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30 Punny Halloween Costumes Guaranteed to Be a Hit

You'll be the talk of the party.

Halloween is arguably the best time of year to let one's true creativity shine, but for a holiday that hails the artistic, it can be hard to come up with the perfect Halloween costume idea that strikes the best balance between cute and clever. Enter: Punny Halloween costumes. These creative costume ideas are simple and easy enough to crank out on short notice and are guaranteed to have all the people at the party looking at you for the right reasons. Wordsmiths will love these smart puns-turned-costumes that embody the best feats of wit. Behold the best punny Halloween costumes for couples, for kids, for you.

The best punny Halloween costume ideas

  1. Wear a plain white shirt and tape a yellow yolk on it. Throw some devil ears on your head and call yourself a deviled egg.
  2. Wear a plain black, gray, or white shirt and tape gray paint chips to it. You're 50 shades of gray.
  3. Wear a Hawaiian shirt, add a lei and don some boxing gloves and you've become Hawaiian punch!
  4. Wear green, add some images of avocados, then don a halo and wings. You're Holy guacamole!
  5. Wear French attire (think: striped shirts, berets) but paint your face like the rock band Kiss. You're French kiss!


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  1. Dress in all black, then tape some print-outs of chicks to your chest. Finally, carry a magnet and you're a chick magnet!
  2. Wear loose-fitting sweats, big sneakers, sunglasses, and tape candy to yourself. You're a candy wrapper!
  3. Wear a basketball jersey and snag some fun donut floaties for a cute Dunkin' Donuts costume.
  4. Wear a business suit and carry around a (fake) piece of meat. Then call yourself a steak-holder.
  5. Wear a trench coat filled with seashells glued to the inside. You're the classic tongue twister she sells sea shells.
  6. Wear sweatbands and a first-place metals around your neck, then carry around a few loaves of bread to be a bread winner.
  7. Wear your favorite cocktail party attire, but don an animal mask to turn yourself into the embodiment of a party animal.
  8. Wear whatever you like—just ass a crinkled piece of yellow piece of paper to your should to become a chip on your shoulder.
  9. Wear a witch hat and affix two slices of bread to either side of your head to become a sand-witch.
  10. Wear butterfly wings and tape social media icons to yourself. You're a social butterfly!


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  1. Wear a pair of cat ears but tape a barcode to yourself to transform into a CAT scan.
  2. Wear red and print out some labels that say "Cinnamon", "Nutmeg" and "Paprika". You're a spice girl!
  3. Wear bunny ears and a cotton tail, then carry a duster to be a dust bunny!
  4. Wear a cheerleading outfit, grab some pom-poms, and make a shirt that says "ceiling" on it to be a ceiling fan.
  5. Wear an all black shirt with the word "blessing" on the front. Then, put on a masquerade mask. You're a blessing in disguise!
  6. Dress like a cereal box character (or tape some cereal labels to yourself) the carry around a faux weapon to be a cereal killer.
  7. Wear a graduation robe or grad cap (or both!) and you're one smart cookie!
  8. Wear a button-down shirt, bow tie, and glasses. Then, tape Smarties candy on your pants. You're Smartie pants!
  9. Wear a dinosaur costume, then carry around a Thesaurus to be a Thesaurus Rex!
  10. Wear all green to dress like an avocado, then grab some glasses and say cheers! You're avocado toast!
  11. Make clear garbage-bag costumes for you and your partner and fill them with clear bags to look like bags of ice. Write ice on the front of the garbage bags. Hold your baby. The three of you are ice ice baby!
  12. Wear a shirt that says life and hold a basket of lemons. You're when life gives you lemons.
  13. Dress as a cat. Wear a cardboard sign around your neck that says Command-C. You're a copy cat.
  14. Similarly, dress like a deer. Where a cardboard sign that says "Oh." You're "Oh, dear!"
  15. Wear some snail antenaes and a shell backpack. Stick some stamps on yourself. You're snail mail.


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