These Photos of UPS Drivers With Dogs Will Make Your Day

Is there any delivery better than a batch of photos of UPS drivers and pups?

Sean McCarren, 44, is a UPS driver based in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Also known as "Dawgzilla," he runs a popular Facebook page and Instagram account that has one simple mission: to share photos of UPS drivers and the dogs they meet on their routes.

Best Life caught up with McCarren while he was out delivering Christmas gifts recently, and he said that he started both accounts in 2013 purely because he'd "seen a bunch of dogs on route all the time and took a bunch of pictures of them."

"At one point, I had photos of about 40 or 50 dogs on my phone, so I created a page for them," he said.

Ever since then, UPS drivers have been sending photos of the dogs they meet to him, and six years later, UPS Dogs has more than 490,000 followers on Instagram and more than 1.5 million followers on Facebook.

"We get a lot of positive feedback," he said. We'll say!

And it's not just UPS drivers and dogs that McCarren features either. There are wild turkeys!

And "we'll throw in an occasional donkey," he said.

"Every once in a while, somebody will post a cat," he said. "Breaks thing up a little bit."

As for the success of UPS Dogs, McCarren thinks it's simple: It's a source of pawsitivity.

"We don't put any political stuff in there," he said. "It's just UPS drivers and the dogs. Nothing else."

According to McCarren, UPS drivers and dogs "definitely" have a special bond.

Plus, who doesn't love dogs?

"Dogs have unconditional love," McCarren said. "They don't judge you. …  Dogs are dogs."

For proof of this, check out Photo of Dog Sleeping on Late Owner's Prosthetic Leg Goes Viral.



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