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Dolly Parton Still Uses This Surprising Method to Message People

The "Queen of Country" apparently loves old-fashioned forms of communication.

Dolly Parton has often been called the "Queen of Country," and let's be honest, the queen of our hearts. After all, who else could have given us "Jolene" the way she did? But behind the hair and the costumes, this beloved country musician also has a few quirks even diehard fans may not know about. In a new interview, Miley Cyrus revealed a hilarious bit of information about Parton and how she communicates: she only faxes! Read on to find out more about Parton, and for more celebrity news, discover The One Guest Anderson Cooper Banned From His Show.

On Nov. 2, Cyrus did an interview with Scandinavian talk show Skavlan where she tackled serious subjects like the pandemic and her recent divorce, but also gave insight into her godmother, Parton. Cyrus recalled how Parton had called her out for not visiting her even before the pandemic, doing so via a fax.

"She only faxes, by the way," Cyrus told the interviewer. "When someone kind of goes in on you in a text, it's one thing. You can kind of just delete it and move on. She will send it in writing, on paper."

But this is not the first time Cyrus has revealed Parton's fondness for this old-fashioned messaging method. In an Oct. 10 interview on The Graham Norton Show, Cyrus said that Parton sent her a fax asking her to collaborate on her holiday album, A Holly Dolly Christmas.

"She faxes me … She gets upset when you don't respond," Cyrus told Norton, revealing that she doesn't even own a fax machine herself. "And it's like, 'I'm sorry, I don't even know.' Half the people watching your show might not even know what a fax machine is."

Despite not being able to get on the Parton-faxing train, Cyrus says that her godmother is the kindest role model she could have. "You know something's wrong with someone if they don't love Dolly Parton," Cyrus said on Skavlan. Keep reading for more cute moments between Parton and Cyrus, and for more adorable celebrity family moments, watch Reese Witherspoon Gush Over Her Son's New Pop Music Career.

Parton guest-starred on Hannah Montana.

Dolly Parton on Hannah Montana

Cyrus' call to fame was playing the titular character on Hannah Montana, but she couldn't have made it through without the help of her godmother. In the first season, Parton guest-starred as Aunt Dolly in an episode titled "Good Golly Miss Dolly." The episode showed the duo getting involved in some hilarious situations, which seemed to come natural to them. And if you're a big Parton fan, take a look back at 2020's Greatest Meme: The Dolly Parton Challenge.

Cyrus and Parton teamed up for a "Jolene" duet.

NEW YORK - May 26, 2017: Miley Cyrus performs on the NBC "Today" show concert series on May 26, 2017, in New York City. - Image

When Dollywood, Parton's theme park, celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2010, of course Parton was there to celebrate. But so was Cyrus. The two took the stage together to perform a beautiful cover of "Jolene." And for more adorable celebrity families, find out What Sarah Michelle Gellar Says Her Kids Think About Buffy.

Miley dressed up as Parton on The Tonight Show.

Cyrus dressed up as Parton on The Tonight Show

With Jimmy Fallon donning a Kenny Rogers' look, Cyrus appeared on The Tonight Show in 2017 with big golden curls and a very Parton-esque outfit to embody her godmother. The two performed Rogers and Parton's legendary duet "Islands in the Stream." And for more fun content delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

Parton was featured on Cyrus' sixth album.

Miley Cyrus sixth studio album cover

When Cyrus released her sixth studio album, Younger Now, in 2017, there was a familiar name on the track list. Parton co-wrote and sang on the track "Rainbowland" with Cyrus—plus, the song even starts and ends with recordings of Parton sending voicemails to Cyrus. How adorable! And for celebrities you didn't know were related, check out these 25 Celebrities You Didn't Know Had Famous Parents.

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