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20 Easter Quotes That Will Help You Get in the Holiday Spirit

These Easter quotes will help you reflect and celebrate.

Easter is about so much more than eating chocolate and hunting for eggs. The springtime holiday symbolizes new beginnings, clean slates, and the continuation of life and legacy even after death. Even if you aren't religious, you can appreciate Easter as a time of rebirth, reflection, and, of course, celebration. In honor of the holy day, we've compiled some Easter quotes, both funny and inspirational. Whether you're looking to reflect during Easter or just want to smile thinking about your early Easter egg hunts, you'll likely find a quote you love.

Inspirational Easter Quotes

Inspirational Easter quote
Morgan Greenwald / Best Life
  1. "The very first Easter taught us this: that life never ends and love never dies."
    Kate McGahan
  2. "Unless there is a Good Friday in your life, there can be no Easter Sunday."
    Fulton J. Sheen
  3. "Easter was when Hope in person surprised the whole world by coming forward from the future into the present."
    N.T. Wright, from Surprised by Hope
  4. "When Good Friday comes, there are the moments in life when we feel there's no hope. But then, Easter comes."
    Coretta Scott King
  5. "Easter is a time when God turned the inevitability of death into the invincibility of life."
    Craig D. Lounsbrough
  6. "Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime."
    Martin Luther
  7. "The great gift of Easter is hope."
    Basil Hume
  8. "Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life."
    Janine di Giovanni
  9. "If Easter says anything to us today, it says this: You can put truth in a grave but it won't stay there."
    Clarence W. Hall
  10. "It is at Easter that Jesus is most human, and like all humans, he fails and is failed. His is not an all-powerful god, it is an all-vulnerable god."
    Michael Leunig
  11. "The story of Easter is the story of God's wonderful window of divine surprise."
    Carl Knudsen
  12. "Easter tells us of something children can't understand, because it addresses things they don't yet have to know: the weariness of life, the pain, the profound loneliness and hovering fear of meaninglessness."
    Frederica Mathewes-Green
  13. "Easter is the miracle of transformation as seen in the change of seasons, in the maturation of mortal persons, and in the resurrection of souls."
    Richelle E. Goodrich, from Slaying Dragons
  14. "Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life."
    S.D. Gordon

Funny Easter Quotes

Easter Eggs in one basket joke
Morgan Greenwald / Best Life
  1. "Easter says that love is more powerful than death, bigger than the dark, bigger than cancer, bigger even than airport security lines."
    Anne Lamott, from Small Victories
  2. "The Easter bunny ate all of the carrots we left for him. What a pig."
    Steve Carell
  3. "New Rule: Someone must X-ray my stomach to see if the Peeps I ate on Easter are still in there, intact, and completely undigested. And I'm not talking about this past Easter. I'm talking about the last time I celebrated Easter, in 1962."
    Bill Maher, from The New New Rules
  4. "My favorite Catholic holiday is Easter. For those of you that don't know, Easter is the day we celebrate Jesus rising from the grave and coming back to Earth as a rabbit that hides colored eggs."
    Adam Ferrara
  5. "Easter combines the best of the present with the traditions of the past—like Cadbury cream eggs with hunting and gathering."
    Melanie White
  6. "Easter is the only time when it's perfectly safe to put all of your eggs in one basket."
    Evan Esar
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