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14 Fascinating Facts about William and Kate's New Baby

The new prince's life is already mapped out by royal tradition and protocol.

Britain's royal family have a new prince, who was born on Monday morning to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge. He is only hours old, but his life is already mapped out according to tradition and princely protocol. Here are 14 fascinating facts about the latest addition to the House of Windsor. And for more coverage of the royal baby, see How This Unsuspecting Couple Got Swept up in the Royal Baby Media Frenzy!

The birth.

St. Mary's Hospital

The baby weighs 8-lbs 7-oz and was born at 11:01 am at St. Mary's Hospital in London. His father was present for his birth. And more royal baby coverage, know that These Are the Good-Luck Charms Kate Brought with Her to the Hospital.

Baby photo via Tim Bish on Unsplash

It was an auspicious day.

Shakespear portrait

He was born on April 23, 2018—or St. George's Day in England. He shares a birthday with William Shakespeare. And for more great royals coverage, see how Meghan Markle's Family Just Lashed Out at Her in a Major Way.

His place in the line of succession.

prince harry is the coolest royal prince william kate middleton baby

The new prince is fifth in line to the throne, having bumped his uncle, Prince Harry, down a notch to sixth place. But for more on Prince Harry, check out 25 Reasons Why He's the Coolest Royal.

What's in a name?

prince harry is the coolest royal prince william kate middleton baby

His name will likely pay tribute to royal men in the family dating back to Queen Victoria. London bookmakers are betting on Albert, Arthur, and Fred as top choices. It is likely the prince's name will also include Philip and Michael in tribute to his great grandfather, Prince Philip and grandfather, Michael Middleton. For now, the baby is called HRH Prince Cambridge.

His crib

jeff bezos crib prince william kate middleton baby

The baby's nursery at Kensington Palace will feature some Ikea furniture. Catherine has said she will "pass down" George's clothes and toys to the prince as well.

His education

prince william kate middleton baby

At the age of two, the new prince will start nursery school. Princess Charlotte attends Willcocks Nursery School, which charges fees of just over £3,000 a term. This new royal baby will probably follow Prince George to his private school Thomas's Battersea, which Charlotte is expected to attend as well.

The first portrait.

william and kate getty christmas card photo prince william kate middleton baby
Getty Images

The duchess, who is an accomplished amateur photographer, will likely take the official photographers of her youngest child and new son for the public to see. Michael Middleton took the first family portrait to include George. Catherine took photographs of Charlotte.

Photo by Chris Jackson/Kensington Palace/Getty Images

His nanny.

nanny prince william kate middleton baby

The new prince will be looked after by George and Charlotte's live-in nanny, Spanish-born Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, who trained at the prestigious Norland College. The couple has said they are planning to add more household help at this time.

His pets

dog cocker spaniel prince william kate middleton baby

The new prince will share in the family's two pets: a black cocker spaniel called Lupo and Charlotte's hamster, Marvin.

His great- grandmother's dogs

royal corgis prince william kate middleton baby

The baby will not get to meet the Queen's beloved corgis who had been part of royal life for eight decades. Willow, her last corgi, died last week. Her Majesty now has two remaining dorgis—a cross between a corgi and a dachshund.

He'll live a sporting life.

skiing child prince william kate middleton baby

The young prince will learn to ski at an early age. The duke and duchess are both good skiers and took George and Charlotte on their first skiing holiday to the French Alps in 2016.

He'll get lots of love from his grandparents.

Kate Middleton and her parents prince william kate middleton baby

The new prince will have doting grandparents in the Middletons. William and Catherine have broken with royal tradition and have spent Christmas with her parents alternating with holidays with the royal family at Sandringham. Carole Middleton is a frequent babysitter for the children.

His "fun" uncle will live close by

prince harry meghan markle prince william kate middleton baby

The latest HRH will have a fun uncle in Prince Harry and now new aunt-to-be Meghan Markle, who live next door. He will not attend Harry and Meghan's wedding. Catherine is reportedly only attending the church services and not the reception.

photo via @kensingtonroyal twitter account

He will learn protocol early.

prince william kate middleton baby

Royal children, as soon as they're able, greet the Queen with a kiss on both cheeks and a bow or a curtsey. For more on the Royal Family, check out The 8 Best Movies About the British Royal Family.

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