Photo of Dog Sleeping on Late Owner's Prosthetic Leg Goes Viral

After Clancy's owner died, he clung to whatever he could.

dog lying on the prosthetic leg and shoes of his human, who died years ago

If you needed a reminder of just how much dogs love their humans, look no further than this viral photo of a dog sleeping on his late owner's prosthetic leg. It was shared on October 13th on the Facebook page Dogspotting Society by social media user Sarah McPeek, and the story behind it will break your heart. 

According to the caption, McPeek's grandfather used to have a prosthetic leg, which his widow keeps in his office. He died a few years ago, and, one day, McPeek walked into the study at her grandparents' house to find their dog, Clancy, "laying on his daddy's leg."

"My heart seriously broke seeing that, but it was also so bittersweet to experience that," McPeek wrote. "What did we ever do to deserve these sweet babies? This just shows how much we truly mean to our animals."

According to experts, when a dog places its head on something that smells like you, it's a sure sign that they are longing for your presence. In the event of a death, it's tragic to think that these doggos will never get their wish, and will probably never understand why their human didn't come home. But so many puppers like Clancy can still hold out for hope.

The photo of Clancy went viral over the weekend, gaining more than 9,000 likes since it was posted on Saturday, and inspiring other owners to share similar stories of just how attached dogs are to us.

"My husband passed away a little over two years ago," one Facebook user wrote. "Gizmo still seeks out his woobie and snuggles it every night."

dog covers himself in woobie of owner who died

It's clear a dog's devotion knows no bounds. After all, who among us didn't cry when we saw that video of a very good boy panicking after realizing his owner was abandoning him (and we rejoiced when we found out he was now living like a king)? And who wouldn't tear up at these photos of a dog waiting for his owner every day for 11 years? Yes, eleven years. Obviously, we're dogs' entire lives, and all they ask for in return is a head pat, a belly rub, and a treat every now and then. And we're thrilled to give them to them. And for another tearjerking pet story, read This Dog's Final Wish Is Going Viral and It's Sure to Make You Cry.

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