harry, but make no mistake, Kate holds a special place in her heart.

"Her Majesty respects the duchess tremendously," one palace insider told me. "She knows Catherine is one of the best things that ever happened in this family."

For her part, Kate has felt a special connection to Queen Elizabeth and told ITV in 2016 that "she's really been there, a gentle guidance for me." The Queen is a frequent visitor at KP and never comes "without leaving little presents" for Prince George and Prince Charlotte Kate has said. No doubt the Queen's visits to check in with her much loved granddaughter-in-law and new great-grandson have been a cheering presence at this hectic time.

She'll Rely on Pippa

pippa and kate Middeton

Kate and sister Pippa, who married hedge fund manager James Matthews last year, have always been best friends. The two sisters live close to each other in London and talk every day. Now that Pippa is expecting her first child, Kate is thrilled to be able to share this happy time with her sister.

"Pippa was the first one Kate told about her pregnancies," said the source. "For Kate, she can always be herself around her sister no matter what. That's so important when there's so much expectation and attention on her right now."

She'll Connect to Her Inner Child

Kate Middleton Childlike

Prince William once told reporters that Kate loved illustrator Johanna Basford's best-selling adult coloring book, Secret Garden. It's not hard to picture the art history major and art therapy patron  spending some quiet time coloring—inside the lines—to relax.

Diane Clehane is a New York-based journalist and author of Imagining Diana and Diana: The Secrets of Her Style.

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