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The One Easy Home Upgrade Interior Designers Recommend for Fall

This simple autumnal upgrade can completely transform your space in no time.

The leaves are changing, the temperature's getting cooler, and once again—for better or for worse—pumpkin spice has permeated everything. That can only mean one thing: fall is right around the corner. For those looking to upgrade their home décor for the season, there are the obvious additions pulled out every year: a pumpkin here, a bowl of pinecones there. However, for anyone who wants a more understated way to transform their space, there's one genius piece of fall home decor interior design experts can't live without.

According to Sara Burack, a real estate agent at Nest Seekers International who recently appeared on Netflix's Million Dollar Beach House, adding a simple blanket ladder to your home can make it instantly cozier and give it an autumnal feel. Plus, it keeps those cozy throws you want to curl up under on chilly nights right where you need them.

Burack even recommends it as a staging idea for anyone trying to sell their space. "Adding ladders with chic throw blankets can help a buyer envision themselves in there right now. If the home isn't currently occupied, it can give it that warm, inviting feeling that leaves buyers feeling good about putting an offer in," says Burack, who recommends this minimalist ladder from Magnolia home, which can complement any design scheme without overwhelming it.

wooden ladder leaning against white wall
Magnolia Home
$48 at Magnolia Home
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If you're looking for more fall home decor upgrades, read on to discover what design experts are using to update their homes for the fall.

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These colorful faux flowers

yellow faux flowers
One Kings Lane

While late fall's post-Halloween color palette may be brown, brown, and more brown, you can easily brighten up things at home with the addition of some faux greenery.

"One of my favorite things to add to any open house, especially in a kitchen that is all one color, are fake, colorful flowers," says interior designer Jen Stark, founder of DIY Happy Home, who recommends this set from One Kings Lane. "They add a pop of color and can really brighten the space."

$50$40 at One Kings Lane
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These autumnal wheat sheaves

wheat sheaves with burlap tie

If you're looking for a great piece of fall home decor that won't break the bank, look no further than this set of rustic wheat sheaves.

"A large wheat sheaf will look stunning as a centerpiece on your console table," says Stark, who calls this one the "perfect way to greet your guests with the colors of fall."

$19 at Amazon
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This fall-scented candle

red glass jar with candle inside

Sure, pumpkin spice has its place, but if you're looking for a fall scent that's not so sickly sweet, try pomegranate instead. Stark recommends this pomegranate and spruce blend from Paddywax, as well as orange peel, cinnamon, and pine candles to evoke the season.

$20 at Amazon
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This portable fireplace

metal fireplace on wheels

Just because you don't have a wood-burning fireplace at home doesn't mean you can't stay toasty once the temperature dips.

"With this portable fireplace, you can continue to bask in the warmth of summer in your patio even as the weather starts to cool," says Stark.

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