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This Viral Wedding Photo of a Dutiful Dog Best Man Will Warm Your Heart

Marley has been with the Doublets from their wedding day to the birth of their son.

When Mark Doublet married Melissa Doublet on June 6, 2012, he had Marley, his dog, serve as his best man. In fact, Doublet knew the loyal pup would be standing by his side on his wedding day long before he even knew he and Melissa would walk down the aisle.

wedding photos dog best man
Courtesy of Julia Newman Photography

Doublet first met Marley when he moved to Corpus Christi, Texas, in 2008. He and his now-wife had broken up and weren't speaking, and he was feeling lonely all by himself in a new city.

"I was looking for a best friend," Doublet told Best Life. He went on Craigslist and saw an ad from a woman who had found a puppy in a dumpster, and he reached out to her for more information. When he went over to meet the pup who would become his best man, "it was love at first sight," Doublet said. "From the moment I saw him, he came over to me, and that was it."

Marley was skinny and malnourished and his belly was full of worms, but Doublet nursed him back to health, and the two developed a very strong bond.

"He's been everywhere with me since that day," he said. "He has gotten me through a lot of tough times."

dog serves as best man at wedding, goes viral
Courtesy of Julie Newman Photography

When Doublet reunited with his now wife and moved back to New York to be with her, the three of them became a family. "He's basically our child," he said.

Doublet said that Marley was the "light of attraction" at their barn wedding in upstate New York.

Photographer Julia Newman captured a photo of Doublet getting his best friend all dressed up for the occasion, and it recently made its way onto the Home Is Where My Dog Is Facebook page, where it went mega-viral, earning more than 240,000 shares in about a month.

dog best man wedding viral photo
Courtesy of Julia Newman Weddings

People were touched by the obvious look of love in Marley's eyes, as well as by how seriously he seemed to be taking his best man duties, like a true best friend would.

In the eight years since the wedding, a lot has changed for Doublet. He's opened up a craft beer store in Deerpark, New York, and he and Melissa recently welcomed a son named Cameron into the world.

But, through it all, Marley's love has remained constant.

Doublet hopes that the viral photo of his dog serving as the most dutiful best man inspires people to rescue dogs, because, at the end of the day, "you can't buy a best friend," he says.

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