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40 Super Fun Ways to Decorate Your House This Fall

It's not just fall holidays that deserve some love—here's how to prepare your house for autumn now.

The air is crisp, the leaves are falling, and pumpkin spice everything is back at stores. You know what that means: fall is here at long last. However, it's not just your wardrobe that deserves a fresh look for the season—your home could use some sprucing up, too. And with the right fall decorations, you can make your home look like a million bucks without veering into serious kitsch.  From your front porch to your powder room, we've rounded up the very best ways to decorate your house for fall this year.

Best Life's editors have scoured the internet to bring you the best products out there, and we're hoping you'll love them as much as we do. Full disclosure: we may earn a commission for anything you purchase through links on this page, but that doesn't mean you'll pay more for them (we'd never do that to you!). Pricing and availability are accurate as of the piece's initial publication date, but it's the internet and we can't guarantee that these sweet, sweet deals will last forever, so scoop them up before someone else does!

Opt for a seasonal table runner.

white table runner with pumpkins on it, fall decorating tips

Fall "is a great opportunity to shake things up from your usual tablecloths and floral centerpieces," says interior designer Carole Marcotte of Raleigh-based design company Form & Function. And this seasonal runner will have guests at your table dreaming of falling leaves and spiced cider every time they sit down.

$25$7 at Kohl's
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Add some floral décor to your wall.

dried flowers hanging upside down, fall decorating tips

Wreaths aren't the only way to add some life to your fall decorating scheme. Adding some dried flowers to the back of your door or hanging them on the wall can give you a rustic autumnal feel. "I love nothing more than going into my backyard and clipping branches, dried hydrangeas, or leaves and making a fall floral arrangement," says Marcotte. And even if you don't have the time to make an arrangement of your own, there's a gorgeous array of dried flowers available for purchase online, like these lovely ones from Etsy.

$40 at Etsy
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Add some gourds to your empty interior surfaces.

mini pumpkins in orange and white, fall decorating tips

You'd be out of your gourd not to incorporate a few of these autumnal accents into your fall design scheme. "Mini gourds are lovely en masse, in a bowl, or scattered across a mantel, or a couple displayed on an entry hall table to welcome the season and your guests," says Marcotte. Really, you can't go wrong.

$13 at Walmart
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Invest in some potted mums.

orange flowers in black pots, fall decorating tips
Home Depot

Want to incorporate some fall colors into your home's exterior design? Look no further than these adorable potted mums. Marcotte says one of her favorite fall tips is to "pick up some pots of mums for [the] front steps and a few pumpkins and call it a day."

$30 at Home Depot
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Fill a basket with apples.

wooden apple-shaped basket

A little seasonal fruit can go a long way toward making your home feel festive for fall. "I especially love the lady apple, small and delicate, and not so overtly autumnal in color. It is inviting and homey," says Marcotte. Better yet, it "perhaps implies some baked or caramelized apples are in your lucky guest's future!"

$12 at Amazon
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Add some ceramic pumpkins to your table.

white pumpkins on table with quiche and bread, fall decorating tips

You don't have to wait for Halloween to bust out the pumpkin décor. "Nature-inspired décor, such as leaves or pumpkins, doesn't scream 'Halloween,'" says Marcotte. "It's just as appropriate come Thanksgiving." Setting a few of these ceramic pumpkins on your table will give your home instant fall vibes without a ghost or goblin in sight.

$32$30 at Wayfair
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Toss a plaid blanket across the back of your couch.

gray, blue, orange, and yellow pendleton blanket

With the weather getting colder, fall's the perfect season for cozying up under a blanket. "Who doesn't love a plaid blanket?" asks Marcotte. "It reminds me of stadiums and football games and fall picnics with a thermos of cocoa."

$220 at Pendleton
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Add a faux fur throw to cozy up under.

white faux fur throw draped over couch

Want an easy way to make your space seasonal? "We suggest busting out the heavy throw blankets [like] faux for sofas and beds," says Lucie Aires, an interior designer with 22 Interiors in Studio City, California.

$50 at Amazon
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Lighten things up with a tea light projector.

tea light in metal can with cutout tree, fall decorating tips
The Grommet

Want to know how interior designers upgrade their own spaces for the season? "Add candles everywhere," suggests Aires. This tea light projector is the ideal way to warm up your home for fall, adding a dancing tree shadow to the wall of any room it's placed in.

$52 at The Grommet
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Invest in some cozy autumnal bedding.

brown plaid bedding set, fall decorating tips

There's nothing better than snuggling under the covers on a chilly fall morning. After all, as Aires says, "getting ready for fall is setting the mood, which should be all about warmth and coziness." And what better way to do so than with some plaid bedding that'll give your bedroom a cozy cabin feel?

$124 and up at Wayfair
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Liven up your doorways with some autumnal garlands.

fall leaf garland

Sure, garlands are a staple of winter holiday décor, but there's no reason they can't spruce up your home well before December. These gorgeous fall garlands are perfect for livening up any doorway. Bonus: If you're hosting, they can also be used to set a seasonal tablescape!

$18 at Amazon
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Set the tone with a leaf-print tablecloth.

multicolored tablecloth with leaf print, fall decorating tips

Upgrading your fall table doesn't have to mean investing in expensive centerpieces. With a fall-inspired tablecloth, like this pumpkin-and-maple-leaf-print one, your dining space will take on an instant autumn vibe without sacrificing a single square inch of space.

$100 at Target
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Scent your air with some fall aromas.

wooden essential oil diffuser

It's not just the look of a home that lets you know it's fall; scents play an integral role in contributing to that autumnal atmosphere, too. Luckily, this essential oil diffuser—to which you can add any fall scents, like cinnamon or pine—will add ambiance to any room.

$105$84 at Perigold
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Swap out your napkins for some autumnal prints.

square white plates, gold-toned silverware, and white napkin with gold leaves, fall decorating tips

Creating a fall feeling in your kitchen and dining room isn't all about pumpkin pie and mulled wine. The little details matter, too. If you want to seriously level-up your entertaining areas for fall, upgrade your usual cloth napkins for ones in autumnal colors or prints, like these subtle gold and white leaf-print ones.

$32 at Wayfair
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Hang some velvet curtains.

long gray velvet curtains hung in tan room, fall decorating tips

One of the most important additions to your home when fall's chilly weather sets in? A set of heavier curtains to keep the cold air out. And you needn't go full baroque. A simple, yet elegant, set of single-colored velvet drapes—like these from Nordstrom—can keep those drafts out while making your home look like a million bucks.

$130 and up at Nordstrom
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Add some foliage to your mantle.

garland on white mantle

Those leaves in your yard may be a nuisance, but when they're inside your home, they're eye-catching. And while you probably don't want to scatter real leaves throughout your home, of course, you can enjoy a similar look—without the dirt or bugs—by adding this autumnal garland to your mantle.

$47 at Amazon
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Warm up with a tabletop fireplace.

tabletop fireplace with flame in it, fall decorating tips
The Grommet

Those chilly fall days are the perfect time to warm up in front of a crackling fire. If your home doesn't have a fireplace, there's an easy way to get the same coziness without a major renovation: A tabletop fireplace can keep you warm and provide an attractive focal point for any room.

$190 at The Grommet
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Set out a bowl of pinecones and pumpkins.

white hands holding bowl of pumpkins and pinecones

If you want to bring some natural autumnal elements to your tablescape, try setting out a bowl of pinecones and mini pumpkins. For an example of how to nail it, see this stylish seasonal decoration, which looks just as good on a dining room table as it does on a front entry console.

$12 at Amazon
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Place an LED lantern on your nightstand.

lantern with pinecones and leaves
Home Depot

Seasonal lighting can transform any space in seconds, including your bedroom. If you want to give the most important room in your home a cozy fall upgrade, snag a set of these rustic lanterns, which come packed with faux fall foliage and a set of LED lights.

$29 at Home Depot
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Swap in some stylish throw pillows.

needlepoint pillow with cardinal on it, fall decoration tips


Want an instant upgrade? Add some new pillows to your bed or couch. Actually, these cardinal pillows are not just a great accent indoors, they're also outdoor-appropriate, making them perfect for those nights huddled around backyard bonfires.

$60 at Kirkland's
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Invest in some pumpkin-inspired cookware.

orange pumpkin dutch oven
Bed Bath & Beyond

Even when you're not whipping up seasonal cuisine, you can still keep your kitchen looking festive with this enameled cast iron pumpkin Dutch oven. And it's not just a showpiece. From seasonal stews to homemade bread, this highly functional kitchen piece can do it all.

$40 at Bed Bath & Beyond
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Upgrade to a fall-themed doormat.

brown doormat reading "hello fall"

Your doormat is the first thing your guests notice when they come to your front door, so upgrade yours to one that's distinctly autumnal, like this "Hello Fall" one from Amazon. It will add some seasonal spirit to your home without overwhelming your existing décor.

$25 at Amazon
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Stay cozy with some balsam-scented draft stoppers.

plaid draft sock with brown tag, fall decoration tips

No matter how well-designed and insulated your house is, when fall winds start to blow, you're bound to find yourself with some drafts. Instead of adding unsightly weatherstripping to the bottom of your doors, keep such breezes at bay with a balsam-scented draft stopper, which smells great and looks even greater.

$17 at Etsy
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Swap out your usual wine glasses for some seasonally-themed ones.

stemless wine glass with "pies before guys" on it, fall decorating tips

One of the easiest ways to update your home for fall? Simply sub in some seasonal stemware—or, in this case, some stemless ware—for your usual wine glasses!

$7$2 at Kirkland's
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Or trade in your china for an autumnal set instead.

ceramic pumpkin plates
Bed Bath & Beyond

If you're eager to give your kitchen some fall vibes without overwhelming a small space, start by adding some plates featuring seasonal themes. These pumpkin plates, for instance, will give your table a subtle fall feel.

$15 at Bed Bath & Beyond
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Set out some pumpkin coasters.

crocheted pumpkin coasters

Make your house look dreamy and fall-like while keeping those mug rings off your furniture with these pumpkin coasters. They're the perfect autumnal accent pieces, helping you protect your home while making it look adorable in one fell swoop.

$23 at Amazon
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Put some seasonal planters on display.

pumpkin planter full of fake flowers

Who says you have to bid farewell to plants just because the weather's getting colder? With a set of pumpkin planters full of faux flowers, you can keep dot your outdoor space with gorgeous color that will last all year long.

$18 at Amazon
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Upgrade your outdoor lighting.

orange leaf fairy lights, fall decorating tips

While creepy Halloween lights have their place, they're not exactly the most stylish addition to your décor. If you want to give your home some serious style this fall, update your exterior lighting with some seasonally-themed strands of outdoor lights, like this maple-leaf-inspired light-up garland.

$10 at Amazon
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Decorate with some branch wall art.

Autumn Leaf Horizontal Metal Wall Art

This fall, simply swap out an existing piece of wall art for a seasonal stunner, like this eye-catching addition. It's sure to give your living room or bedroom a distinctly autumnal feel.

$50$35 at Plow & Hearth
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Hang some autumnal fairy lights around your door.

fall twinkly lights with leaves

If you're eager to turn your home into a fall paradise, some fairy lights placed wrapped around a bannister or hung around a doorframe can do the trick. Just make sure you opt for ones with warm-colored bulbs to really honor the fall feel you're going for.

$14 at Amazon
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Or set some dried flowers in a vase.

white tattooed arm holding dried bouquet
Stems Brooklyn

While your garden may have stopped bringing up flowers by the time fall rolls around, that doesn't mean you can't add some floral décor to your space. This faux wildflower decoration adds some seasonal style to any room but doesn't require a hint of upkeep. Take that, azaleas!

$50 and up at Stems Brooklyn
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Upgrade to a pumpkin-themed soap dispenser.

pumpkin shaped soap dispenser, fall decorating tips

Who says your bathroom can't get a fall upgrade, too? A pumpkin soap dispenser can add some subtle seasonal vibes without turning your space into a pumpkin spice powder room.

$10$4 at Kohl's
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Upgrade to a fall-themed fireplace screen.

gold branch fireplace screen, fall decorating tips

There are few things better than enjoying the sights, scents, and warmth of a well-tended fire on a crisp fall evening. And if you want to keep all those embers contained, this fireplace screen will both protect you and bring that ideal autumnal touch to your space.

$475$356 at Horchow
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Greet your guests with a bushel planter.

barrel planter, fall decorating tips
Plough & Hearth

Even if you're not the type to toss some hay bales on your front steps or put a wheelbarrow planter out back, you can always add some more understated fall influences to your design scheme with a bushel planter, like this one from Plow & Hearth.

$100 at Plow & Hearth
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Set out some seasonal salt and pepper shakers.

set of gourd salt and pepper shakers
Pottery Barn

Setting a fall table isn't all about the leaves and gourds that dot your tablescape. If you want a subtler nod to the season, try incorporating some fall-inspired kitchen accessories that are actually useful, like these gourd salt and pepper shakers.

$35 at Pottery Barn
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Place some faux flowers on your windowsill.

wooden planter with fake flowers, fall decorating tips

While gardening on a frigid fall day may seem like a thankless errand, you can always enjoy the look of some autumnal plants without the effort by investing in a set of seasonal fake  flowers. Between their rich hues and the rustic box they come in, this set is sure to liven up any windowsill.

$25 at Kirkland's
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Upgrade your placemats to ones made of leaves.

placemat made of fake leaves

These leaf-inspired placemats are a great way to keep your surfaces protected while giving them a distinctly fall feel.

$9$5 at Kohl's
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Set out a leaf-themed serving platter.

white glass serving platter with leaf pattern, fall decorating tips

Fall is the unofficial season of entertaining, so there's no better time to invest in a few beautiful serving pieces. Whether you're leaving it out on a table as an accent piece or using it to pass canapés to guests, this fall leaf platter is the perfect autumnal addition to any chef's arsenal.

$35 at Kirkland's
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Upgrade to some seasonal hand towels.

hand towel with leaf print

Who says your autumnal home design can't extend into the powder room? With this set of leaf-print towels, you can give any bathroom a distinctly fall feel. And if you want to keep that space neat and tidy, This $12 Accessory Will Keep Your Bathroom Organized Forever.

$12 at Amazon
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Scoop up some branches from the backyard.

branches on table with plates, fall decorating tips
Shutterstock/Maria Evseyeva

When in doubt, look to nature for a little inspiration. Marcotte calls fall decorating "the perfect excuse to trim a few low-lying branches to tidy up the yard." Go ahead and bring a few of those branches inside to spruce up bare tables or sideboards, giving them that homey autumnal feel along the way.


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