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24 Easter Crafts the Whole Family Will Love

These Easter crafts are fun for the whole family.

Holidays are a time to come together and bond as a family. And if you're looking for a fun, creative way to fill those long days off from school with your kids around Easter time, look no further! We have rounded up unique Easter crafts, ranging from bath bombs to decorative wreaths. Whatever your DIY project of choice may be, there is something for everyone.

Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter bunnies

Bunny craft
Troom Troom

These adorable bunnies will be your child's new best friend during the Easter season and beyond. The best part? These little rabbits are pretty simple to create and only require four items.

Get the tutorial at Troom Troom.

Edible Peep playdough

Edible peep playdough
The Simple Parent

This craft is perfect for toddlers tempted to put everything in their mouths. The recipe, which results in beautiful pastel playdough, only requires three ingredients, all of which are safe for consumption. As a bonus, when your toddler is tucked into bed, you can sneak any leftover Peeps for a late-night snack.

Get the tutorial at The Simple Parent.

Bunny butt chalk

Easter chalk
Simply Being Bunny

Easter is the perfect time to make some fresh chalk in anticipation of sidewalk season. Once spring arrives, it can be easy for your kids to burn through chalk, so it'll be helpful to know how to whip some up yourself.

Get the tutorial at Simply Being Mommy.

Eggshell terrarium

Eggshell terrarium
Julie Measures

Upcycled eggshells make cozy chick homes with this Easter craft. This adorable terrarium display is the perfect piece of Easter décor to bring some festivity to your child's room or your backyard display. If you have tons of empty eggshells lying around, this blogger knows plenty of other ways to give them a second life, including using them as candle holders or mini planting pots.

Get the tutorial at Julie Measures.

Bunny butts craft

Bunny craft
Purple Hues and Me

Behold another craft featuring Peter Cottontail's posterior. Your child will find these fluffy behinds and tiny tails so adorable that they'll want to keep the craft around well past Easter Sunday.

Get the tutorial at Purple Hues and Me.

Tiny pom-pom bunnies

Pom-pom bunny craft

These little bunnies will be your baby's buddy all Easter season. And given how simple the 4-step tutorial to make them is, you might just end up making a whole bunny family!

Get the tutorial at Craftic.

Pretty pasta Easter eggs

Pasta Easter egg craft
The Best Ideas for Kids

Make some space on your fridge, because these colorful eggs are about to take up some real estate. Alternatively, you could punch a hole through the top of these bold Easter eggs to hang them up as a festive garland.

Get the tutorial at The Best Ideas for Kids.

Alien eggs

Alien eggs
The Joys of Boys

These whimsical creatures are a fun spin on traditional Easter eggs. And the tutorial allows for a lot of creative freedom, so your little buddy can run wild with their imagination.

Get the tutorial at The Joys of Boys.

DIY Home Décor Easter Crafts

Mossy Easter egg wreath

Egg wreath
The Navage Patch

This DIY decorative wreath looks just as good as one you would find in a home goods store. If you're looking for even more inspiration, the blogger behind it also has a tutorial for a matching Spanish moss mini tree speckled with colorful Easter eggs.

Get the tutorial at The Navage Patch.

Cactus Easter egg centerpiece

Cactus Easter egg centerpeice

What do you get when you cross a cactus plant with an Easter egg? This adorably chic centerpiece! We're confident these cuties will be the talk of the table at Easter dinner.

Get the tutorial at BlissMakes.

Easter egg garland

Easter garland
The Real thing with the Coake Family

While this Easter egg garland looks like it was expertly crafted, it only takes about 10 minutes to put together. If you are looking for an Easter craft that's both quick and cheerful, this garland is perfect.

Get the tutorial at The Real thing with the Coake Family.

Speckled Easter egg wreath

Eggs wreath
Country Peony

A pretty pastel wreath will welcome holiday guests with a festive feel. This thrifty tutorial utilizes supplies from the dollar store for a finished product that looks upscale.

Get the tutorial at Country Peony.

Burlap bunnies

Burlap bunnies

If you are someone who is not totally crazy for over-the-top Easter décor, these subtle burlap bunnies are just the thing for you. However, if you want to make them less subtle, you can add cute bunny faces with googly eyes and a Sharpie marker.

Get the tutorial at Landeelu.

Festive burlap wreath

Burlap wreath
Ideas for the Home by Kenarry

This craft shows you how to intertwine Easter cheer with the classic look of a burlap wreath. If you love the way your craft turns out, this blogger has tutorials to make burlap wreaths for other holidays as well.

Get the tutorial at Ideas for the Home by Kenarry.

Easter egg bath bombs

Easter egg bath bomb
The Natural Beauty Workshop blog

If you're looking for something to do with all those leftover plastic Easter eggs from your hunt, we've got you covered. This bath bomb DIY uses plastic Easter eggs as a mold. Create this fizzy bath treat for post-holiday relaxation.

Get the tutorial at The Natural Beauty Workshop blog.

Peep-shaped soap

Peep soap
Soap deli news

No matter where you stand on the great Peeps debate, we can all agree these Peep-inspired soaps are precious. These little cuties will help ensure there is Easter spirit all throughout the house—even in the powder room.

Get the tutorial at Soap Deli News.

Bunny sugar scrub

Bunny scrub
Everything Pretty

These sugar scrub bunnies are a treat as the season shifts from winter to spring. Leave a couple of these in the shower—they double as exfoliant to help soften your skin.

Get the tutorial at Everything Pretty.

Unique Easter Egg Crafts

Gold and turquoise Easter eggs

Easter eggs
Dans le Lakehouse

These abstract painted eggs are a fresh take on Robin egg blue. Put these out for a pop of bold color amidst muted pastels.

Get the tutorial at Dans le Lakehouse.

Mosaic Easter eggs

Mosaic eggs
Sugar and Charm

If you find cracking or peeling eggshells oddly satisfying, this DIY is for you. The color combination ideas for these stylish Easter eggs are endless.

Get the tutorial at Sugar and Charm.

Textured Easter eggs

Eggs craft
Make and Do Crew

Upcycle your old plastic eggs from previous Easter egg hunts to create these fun DIY beauties. This simple two-item tutorial will give your old eggs a much-needed makeover.

Get the tutorial at Make & Do Crew.

Découpage Easter eggs

Decoupage eggs
Three Dogs in a Garden @ Home

These gorgeous China blue découpage eggs are sure to steal the show at your Easter brunch. The tutorial demonstrates découpaging using various prints so you can match any holiday aesthetic.

Get the tutorial at Three Dogs in a Garden @ Home.

Old book page Easter eggs

Book eggs
Clover House

Calling all bibliophiles! This Easter egg decorated with old book pages is unique and charming. Alternatively, if you are a writer, you can adorn an egg with your own words.

Get the tutorial at Clover House.

Felted eggs

Felt eggs
Fiber Artsy

If you're seeking a unique look and feel for your Easter eggs, felted eggs are an ideal match. Felting is a fascinating artistic process to learn, and these eggs are a great place to start.

Get the tutorial at Fiber Artsy.

Family photo eggs

Photo eggs
Heathered Nest

The beauty of these Easter eggs is their customizability. When making these eggs, you have the ability to embarrass family members or even pop your favorite celebrity on there. Wield your power wisely!

Get the tutorial at Heathered Nest.

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