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5 Stylist Secrets You Need to Know Before Going Blonde

Say hello to your perfect new shade.

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When deciding to lighten your hair, it's essential to know what you're getting yourself into before you head to the salon. Behind every gorgeous blonde is a professional (or should be) trained to create the perfect shade, but its still important to come prepared to make sure you leave looking just like you had envisioned and that your gorgeous new hue lasts longer in-between salon visits. So, if you're ready to have more fun as blondes only do, read on to discover the top five secrets about going blonde you'll want to remember.

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Know your skin's undertone.

Woman at hair salon with blonde hair.

The first thing you need to do before taking the platinum plunge, is figuring out your skin's undertones.

"There are so many different shades of blonde, and not everyone will suit your skin type," says Watson Anthony, a professional hairdresser. "From ashy to brassy to more gray blonde, there are so many directions you can go but should always figure out your skin's undertone first."

Your skin will either have a warm, cool, or combination undertone, explains Anthony—and it's not too hard to figure out which one it is. "Oftentimes you can look at your veins, as bluish purple veins generally mean you are cooler, whereas greenish colored veins mean you are more warm. If you have both, then you are a combination," says Anthony.

Now, the fun part begins: figuring out your perfect shade of blonde. "If you are more on the warm side, you want more of a golden blonde color. This means more earthy tones and to stay away from more white or ashy blonde tones," Anthony recommends.

"For cool tones, you can get away with icy, platinum and very light blonde shades. You can also go for a more ashy brown-blonde as these undertones will compliment your skin. If you have combination skin, you can do both."

It may take multiple sessions to get your dream color.

Woman getting her hair dyed blonde.
Kamil Macniak / Shutterstock

Going blonde can be achieved in one sitting, but it's actually healthier for your hair to take this process more slowly. Deciding to go blonde is not for the faint of heart and it's essential to keep in mind that strong agents like bleach will be used on your locks.

"One tip I can give you is to do this in multiple sessions," says Jean Lopez, the co-founder of Lily Hair. "Being blonde is risky for your hair. The chemicals are strong and can make you lose substantial strands of your hair. Hence, taking it one step at a time is much better."

It's safe to say that the longer you take to reach your perfect shade of blonde, the better your hair health will be. Remember, all good things take time.

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Invest in high-quality shampoo and conditioners.

Woman moisturizing her hair.
B-D-S Piotr Marcinski / Shutterstock

After your trip to the salon, it's necessary have products at home that will keep your strands healthy, as well as prevent that new color from fading fast.

"Blonde hair can fade quickly, especially in the summer, so it is important to use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair looking vibrant and healthy," says Rebecca Hilton who works at Jack's Beauty Department. "

You can also invest in color-depositing shampoo and conditioners that will keep your blonde strands from becoming dull overtime.

"You can prevent fading and also boost the health of your hair by using a color-depositing shampoo and conditioner like Celeb Luxury Gem Lites ColorWash Color Depositing Shampoo," says Jamie Mazzei the creative director for NuBest Spa and Salon."It is a semi-permanent direct dye in a shampoo and conditioner and will help keep your hair color fresh until your next salon visit. It has the added benefit of a bond rebuilder to protect and repair hair as well as being vegan and cruelty-free."

Finally, proper hydration is essential for keeping your hair in good condition. "Using a deep conditioning treatment once a week can help to keep your hair moisturized and looking its best," says Hilton.

Toning is key.

Woman getting her hair dyed at the salon.
Kamil Macniak / Shutterstock

If you aren't a natural blonde, you will need to use a great toner to keep that perfect new sandy hair color from fading. Not only do toners enhance your color, they also leave your hair incredibly soft and shiny. While it's recommended to head to the salon for a toning session, there are toners you can buy at a decent price at the drugstore like John Frieda's Toner Mask that will brighten up your locks in just one use.

"Going blonde necessitates persistence with treatments in order to prevent it from fading quickly … Secret products to keep blonde hair looking beautiful include toners and glosses," Jean Will, co-founder of Nia Wigs tells Best Life.

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Don't do it on your own.

Woman getting her hair done at hair salon.

Going blonde is not normally something that should be done at home: If you aren't a professional, you could very well damage your hair. If the health and length of your hair is important to you, it's best to hire a well-trained hair colorist to dye your precious locks.

"I'm aware that many people today attempt to get blonde on their own or at home, but this is strongly discouraged because using chemicals on your hair to go blonde is risky. If you want to be safe and have the blonde hair color of your dreams, see a hair expert," Will tells Best Life.

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