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26 Easy Halloween Costumes for Guys That Are Seriously Festive

DIY costumes you can pull out of your closet.

It's that time of year again… and if you're anything like us, "that time of year" means rushing to find a quick and easy Halloween costume on a budget. Kudos to those who truly go all-out for Halloween, but sometimes, simple is just better. Whether you're looking for something funny, or just need a good men's Halloween costume idea that isn't totally lame, you've come to the right place. Check out our roundup of easy Halloween costumes for guys. Most of the elements you can already find in your closet.

  1. Charlie Brown: Turn into everyone's favorite "blockhead" by adding some black electrical tape to a plain yellow T-shirt or sweater in his signature zig-zag design. Wear black shorts and brown shoes and you'll be easily recognizable as the beloved cartoon character.
  2. Bill Nye the Science Guy: '90s kids will appreciate a recreation of the quirky scientist we used to watch in school. All you need is a white button-down, a bow-tie, and a blue lab coat.
  3. Gru: Dress up as the hilarious villain-tuned-hero from Despicable Me by wearing black skinny jeans, an oversized hoodie or black shirt, and a grey and black striped scarf. If you really want to go all out, get a bald cap.


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  1. Lumberjack: All you need for this easy men's Halloween costume is a plaid shirt, jeans, and boots. Jazz it up with a fake beard, suspenders, and a fake ax to really drive it home.
  2. Don Draper: Look dashing as the icon of Mad Men by cleaning up in a dapper suit and retro tie and mini pocket square/handkerchief. Carry a fake cigarette, too. And if you've got a girl to go as Betty Draper, this makes for a great easy couples costume.
  3. Freddie Mercury: Channel your love for Bohemian Rhapsody by dressing as the iconic Queen frontman. To copy the outfit from his memorable LiveAid performance all you'll need is some light wash jeans, a white tank, and black studded belt. Bonus points for growing out a 'stache and slicking back your hair.


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  1. Marty McFly: Going back to the future is easy with this costume you can get right from your closet. All you'll need is a denim jacket and red puffy vest to embody this iconic character.
  2. Jack Skellington: It's easy enough to turn into Tim Burton's protagonist from Nightmare Before Christmas, just wear a suit, then paint your face white and carry a jack-o-lantern.
  3. Ron Burgundy: A deep red suit and striped tie plus a fake mustache is a great way to become the legendary Anchorman.
  4. Mr. Rodgers: It doesn't get much easier than this easy Halloween costume for guys. Just wear a red zip-up sweater, a blue tie, and sneakers.
  5. Tennis Player: High socks, plus all-white tennis gear and a sweatband are all you need to transform into a glorified tennis star.
  6. Bob Ross: A denim shirt and curly-haired wig will do the trick for this famous painter costume. Carry around a paintbrush or fake scenic painting for extra emphasis on who you are.


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  1. James Bond: Here's an excuse to get some use out of that black suit. Turn into 007 by adding a bow tie and a fancy watch.
  2. Clark Kent: Grab some black glasses, a Superman shirt, and a long-sleeve shite button down to wear on top and become America's classic superhero.
  3. FBI Agent: Cut out the letters "FBI" and tape them to any blue or black jacket, then wear sunglasses and one earbud to look like you mean serious top-secret business.
  4. Harry Potter: It doesn't matter how long ago Harry Potter was released, dressing as the boy-who-lived is simple and festive. Become the famed wizard with some round glasses and a lightning bolt scar on your forehead.
  5. Danny Zuko: Grease is the word with this costume that's also a classic. All you need is some hair gel and a leather jacket.
  6. Ace Ventura: All you need to be the Pet Detective this Halloween is a pair of red paints and a flashy Hawaiian shirt. Don't forget the hair flip either.


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  1. Jughead Jones: Whether you're a fan of Riverdale the comics or Riverdale the show, this easy costume is for you. Known for his black leather Serpents jacket, flannel tied around his waist, and iconic gray beanie, you can easily pull this one together on a tight turnaround.
  2. Forrest Gump: Khakis, a short-sleeve plaid shirt, white running sneakers, and red "Bubba Gump" baseball hat make for an easy, but lovable character costume.


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  1. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: A trip to the thrift store for some sweet '90s garb might be necessary for this, but the more colorful, the better. Grab a printed shirt or sweater and wear some half-done overalls for a look the says, "You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air."
  2. Dracula: Fake blood, fangs, and a cape are all you need to go as this bloodsucker.
  3. Tourist: Everyone at the party will be asking you where the nearest landmark is when you wear this easy Halloween outfit. Just dress in khakis and a Hawaiian shirt, then add a pair of binoculars and carry a map.
  4. Sherlock Holmes: Solve the mystery of Halloween costumes by wearing a tweed vest and carrying around a pipe and magnifying glass.
  5. Indiana Jones: If you happen to own a brown leather jacket, you're in luck for this super easy costume. Carry a satchel and don a matching brown hat to become the famous action hero.
  6. Jake from State Farm: "What are you wearing?" Khakis of course. All you need is a red polo and name tag to pull this one off.

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