23 Genius Home Improvement Projects You Can Do in an Hour (or Less!)

You don't need a lot of time or money to give your house a good makeover.

young woman standing on ladder doing wall painting.

Being a homeowner isn't easy. Between fixing leaky faucets to mowing unruly front lawns, keeping your home in working order takes a lot of time, money, and energy. However, there are some surprisingly simple ways to give your residence a boost that don't require an entire afternoon. Keep reading to discover some home improvement projects you can tackle in 60 minutes or less!

Put up statement wallpaper.

open concept room with wallpapered wall home improvement projects

Home improvement projects don't have to cost you a lot of money or time. Case in point: statement wallpaper. It's inexpensive, it's fun, and if you buy the stick-on kind, it's easy to put up. Whether you decorate one wall or the entire room, statement wallpaper can spruce up any space in no time.

Or cover a door with wallpaper.

Rolls of Wallpaper on the Floor Home Improvement Projects

Plain white doors are fine and all, but they definitely don't do anything to improve your home's overall aesthetic. Thankfully, you can turn those dull doors into statement pieces simply by using stick-on wallpaper. Sure, doors aren't technically walls, but stick-on wallpaper works on them just the same.

Paint an accent wall.

accent wall home problems

Wallpaper isn't your only option when it comes to adding a pop of color to your walls. If you prefer solids over patterns, you can always opt for a painted accent wall, which will take less than an hour to complete.

Install a funky light fixture.

Statement Light Fixture in the Kitchen Home Improvement Projects

Light fixtures might be a necessity, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with them. Virtually every home goods store sells myriad fixtures for every interior design style imaginable, so don't be afraid to invest in a chandelier or bamboo pendant that's more up your alley. It'll make a big difference in mere minutes!

Put up pretty curtains.

kitchen curtains interior design tips

The first thing that a person sees when they visit your home is, well, the outside of it. And if you want to make sure that your abode is always making a good impression, there's an easy way to do so: with nice curtains. All you have to do is install a curtain rod over your windows—each window should take no more than a few minutes—and you'll have everything you need to hang the curtains of your dreams.

Hang a painting over your alarm system.

woman hanging painting on wall, interior design mistakes

While alarm systems can give you peace of mind, they're not always pleasant to look at. If you want to make your alarm blend seamlessly into your existing décor, all it takes is a piece of art and some hinges. Use two hinges to attach your painting to the wall near your alarm panel, and you've got an easy way to cover it while keeping it accessible. It's an effortless project that you can get done in well under an hour!

Install floating shelves.

Empty Wall Shelves {No Closet Space}

Hanging shelves are a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Not only do these shelves add color and pizzazz to bare walls, but they can also give you more storage space for all your gadgets and gizmos in under 60 minutes. Win-win!

Put in decorated light switch covers.

Metal star light switch cover home improvement projects

Believe it or not, you don't have to settle for plain old white light switches. With embellished or printed light switch covers, you can upgrade all of your once-dull panels in mere seconds!

Paint your front door.

grand front entry door home improvement projects

To create even more curb appeal, consider that nothing makes a statement quite like a bright blue or radiant red front door. And if you're looking for home improvement projects that won't take up too much time, painting your front door is a great one. All you need is a can of paint, some paintbrushes, and a can-do attitude, and you're already halfway there.

Or paint your garage.

Garage door home upgrades with highest return

It doesn't matter what the inside of your garage looks like. The outside, on the other hand? Well, your garage door is part of your home's exterior, so it plays just as much a part in its curb appeal as everything else. That's why, if you're looking for ways to add value and appeal to your abode, you should consider repainting your garage door. This project is cheap, simple, and shouldn't take more than an hour.

Plant some flowers in the front yard.

man trimming plants in a garden home improvement projects

You might not pay as much attention to it, but your yard speaks volume of your home's appearance—and if you neglect it, it will only serve to counteract all of the hard work you do inside. But it's easy to use your outdoor space to your advantage. Spend an hour or so planting some pretty flowers and bushes, and you'll find that both the inside and outside of your home feel brand new.

Repaint your front porch.

man painting the deck porch paint

Between the snowfall in the winter and the rainfall in the summer, odds are that your porch is in need of some serious TLC. Thankfully, it's surprisingly not all that time-consuming to give your outdoor area a new coat of paint. The best part? It's naturally situated outdoors where there is a nice breeze, so it'll be dry before you know it!

Or power wash your porch.

Power Washing a Deck

Power washing is the secret to success when it comes to keeping the exterior of your home clean. It's the easiest—and most effective—way to rid your exterior of loose paint, dirt, and other debris. And best of all, you can easily use a power washer to clean your entire deck in just an hour.

And power wash your house, too!

washing siding home damage

Power washers aren't just good for the porch. You can also use these handy tools to clean the siding on your home—and according to most experts, you should be doing this every year or so.

Get a new (and more fashionable) mailbox.

letterbox home improvement projects

Everyone needs a mailbox for their letters and bills, sure, but that doesn't mean that the outdoor accessory has to be plain and simple. From vintage-inspired hanging boxes to handcrafted wood ones adorned with Snoopy, there are plenty of mailboxes out there that are easy to install and can quickly improve your home's curb appeal.

Hang up house number tiles.

House Number Tile Home Improvement Projects

As far as home improvement projects go, hanging up house number tiles is as easy as it gets. And like hanging shelves, these tiles are a win-win: They simultaneously give the exterior of your home a little bit of spunk and inform visitors that they are indeed at the correct house.

Clean your dryer ducts.

Man Cleaning Out the Dryer Ducts Home Improvement Projects

It might not be sitting in plain sight, but your dryer duct—that thing that runs through your house and helps your dryer run properly—is likely in dire need of a cleaning. So, if you're looking for a quick home improvement project to tackle, you should definitely consider tending to this vent. Not only will this ensure that your dryer is running properly, but it could also potentially prevent a fire down the road.

Make DIY picture frames out of tape.

Colorful Washi Tape Rolls DIY Home Hacks

Frameless photos can look a little bit lackluster on white walls. But if you don't feel like spending upwards of $40 on each and every photo you own, there's a simpler (and more affordable) solution: Washi tape. As Maxwell Tielman brilliantly showcases on the DIY blog Design Sponge, you can use Washi tape to create a faux frame around any and all of your hanging wall art in no time.

Hang up string lights.

christmas tree seller secrets

Light up your house and add instant charm to any room with some string lights. They're just as beautiful as they are budget-friendly, and they shouldn't take you more than a few minutes to hang up.

Install new faucets.

Bathroom Sink Dirtiest Things in Your Home

It's surprisingly easy to replace the faucets in your kitchen and bathroom sinks. And though this change is minor, it can go a long way when it comes to making your space look clean and high-end.

Add a backsplash in your kitchen.

backsplash, interior design mistakes

Is your kitchen lacking a certain je ne sais quoi? With a simple backsplash, you can easily transform that space from ordinary to extraordinary. And you don't even need to hire a contractor for this project; if you want to make your life super simple, you can buy a backsplash that sticks right to the wall—no caulking required and no entire days lost.

Repaint your cabinets.

cabinetry, easy home tips
Shutterstock/Bogdan Sonjachnyj

Too much wear and tear can cause kitchen cabinets to lose their luster over time. So, if your goal is to improve the appeal of your home, why not take the time to repaint your cabinets? While this might take more than an hour, if you split it up over a few days, you can easily turn it into a much more manageable task.

Install unique knobs.

Crystal Doorknobs Home Improvement Projects

If you don't want to deal with a messy paint project but still feel like your cabinets could use an upgrade, consider buying and installing some fun and funky knobs. Whether you prefer brass or crystal, there are tons of options out there that'll add pizzaz in under an hour. And for more ways to upgrade this space, check out these 23 Gorgeous Ways to Transform a Small Kitchen.

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