Excited Fan Flies Coach Next to Timothée Chalamet, Goes Viral

He deserves an Academy Award for kindness!

Timothée Chalamet, 23, is a brilliant actor who was robbed (robbed, I say!) of an Oscar nomination this year for his incredible performance in Beautiful Boy. With his lanky frame, mop of dark hair, and shy demeanor, he also happens to be the Internet's biggest crush, and there's not a fan out there who hasn't dreamed of actually having a conversation with him for an extended period of time.

Well, that's precisely what happened to one lucky lady, who chronicled her experience in a now-viral thread on Twitter. On Monday, @alankruthahaha got on a plane for a three hour flight and saw a "tall, lanky dude" wearing a hoodie in front of her. "Both of us are the only ones without overhead space to keep our bags and I look up to see an actual angel and alarm bells in my head go off immediately."

Thirty minutes into the flight, she finally works up the courage to tell him, "Hey, you look exactly like Timothée Chalamet." He smiles and says "I get that a lot."

She figured he didn't want to be disturbed or recognized (which would be fair), so she let him be. But about an hour and a half into the flight, he asked her when it was going to land and she couldn't take it anymore and said, "I know you are Timothée."

He laughed and admitted that she was right, then shook her hand. "At this point I was basically shook/stunned and I couldn't process anything," she wrote.

She then asked him the most obvious question, which is why a A-List celeb with a net worth of $6 million dollars was flying coach. He responded with what I can only imagine was a cheeky "How dare you?" (For the record, he's not the only major celeb who flies coach). She also asked him if he has met Beyoncé (answer: he has not) and what Steve Carell, who plays his father in Beautiful Boy, is like in real life. Chalamet said he was "amazing."

But what surprised her the most is how much he wanted to know about her life. "He asked me what I do, what project management is about (literally who cares, Timothée), where I grew up and pronounced my name right."

This is already better than most first dates.

"He asks about India, name drops Armie Hammer (of course, why wouldn't he), and tells me about his life growing up and how he got into films," she wrote. "And all his questions were super sincere and genuine and he KEPT high-fiving/friendly-nudging and, while my heart was exploding, I also spoke to him like I would to a friend only because he made me feel so comfortable!"

They discussed TV's The Office, which Chalamet has previously disclosed he's a huge fan of, and which also stars Steve Carell. His favorite episode, for the record, is "Dinner Party."

When the flight landed, they spoke about his upcoming films, and he wished her luck in her career and said she was the only one on the plane that recognized him. Then he asked her if she wanted a photo. Could he BE any nicer?

The resulting selfie is just too pure. He's just a regular cutie hanging out with the person next to him on a plane.

And, needless to say, people are living for it.

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