22 Super Fun Games to Play on Easter

The easiest ways to spring into the Easter spirit.

easter mother and daughter holding eggs - best easter games

Easter is a time to come together to celebrate family, friendship, and faith. And no matter what the Easter bunny brings, you can always treasure the memories you and your loved ones make on this special holiday. From gathering around the table to catch up with everyone to discovering who in the family is best at Easter-egg art, there are so many opportunities to cherish the day.

This year, make Easter Sunday extra special by taking part in a few festive Easter games that go beyond the traditional Easter egg hunt. Some of these Easter games take a few hours to set up while others you can play on a whim. The best part? Anyone from toddlers to grandparents can join in the fun. And for more festive fun, try telling these hilarious Easter jokes.

The Easter Egg Toss Game

plastic easter eggs - best easter games

This is one of the simplest Easter games that can be a ton of fun. To prep, fill plastic Easter eggs with confetti, or, if you're willing to play outside, water. Have players pair up and toss the eggs back and forth. If a duo drops their egg, they're out. The last pair standing wins. The best part of this game is that it can be adapted to any number of players (as long as you've got an even number) and works great for ages three and up. The younger your group, the closer everyone should stand. Afterward, you can watch one of these classic Easter movies.

The Egg Commands Game

easter eggs with candies inside of them - best easter games

Here's one of the best Easter games to have everyone laughing by the end. Before your party, write a few funny commands on slips of paper, i.e. "Hop like a bunny 10 times," "Name five things you might find in an Easter basket," or "Take all of the remaining eggs out of your basket one by one and then put them back." Put each slip of paper inside a plastic egg, and divide the eggs evenly into two baskets.

To play, split your group into two teams and have them line up across the room (or yard) from the baskets. On the count of three, the first person on each team runs up to the basket, selects an egg, and performs the action on that egg. Once they've completed the action, they run back and tap the next team member. The first team to finish their basket wins. You'll want to have around six to 12 players, ages seven and up.

The Pile of Peeps Game

easter peeps candy in a row - best easter games

This Easter game is just like Jenga, but with Peeps! To play, place a coaster in the middle of your table and put a Peep on it (make sure you buy the flat bunny Peeps, not the lumpy chick ones). Players take turns adding Peeps to the pile until the pile of Peeps falls over. And, of course, the person who causes that to happen is out.

The Spoon and Egg Race

kids playing a spoon and egg race - best easter games

No list of Easter games would be complete without this picnic classic. Each player places a hard-boiled egg on a spoon and holds it in their mouth. On the count of three, each player races to the finish line, trying to keep the egg balanced. This is one of the best Easter games to utilize all those eggs you dyed!

The Jellybean Scoop Game

pile of jellybeans - best easter games

Jellybeans are the MVP of Easter candies, and they are perfect for playing all sorts of Easter games with. For this game, each player gets one empty bowl, one bowl filled with jellybeans, and one spoon. The challenge: Put the spoon in your mouth and use it to move all of the jellybeans from the jellybean bowl to the empty bowl. The first person to do that wins. (Of course, in the end, everyone gets to eat them.) This game can be played with kids ages four and up, in any size group (while jellybeans last).

Bocce Eggs

kids having an easter egg hunt outside - best easter games

This is a fun Easter twist on bocce ball that you can easily create at home. To prep, hard boil between 12 and 24 eggs—you'll need four for each player, plus one extra (you can also use a set of wooden eggs from the craft store). Keep one of the eggs white, and dye the others in colored sets of four. Roll (or toss) the white egg onto the lawn, and take turns rolling the colored eggs to see who can get the closest to the white egg without touching it.

The Easter Egg Puzzle Hunt

kids doing an easter egg hunt on Easter - best easter games

This is an exciting twist on the classic Easter egg hunt. Buy an easy (this is key!) Easter-themed puzzle and some plastic eggs. Place one piece of the puzzle in each egg and hide them around the house or yard. Everyone searches for the eggs and puts the puzzle together as they find each piece. This game is great for kids seven and up.

The Carrot in the Basket Game

pile of carrots - best easter games

Of course, every Easter bunny needs a ton of carrots. But all you need for this cute game is two big Easter baskets and a pile of carrots. Divide your group into two teams and have them toss the carrots into the baskets. Whichever team gets the most carrots in their basket wins. This is one of those Easter games that's great for younger kids, ages one to five.

The Bunny Nose Race

pile of Cotton Balls - best easter games

This little game will get everyone in the family giggling. Each player gets a bowl full of cotton balls (or bunny tails, if you will). Everyone puts a small amount of Vaseline on their nose and tries to move the cotton balls out of their bowl with just their nose. Whoever moves all of the cotton balls out of the bowl first, wins. For larger groups, you can split into teams and do it relay style. This Easter game is best for ages six and up, and works for any size group (just make sure you buy enough cotton balls!).

Bunny Bowling

a bunch of easter eggs in a basket - best easter games

It's actually pretty easy to turn a regular set of toy bowling pins into bunny bowling pins (like these, by Handmade Charlotte). Set them up in your yard and see who can knock down the most pins. For an extra Easter twist, you could use dyed hard-boiled eggs instead of a plastic ball. The game is perfect for kids ages six and up and works wonderfully with groups of two to 10 players.

Pin the Tail on the Easter Bunny

brown bunny - best easter games

This party classic is perfect for any Easter gathering. Hang a bunny on the wall. Take turns being blindfolded and trying to put the bunny tail on the Easter bunny's rump. You can buy a Pin the Tail on the Easter Bunny set, or, if you're feeling creative, you could draw one of your own!

The Chalk Bunny Hop Game

chalk on a sidewalk - best easter games

Here's a great way to get everyone moving and grooving outside. Use a picture of a bunny and a piece of cardboard to make a chalk bunny template. Use sidewalk chalk and your template to draw a few bunnies all around your driveway or another safe concrete area. Start by having everyone hop from bunny to bunny. Then have everyone dance from bunny to bunny. Then have everyone skip from bunny to bunny. Take suggestions from the kids for more movement ideas—and don't forget to put on some fun tunes to make this game even more exciting.

The Easter Egg Matching Game

plaster easter egg halves - best easter games

If you want your Easter games to be educational, this one is a winner. Take some plastic eggs and use a sharpie to write uppercase letters on one half, and the corresponding lowercase letters on the other half. Twist the eggs to mix them up, and challenge your kiddos to match the letters together. It's the perfect game for any youngster still learning their letters. The Alphabet Easter Egg Game is recommended for ages four to six and can be played with groups of one to five kids.

The Easter Egg Tower Game

plastic easter egg - best easter games

Once your Easter egg hunt is over, chances are you'll have a bunch of empty plastic Easter eggs leftover. That's the perfect opportunity to have an Easter egg tower-building contest! Stack egg-halves on top of each other, and see who can build the tallest tower without it falling down.

The Don't Eat the Peep Game

peeps - best easter games

This printable game is easy as pie to set up. Print out the game boards and distribute them to players. Give each player a little bowl filled with jellybeans, cereal, or some other type of candy. Everyone puts one piece on each square of the board. One person is "it" and leaves the room. The remaining players decide which square is "the Peep." Once that's decided, the player who's it comes back into the room; their job is to find "the Peep" by eating pieces of candy one square at a time. If they eat the piece of candy on the Peep square, everyone else yells "Don't eat the Peep!" This is a great game for younger kids (ages three to seven) who will think yelling "don't eat the Peep!" is hilarious.

Bunny Bunny

kids playing outside in a circle - best easter games

This is a classic improv game that is perfectly on-theme for Easter. Have everyone form a circle (the game is best played in groups of four or more). Each player pats their hands on their laps to a moderate beat, while saying "oomba" together. Then, on the beat, the first "leader" (select this person in advance) makes bunny ears with their fingers and points them toward themselves twice, and then (making eye contact) they point their bunny fingers toward another player, while saying "Bunny, bunny. Bunny, bunny."

That player then becomes the leader, and repeats the motion, passing to another player. Once you've got the hang of passing the bunny fingers around the circle, add on a new twist. When the bunny fingers are passed to a new leader, the people on either side of the leader wave their hands and say "tokey tokey" along with them. Watch a video of the game being played to get the hang of it quickly.

The Jellybean Guess Game

jar of jellybeans - best easter games

The jellybean guess is one of the most popular Easter games out there, and there's a reason why. Everyone loves it! Before the party starts, fill a mason jar with jellybeans. As your guests arrive, have them guess how many jellybeans are in the jar. The person whose guess is the closest wins the jar.

The Chubby Bunny Game

peeps candy for easter - best easter games

Chubby Bunny is a classic (and the perfect excuse to eat more Peeps!). Each round, every player puts a Peep into their mouth and says "Chubby Bunny." Once you've got so many marshmallows in your mouth that you can't say "Chubby Bunny" articulately, or with a straight face, you're out. The last person standing wins. You'll want to make sure all your players are old enough to understand the concept of a choking hazard. Aside from that, this is one of those Easter games where you can have as many players as you'd like! And if you're looking for more Easter, check out these 15 Hilarious Pranks to Play on Easter.

The Classic Egg Tapping Easter Game

people playing egg tapping game, easter games

Egg tapping, or egg fight, as some call it, is a classic Easter game tradition that dates back centuries. And fortunately, this Easter game is pretty simple. You just need two hard-boiled eggs. One person holds an egg in their hand while the other player taps their egg against it, hoping to break their opponent's egg without breaking their own. The first person to have their egg cracked loses, but this game can be extended by having the winner continue to challenge new opponents—and the last one standing with an uncracked egg after everyone has been challenged wins.

The Paint-Filled Eggs on Canvas Activity

paint dripping on canvas, best easter games

This Easter game is less of a challenge and more about just having fun. You'll need empty eggshells with the tops cut off so you can fill them with various colors of paint. Go for Easter pastels, or vibrant colors—it's your choice! Once you have your eggs filled, put tissue paper squares over top and use glue to carefully secure it, just wait for it to dry. After that, all you need is to go outside and start letting the little ones throw the paint-filled eggs at some blank canvases. Fun to do, and you'll get some amazing pieces of art!

The Egg Rolling Game

easter eggs standing in line in grass for easter egg rolling, best easter games

An Easter twist on the classic horse race, this game is simple to execute, but still fun for the whole family. All you need is some kind of incline and a few hardboiled eggs. Each person stands at the top and rolls their eggs down the incline all at once. The first person to have their egg reach the bottom is the winner. The steeper the hill, the more entertaining.

The Swinging Basket Game

easter basket filled with easter eggs for swinging basket game, best easter games

This another one of those Easter games that is all about aim and hand-eye coordination—a challenge the bigger kids will certainly enjoy. All you need is some rope, a basket, plastic Easter eggs, popcorn kernels, and tape. Fill your plastic eggs with popcorn kernels and tape them shut to give them a little weight. Then, after you hang the basket from a tree branch, line the children up and have them take turns trying to throw eggs into the basket. Once the kids get a hang of it, take up the difficulty by swinging the basket back and forth while they try to throw their eggs in.

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